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Fps Booster is a easy way to potentially help improve your Clients FPS. When first spawning into the server they are asked whether they would like to enable the FPS boost option or not. If they click yes a few c
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Created by - -ICE-, Andromeda, and Valcrye
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I will explain how to create a transparent spray for Team Fortress 2. This technique can also be applied to other Source games that allow sprays. For this guide you will require Adobe Photoshop, GIMP or PAINT.NET and VTFEdit.
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The Intergalactic Summer Sale 2018 event that introduced the Saliens is over but our Saliens that fought in that war against the Duldrumz have been preserved for all time, along with any cosmetics we acquired for them. For me, I'll be trading my duplicate Salien cosmetics with people who have duplicate Salien cosmetics they don't need that I don't have, so for those who are interested, just check out my Inventory and see what duplicates you might be interested in.
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(The Garry's Mod Foil Cards are for Friends that I will select when I give myself the time to do so and therefore not for debate.)
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Thanks to the SFM workshop for the models
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This is one of the two greatest games out there that can provide countless possibilities for media crossovers, whether it's for making fan fics, comics, screenshots, artwork, in-general gameplay or (in most people's case) videos on YouTube.

You want to play Minecraft without having to its game mechanics? Gmod can do that because there's maps and models available on Steam Workshop and

You want to play Sims without going through its game mechanics? There's ragdolls and props from that series and hundreds of suitable maps for people to play around with.

You want to make your own "If Mario Was In..." scenarios? The possibilities are virtually limitless in gmod for that concept!

Sure it's difficult to animate and pose ragdolls/props/effects/whatever but that's what the variety of tools provided in addons are for, not to mention the immeasurable amount of weapons, maps, characters, gamemodes, etc; to try out, with more being posted on Steam Workshop,, deviantart, mediafire, gamebanana and wherever else everyday. Garry's Mod is indeed worthy to be called the Ultimate Sandbox game of them all.
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Silver Oct 13 @ 6:48am 
Really good gmod animator
faguettemcbaguette Oct 9 @ 1:57pm 
Hey, was the guy that hacked your account Mr.bugok?
7hym3 Oct 9 @ 4:59am 
i removed u in accident is it ok to add ya again?
agm16 Oct 8 @ 1:53pm 
Hey benio you there.
Dennis el Azul Oct 8 @ 5:59am 
Don't worry, I'm glad you recovered your account. :) And don't worry again, I wasn't in your friend list but I wasn't going to blame you anyway because it wasn't your fault. ;) Have a nice day. :D
Haloz Oct 7 @ 12:32pm 
Its alright, I don't really go online that much anyways.