Coffee Man
Clearly you don't own an air fryer.

- Source Engine Enthusiast & Modder.
- Hobbyist Source Engine 3D Modeler (Blender).
- Aspiring Indie Videogame Developer.
- Creator of Heists DLC mod for Grand Theft Auto V.
- Co-Creator of SHOOT BANG 2 for Garry's Mod.
- Old-School Gamer
- Professional Procrastinator with a master's degree.

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[h1]SHOOT BANG 2 has been tested and should be played in the "x86-64 - Chromium + 64-bit Binaries" branch![/h1]

[h1]Counter Strike: Source and Half Life 2: Episode 2 are REQUIRED for SHOOT BANG 2 to function properly![/h1]

[h1]SHOOT BANG 2 is a Singl
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872 Hours played
I've been using Blender for 700+ hours and I still don't know what 97% of all the features do.

Easily the best modeling software out there. And it's free!

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nuclearbomb42 16 hours ago 
Absolute ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ gigachad
PMC Sep 11 @ 1:21am 
Were you involved in scripting?
Coffee Man Sep 5 @ 6:21am 

That's not possible, at least with the way I've designed my addon. Not to mention it would absolutely kill the performance to iterate that many trigger spheres for multiple NPCs, which for a small gimmick like that its not worth it. The player entity alone already affects performance which is not ideal to begin with.
Yuu Ishigami Sep 4 @ 10:23pm 
it's good to know you already have access to it
Coffee Man Sep 4 @ 2:42pm 
I already have had access to it for some time now, but thanks.