Hayden Ridgeway   Florida, United States
Howdy. I'm a Demoman Main. I make Youtube stuff too.
Please leave a comment below before adding me. Tell me why you are adding me briefly and readable.
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HRPrime's Commissions and Services
All commissions are either to be paid in one of the following:
:sticky:TF2 Keys/Metal/Items
:csgoglobe:CSGO Keys/Items
:crate:Paypal Cash

SFM Commissions

:demoticon:Available to make artwork/images/animations with SFM which can include additional photo edits too.
Talk to me about what you want and we can discuss a price based on how extravagant you want your image.
:PStreasure:Prices will start from $1 Paypal (~25 Refined metal) with the most basic images.
:blissful_creep:Examples of my work can be found here on my page and my Youtube Channel.
:cleanhourglass:Commissions can take anywhere from one hour to a few days.

Must have existing models for desired characters/items/scenes.
Custom textures can be made if needed.
No pornographic images (I don't want to make that stuff and deal with making sure you're 18+)

Video Editing Commissions

:demoticon:Available to edit videos for you. Can be for gameplay videos, montages, promotional material or anything at all.
:PStreasure:Prices are currently undetermined, talk to me more about the costs so we can figure out something.
:blissful_creep:Examples can be found on my Youtube Channel
:cleanhourglass:Commissions can take multiple days to complete

Videos must fall under fair use. Copyrighted music is highly discouraged.
No pornographic videos
Videos must follow the Youtube guidelines for content

Overwatch Coaching Through Gamer Sensei
Note: Payment can only be done through the site. Items will not be accepted.

Available to coach you in Overwatch on an hourly basis.
Info can be found here:
Use this link to get some starting cash:
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In Chat
RazzMattAzz Mar 22 @ 9:18am 
Want to ask you about your profile picture, not gonna ask for items or for you to join anything or that I reported you. Purely discussion.
brad Apr 18, 2019 @ 10:57am 
+Rep, lovely poster and very polite.
same2me Apr 8, 2019 @ 12:21pm 
smelly fish
same2me Apr 8, 2019 @ 12:21pm 
Zergy Oct 27, 2018 @ 7:17am 
+rep Cool demoman and nice channel. Just subbed as well. I wanted to add you as a friend and play sometime. I won't force you if you don't want to m8.
Oliver CS.MONEY Sep 7, 2018 @ 11:21am 
+rep i added you for a trade