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Du gamla, Du fria, Du fjällhöga nord
:Sweden: Även solen har sina fläckar. :Sweden:
"I don't sell sets, all sets are reserved for myself to lvl up"
"feel free to send me offers, but I will decline the lowball ones and those which I am not interested in."
"I do 1:1 same set swap, no fee, but don't break my sets."
""Trade for fun""
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Sweden Community - Public Group
Community För Svenska Steam Användare | Det officiella Sweden Community™! Välkommen! | Vi är det största Communityt för Svenskar!
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Ja, jag vill leva jag vill dö i Norden.
Hej detta är k1dney.

:RussianGunAK47: I will ignore all friend requests if you don't tell me your reason on my profile or my post
:rem_5: Trade with me
:rem_5: Boosters Purchasing
:rem_5: Boosters Service

trade for fun.

I don't trade for profit, I have a good work and good salary irl, trading stuff on steam is just like an online hobby for me.
If you wanna trade something, check my alt and its trade thread pls.
I am a buyer more than a seller.
Will be on my boosters buying list in the future:
Labyrinth of Galleria: The Moon Society
Space Live - Advent of the Net Idols
Magical Girl Clicker
Desktop Kanojo

If you wanna know something about k1dney

Born in Kalmar. Live in Beijing

A Boring Engineer.
A Tri-lingual Speaker: Swedish, English and Chinese
A Cigarette Smoker.
A Straight Man.
A Trash-Made Moto Rider (Pink Rider).
A Badges Collector: I collect political badges, anime badges mostly.
1000 Badges unlocked on 22nd Sep 2023
A Punk Rocker (I was).
Not too young, not too old.
to be continued...

Favorite Sports: Hockey:fhm4puck:, definitely.
Favorite Clubs:fhm4puck:: Pittsburg Penguins (NHL) and Beijing RedStar (KHL)
Favorite Player:fhm4puck:: Brandon Yip
Favorite Musicians: Black Sabbath, Rammstein, The Rolling Stones, Ramones, The Cramps,Cui Jian, Sex Pistols, The Damned, Depeche Mode, Slipknot etc.
Favorite Songs: See You - Depeche Mode. [spotify.link] 盒子 - 崔健, [spotify.link] Seemann - Rammstein, [spotify.link] Human Fly - The Cramps, [spotify.link] Questioningly - Ramones [spotify.link]and Neat Neat Neat - The Damned [spotify.link]
Favorite Games: NHL Series.
Favorite Movies: Back To The Future eins, zwei und drei.
Favorite Hero from Dota2: Sven
Favorite City: Saint Petersburg
Favorite Football Player: Raul
Favorite Football Team: St. Petersburg Zenit & Beijing Guoan

The Last

may the world full of peach and love:peach:& :extralife:, sheet out!
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About that VAC BAN

sheet happens, my account was hijacked and stolen by someone in a net cafe. I contacted steam support and they said I gotta take responsibility no matter how I got it, so I think, fine why not, ppl will find out who I am.

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Sweden forever!!!!
för Sverige, den kära fosterjorden.
:Sweden:Swedish blood,
:Sweden:Swedish soul.
:Sweden:We come from the Nordic,
:Sweden:We come from the snow.
:Sweden:We are proud to be Swedish
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kuraff Jun 9 @ 1:04pm 
Added for trade
Powaplaya27 May 30 @ 6:05pm 
See you k1dney. Much success, peace, health and joy to you. Keep well!
k1dney_ May 21 @ 6:04pm 
due to my work, I'm gonna leave the community for some time. Waving bye to all my friends here, I apologize in case I will respond late.
时总督 May 6 @ 10:49am 
white pig?
Precious Angel Apr 10 @ 6:35pm 
Powaplaya27 Apr 7 @ 4:29am 
Hi k1dney - remembered your past kindness so popped in to award your profile with my thanks :)