Coffee Man
Chaotically Hyperactive
I'm a hard man (to please).

- Source Engine Enthusiast & Modder since 2013.
- Hobbyist Source Engine 3D Modeler (Blender).
- Former Workshop Content Creator 2018-2022.
- Music Mixer.
- Old-School Gamer
- Professional Procrastinator with a master's degree.

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General Information
- Let me know why you're adding me otherwise your friend request will be ignored. Random or generic reasons may be ignored.

- Private, Very Low Level and Suspicious Steam Profiles will always be ignored regardless of reasons.

- Continuously trying again while your Steam Profile falls under the aforementioned conditions will lead to a complete block.

- My Workshop Addons are no longer available publicly due to Steam unfairly taking them down constantly and penalizing my profile without any valid reasons. Despite all my addons being more than Safe-For-Work, you can thank Steam and Valve. They essentially forced this change upon you and me so this is clearly the right decision according to them. I will NOT add you if your reason is to just "get access to my addons again". They're gone now.

- While I'm still modeling and creating addons, my newer model ports and personal projects are always announced with a new Screenshot or Artwork featuring said model and they're only available to those that donate to support me. You can chat with me for further details if you want to support me. In return you get a copy of the specified model port.

- Speak like a decent person to me and I'll do the same. It costs nothing to act respectful to others.

- Act like a diᴄk to me, try to stir ѕhit up or spam lazy copypastas and you'll either get a warning or a swift comment deletion and an instant block. I don't have any fuсks to give for a pointless debate that'll go nowhere.

My Source Engine Modding Skills:
These skills apply mostly for Garry's Mod & Half Life 2 but they're not limited to just those games.

- 3D Modeling.
- Porting 3D Models to Garry's Mod With Original Bones as a Ragdoll.
- Texture Editing.
- Sound Design Editing.
- Very Realistic Ragdoll Physics Creation Skills.
- NPC/Playermodel Aspects Editing.
- Basic Animations Editing.
- Hitbox Creation Skills.
- Basic Weight Painting Editing.
- Basic UV Wrapping Editing.
- Basic Skeleton Bone Editing.
- 3D Mesh Modifications & Additions.
- Music Mixing.
- Porting Half Life 2 Sourcemods to Garry's Mod.
- Sexualizing the f*ck out of your game.

Things I can't do:
- Re-rig a model to Valve.Bipped or any other skeleton.
- Create Face Flexes.
- Utilize or Modify PBR Texture Methods.
- Use Hammer or Map.
- Script (although I can modify existing scripts to an extent).

3D Modeling is not my job, it's just a hobby that I do for fun because I like it. I'm not the absolute best in my field but I'm also not the worst.
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Blender is like drugs.

Once you start using it, you can't stop.
Trivia & Fun Facts.
This section contains trivia information about me.

- I can't enjoy playing anything new nowadays. I prefer to stick to older games released before 2015. I'm very old-school about my preferences, usually sticking to stuff like Half Life, Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil, Silent Hill and Grand Theft Auto.

- I don't enjoy playing Multiplayer, save for 1 or 2 specific games. I grew up playing Single Player and never really adapted to the ever-increasing presence of Multiplayer Games nowadays. I still don't understand the appeal of Multiplayer and how it got so popular...

- If I can, I'll usually modify a game to enhance my experience the way I want it.

- A game's soundtrack can seriously impact my enjoyment for that game.

- I pay a lot of attention to smaller details and I can be very obsessive about certain stuff.

- I first tried my hand at modding with Half Life 2 in around 2013. It was done on a sh*tty laptop.

- I used to be a popular Garry's Mod Mod Creator before my departure from the Workshop in April 2022.

- The first game I ever played was Bomberman on NES (and I sucked at it).

- I'm more likely to play a Multiplayer game with bots than with real people. I strongly believe every Multiplayer game should have bots support.

- I emulate a decent chunk of the games I play. While emulating, I prefer using a PlayStation controller over Xbox due to their analog placement differences.

- I enjoy listening to various Videogame Soundtracks, Dynamic Soundtracks and Eurobeat.

- I've always wanted to make my own videogame (and still do). I've posed a plethora of "Concept Images" which showcase the various mechanics of my concept game. If I were to summarize it, it would be a hybrid between GTA in terms of Missions, Story and Open World, MGS in terms of Gameplay and Yakuza in terms of humor and side content. The story of the game is relatively dark and serious.

- I hate Activision Blizzard with a burning passion and avoid their games like the plague. On the same token, I highly respect Mojang for the way they treat their devs.

- I enjoy watching documentaries on a game's development, behind-the-scenes, cut content videos and retrospectives.

- I think Horror maps done in Half Life 2 (and done well with the proper map atmosphere) have a unique charm to them which is not present in any other game engine.

- My copy of Garry's Mod has been modified and tweaked so much, the experience it provides now can be considered as "Half Life 2: Expanded & Enhanced". All tweaks and modifications are done in a way to make Objective Based Half Life 2 maps feel vastly different while still being balanced, more similar to "my style of a videogame", more punchy and satisfying and most importantly, a lot of fun to play.

- I've played a sh*tton of Half Life 2 Sourcemods and continue to do so even today.

- If possible, I try to play my games with 4:3 Aspect Ratio.

- My nickname isn't satire, I love coffee a little too much.

- Nostalgia can severely blind me and make me biased.

- I like to pose various Scenario Images in Garry's Mod and I often end up putting myself in said images. My virtual avatar is always represented by male_07.

- Depending on what you comment, you'll either think I'm a really nice guy or a f*cking d*ckhead.

- I unnecessarily sexualize stuff... a lot.

- I unnecessarily swear too f*cking much.

- My modding practices are usually unconventional, unusual and never utilized that much by anyone else. That's because I mostly learned everything that I know myself through experimentation. I never watched a single tutorial for the stuff that I know.

- I'm not a very organized person when it comes to modding and mod files.

- Valve used to be one of my top favorite companies, I used to look up to them. Nowadays, due to how much they've fallen and how unfairly they've treated me in the past, I hold nothing but grudges for them.

- It's no secret that I enjoy having female enemies in a videogame, due to their absence in many games currently. On the same token, I prefer having a Male Protagonist in a game because it's easier to relate to him and put myself in his shoes.

- Sometimes I like to mix music tracks.

- I enjoy designing fun custom levels or missions for a game.

- I consider Minecraft to be a very emotional game (if you played it back in the day as well).

- I'm sick of sticking up for Rockstar Games. I'm a big fan boy for their games and would even turn a blind eye here n' there but their recent actions are just too stupid and malicious for anyone to defend them.

- If I can order pizza, I WILL order a f*cking pizza anywhere I go.

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Pyri Oct 2 @ 5:51am 
Adding to discuss about your Metal Gear Solid Inspired Heath Bar.
Like when I try using the import button the source engine thing doesn't pop up so I can't put it in
I'm using Crowbar by the way.
How do I port an SFM model to Blender?
Coffee Man Sep 21 @ 2:40am 
Digital Steam Giftcards are the easiest way that almost everyone uses with me. You can send me a friend request and we can continue chatting further if you saw some model that you wanted 😎
Auroraz Sep 20 @ 8:02pm 
Where would I go to donate/support you?