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Contacting Steam Support
By Jimo
I will give you instructions on how to contact Steam Support.
Registering an Account
Before you’ll be able to submit a support ticket you’ll need to create an account. Steam Support uses different credentials from Steam itself.

You can create an account by selecting the “Create Account” button.

You'll need to finalize your registration by confirming your email address before you’ll be able to submit tickets.
Finding Help
Steam Support is split into several sections. Each section holds walkthroughs and information to most problems you may encounter.

If you’re unable to find what you're looking for there is a search bar located at the top of every page.

If the Steam Support website doesn’t have what you’re looking for you can search through countless forum threads on the Steam Community for help from other community members. Additionally you can search through a massive database of user created guides located on every community hub.
Submitting a Ticket
If you’re unable to find the answer to your question you can submit a trouble ticket to Steam Support. This can be done by selecting the “Contact Steam Support” button.

Tip: If you're VAC banned or have a cooldown of any type Steam Support cannot assist you.

You’ll need to specify which product and category your trouble is regarding. Steam Support can only handle issues which are related to Steam and Valve titles.

Tip: Choosing the correct category can improve your response time and the quality of service you receive.

Once you've specified the categories a text box will appear which will allow you to type in the nature of your trouble. Whenever you write a trouble ticket be sure to include any relevant information such as msinfo reports, proof of ownership, and screenshots. You'll also need to include the associated CD key if applicable and your Steam account login name.

When you're ready to place your ticket select “Submit Question”. Response times vary based on ticket volume.
Updating and Closing Tickets
If you've received a response to your ticket you'll receive an email stating so. You can either follow the link sent to you or you can select "Your Questions" located near the top of the support page.

From here you can conversate back and forth with the support representative. They may ask you to supply additional information to assist you with your issue.

If you've solved the issue yourself or the representative helped you find a resolution you can select the link within the blue bar to close the ticket.

Tip: Closing your ticket helps speed up the response time for other customers.
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Dr.Bright (HU) Jun 20 @ 7:55am 
How to waste the scammer time? give him the: OH NO I BELIVE YOU, thing and the send them a fake url XD
cg playz Jun 10 @ 10:58pm 
thanks to all that commented saying it was a scammed I almost got scammed
StonedClown May 26 @ 5:27am 
had the same people just try to scam me, lol. it was painfully obvious when they sent a password reset and asked me to dm the shit to em. could even speak English properly
Chronne May 22 @ 9:58am 
''steam cleaning process'' the fuck thats supposted to mean lol
Nudles May 17 @ 12:46pm 
Well judging from these comments that this account also tried to scam them. Sounds about right. It was way too fishy and sus.
Chronne May 17 @ 7:38am 
scamming people and getting away with it
cmon man did u never feel a woman's touch is that the problem?:steamsalty:
Chronne May 17 @ 7:36am 
imagine scamming people man I got the acc back
Extermination May 14 @ 3:24pm 
Same as below.
AzuleTTV May 12 @ 9:50am 
Boy, you need to stop trying to scam people. Your little buttbuddy just added me on Steam claiming you and a bunch of friends reported me for marketplace scamming lol. Come on, nobody is dumb enough to fall for that! There was no way to contact me on discord through Steam, my Steam name didnt even match the one you guys had, and you claim I bought over 1000 dollars worth of stuff when I am more broke than a dropped dinner plate!
Zaerix Wolfsbane May 5 @ 1:30am 
This guide is heavily outdated and I'm pretty sure some guy is going around saying that support is telling him to talk with Janobi aka Jimo which is a lie I'm pretty sure