Czech Republic
I am a fucking asshole.
Current avatar is meant to represent me irl for real.
I NEVER send friend requests, so if you are getting a friend request from me for some reason, consider yourself a lucky fella/gal.

I used to accept all friend requests but now my friends list is full, so if you really want to help you can send me some trading cards so I can level up my profile and that will increase the friend count or you will just have to wait long time before I friend you or you will be straight up ignored.

You can always comment below why you wanna friend me. (That will increase your chance of friending me if you have a good reason.)

DON'T ADD ME IF YOU ARE A LITTLE BITCH - If I'm going to be mean to you and say mean things (which I most likely will) and then you go crying and remove me don't add me in the first place please.

Also for fucks sake, don't add me, proceed not to say literally a single word and then remove me again. It doesn't make any sense bro.

Workshop related stuff:
1) I'll do whatever I want, whenever I want, I don't care about your requests.
2) However, I accept paid commissions / requests, but that also depends on what you want done.
3) I tend to help people so you can ask me for help I guess. Nope, not anymore, y'all some weirdos lmao.

Now leeeeeeeet's get riiiiiiiiight into the memes.

My Original Character: (donut steal plz)

Name: GayFaggot McFagalot
Gender: Gay
Sexuality: Gay as fuck nigga
Race: Jewish Gay Gypsy
Hair color: Gay
Body type: Gay
Hobbies: Being gay
Talents: Being gay
Loves/Likes: Being gay
Hates/Dislikes: Not being gay
He is a mean son of a bitch insulting almost everyone, everywhere, everytime, usually uses the word "gay" and "fag" as an insult even though (s)he's gay as fuck.

19:10 - Jax Teller: well I just cant imagine to fuck another mans arses
19:10 - Jax Teller: but I would do yours thats for sure

19:18 - ArachnitCZ #Team Ur m0m: but u said i can have sex :(
19:19 - Jax Teller: yea you can have

2:19 - avilus: arachnitcz, the hero I need, but don't deserve

18:11 - apansenok: i could have another dude do that but i wanna do it with you

19:41 - Zak: i'm a massive furry faggot, congrats you can now blackmail me into doing anything

dsmagain - Today at 2:49 PM

14:35 - Jerro: honestly furries just live in their own little bubbles hoping not to encounter any opposing opinions and if they do they fucking cry

13:17 - ArachnitCZ: but there are a few mistakes a man created
13:17 - ArachnitCZ: such as anime and furry
13:17 - Spaghetti Noodle: And women's rights

The really good guys:
Jax Teller - Good Polak and he got me 2 Brazzers accounts :B1: also he's my dad
Mike - anime and irl loli molester
Dukie - idk who that is
RangeЯ - Ranger
S1d3w1nd3r - Good old surfing TF2 sniper buddy
Vectar EsDeath (๖ۣۜS.T.A.L.K.E.R. ™) - CS:GO Smurf and Polak
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lol 1 hour ago 
Hey! Is there any chance u can make a sparkle specialist? I can pay some money (not much, like $10 or something) thank you!
RuledPage 8 hours ago 
bruh you probably wont even be seeing this but youre like a real help to anyone who makes fornite animations and thumbnails so thanks for porting stuff it means a lot
BackwλrD Nov 20 @ 9:31am 
marry me please
Vison Nov 19 @ 6:39pm 
wont let me add you. i think i already added you.
ArachnitCZ Nov 19 @ 6:38pm 
sure, just add me then
Vison Nov 19 @ 6:38pm 
I actually manage a youtuber. We are actually looking for a specific model from fortnite this will be a paid job of course.