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...OK, let's see... I guess that I'm confused again. Am I here, or am I there? I don't know. Over there, I'm everywhere. I know that. But here is connected to over there. Is that right? But then, where is the real me after all is said and done. Oh! There is no real me. I guess that's it. I only exist inside those people aware of my existence. But what about this me that I can hear talking right here and now? It's me, isn't it?
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[DADG]Gillespietr Oct 26, 2022 @ 3:43pm 
i love heroin
nitelite Oct 24, 2022 @ 9:23pm 
sir there seems to be dirty heroin needles in my spaghetti
Zheiss Jul 12, 2022 @ 1:26pm 
In a fight? Here is what you do, my friend.

Bring your chin down to protect your neck while continuing to stare in his eyes. Bring up your hands and say "I don't want no trouble ya hear". Flex your traps and core. Slightly bend your knees.

Here comes the important part. In a low voice begin to say "wolowolowolowolowolo" slowly increasing in volume. He should be surprised by now. Begin to sway side to side and loosen all facial muscles and your anal sphincter and your kegal muscle. By now you should be pretty loud and your opponent will have stepped back and appear visibly shaken.

Begin to piss and ♥♥♥♥ yourself and let your eyes roll to the back of your head. By now, you're chanting "WOLOWOLOWOLOWOLO" at the top of your lungs.

He will run away. Everyone within a one mile radius will feel a terrifying presence within their soul.

Marvel as you ascend into your planar form.
[DADG]Gillespietr Jul 4, 2022 @ 2:22pm 
is this a mukbang video script
[DADG]Ashfire143 Jul 4, 2022 @ 12:18pm 
Sorry not gonna be on Discord tomorrow night. I’m meeting a girl (a real one) in half an hour (wouldn’t expect a lot of you to understand anyway) so please don’t DM asking where I am (im with the girl, ok) you’ll most likely get aired because I’ll be with the girl (again I don’t expect you to understand) she’s actually really interested in me and it’s not a situation I can pass up for some meaningless Discord degenerates (because I’ll be meeting a girl, not that you really are going to understand) this is my life now. Meeting women and not wasting my precious time online, I have to move on from such simple things and branch out (you wouldn’t understand)
nitelite May 6, 2022 @ 1:30pm