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Překladatel na volné noze, moderátor na serveru Steam Translation a redaktor časopisu SCORE []

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Hello, my name is Jindřich Pospíšil. I work as a Freelance Translator (ENG -> CZE) and while my translation activities are mostly bound to videogames and services related to them, I'm more than up to other challenges which means that you can contact me with almost any translation job offer and I'll consider it.

Apart from that I moderate the Czech part of the Steam Translation Server where I’ve participated (or directly lead) dozens of translation projects in the last 9 years, the biggest and most complex one to date being Dota 2 (followed by Steam client, and Half-Life: Alyx). I also work as an editor in a popular Czech gaming magazine SCORE [].

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Zdravím, mé jméno je Jindřich Pospíšil. Pracuji jako překladatel na volné noze (z ENG do CZ) a ačkoli je většina mých překladatelských aktivit spojena s hrami a s nimi souvisejícími službami, uvítám jakoukoli výzvu, což znamená, že mě můžete kontaktovat ohledně libovolného překladu a já jej zvážím.

Také moderuji českou část serveru Steam Translation , kde jsem se v průběhu předešlých 9 let podílel na překladu (nebo překlady přímo vedl) desítek projektů a her, z nichž největší a nejkomplexnější je prozatím Dota 2 (na druhém místě je klient služby Steam a na třetím Half-Life: Alyx). Dále pracuji jako redaktor ve známém českém herním časopise SCORE [].

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Extremely underrated game that received lot of (justified) hate mostly because of greedy Square Enix’s marketing plans. Nowadays you can a) get it fairly cheap with all the DLCs (just ignore the obvious pay to win ones that would only ruin your experience) and b) play it without most of the horrible bugs that plagued it on release. In short: Better gameplay and atmosphere than Human Revolution, damn shame about the fact we might never get to see the sequel. Still, Mankind Divided gave me about 30 hours of unique fun so it’s definitely worth it.

Common misconceptions debunked:

1. The Prague hub sucks!
As a Czech myself, I have to agree that the devs could have tried harder and pay for some translators instead of using Google Translate. Funnily enough, ambient Czech dialogues are fine but signs/names suck real hard. What happened? BUT Even though there are undeniable errors, Prague hub is one of the most immersive game cities I’ve ever seen. Mind you, it’s not Prague but it’s a damn good Central Europe city that FEELS like it’s inhabited/daily used. Oh and all of the verticality, details and side quests. Truly wonderful.

2. Game is too short/cut!
When I read about Mankind Divided, I expected it to end after 10 hours but when I actually played it, it went on and on and on and it was still good! Sure, the ending is open because they were planning another game. Is it bad though? Not really and I even liked the final boss/final quest which wasn’t just about choosing one of four buttons but actually changed depending on how you approached the situation.

3. Game crashes/loads slowly!
I understand that this used to be a big problem. Nowadays I had Mankind Divided installed on SSD so my loadings were fine and encountered only two crashes + one major graphics bug that made me reset the game. Of course, could be better but it’s nothing that should stop you from buying it.

4. DLCs suck!
Hell naw! A Criminal Past and System Rift are well-crafted missions you shouldn't miss. Ignore the equipment packs and in-game store.

So yeah, 9/10 from me and I hope that we’ll get to see more of Adam Jensen. Get your stuff together, Squenix!

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