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Winterchild Mar 19 @ 12:12pm 
no problem, i wrote here to not spam the newsfeed for expansion ;) i get 20 - 25 bank slot token per day, enough for me so i keep playing, hmmmm, maybe i need to make a little guide for this :D
Nilex Mar 19 @ 3:55am 
That will come in handy, Thank you! :newsword:
Winterchild Mar 18 @ 10:36pm 
My setup may not be perfect but i think i does a good job, not registered on because i dont wanna register anywhere for mods only :)
Farming in Air God Dungeon, no Summons included because they will run out and i don´t want to waste time to make new summons
i beat Basegame + all DLC 100% before farming
Prayer: Battleborn (had many prayer points because i did all township tasks -> 175k Large Urn Enchanted)
going from top left to bottom right
Knights summoning Defender
Chapeau Noir
Looter Pouch
Adventurers Backpack
Fury of Elemental Zodiacs
Dragon Arrows (useless, just a relict of long gone times ;) )
Agile Wings Rapier
Slayer Leather Body (Mythical)
Pirate Hook
Combination Fury Gem
Vorloran Protector Platelegs
Vorloran Protector Gauntlets
Sand Treaders
Ring of Deception
Summons left + right i took Leprechaun and Owl because they don´t attack
Kurajberović May 30, 2023 @ 2:50pm 
+Rep, fair and friendly trader. Recommended!
Nilex May 27, 2022 @ 1:24pm 
Yep. Aka Reaper of Souls aka Destroyer of Spirit aka Drainer of Life. Real life Dante's Inferno.
raw maw May 27, 2022 @ 1:17pm 
'The Chaos Engine'?