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"A city screams for justice, and it will be delivered with a vengeance that will shake Neo Metropolis to its core. The Neon Rider has returned, and the body count is about to thicken. This time it's personal."

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I will provide you information on commonly used scam techniques and how to better prepare yourself to avoid them.
Polar Bear Tony Oct 21 @ 10:48am 
"I don't accept random friend requests." Has 272 friends, lol.
Oct 9 @ 4:17am 
тмбьтпмтбаь :D
v PRiiXX Oct 6 @ 11:30am 
lul ur noob
✅Pero | The BP Hunter Oct 2 @ 7:12am 

As you can read on my profile bio you can easily tell i speak multiple languages.
I would love to help and translate Not only to Swedish which is already done for lots of games.
I believe i have never seen anything translated to any of the "Former Yugoslavian languages" such as Croatian, Bosnian, Serbian, Slovenian, Montenegrian.

Thanks in advance all the best from -Pero :heartred:
TVTvirus Sep 11 @ 4:23pm 
Умник Sep 2 @ 8:34am 
There is a proposal. Add if it's interesting.