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born in 1993

Hi,welcome to my profile.I play games just for the fun.I mostly play single player games.My level and library counts are still rookie, but I don't mind.I will buy only when i feel the game is worth it because these days games are published half baked and i am not willing to part with my money for a mess.I don't care about level because it is completly based upon how much money you throw at it,not based on your skill.
i am a friendly person but i don't give a shit about you if you are rude to me.

:mllrrad:I don't accept friend request from a private profile or profiles with only free games.Please leave a message saying why you added me.

:mllrrad:Text me anytime I will try to reply them ASAP

:mllrrad:Don't try to ask games for free or any items for that matter but i do giveaways from time to time in steam giveaways join there [ ]

:mllrrad:I play all genres of video games though I play co-op and multiplayer games.For me nothing can beat a good story based single player game.

:mllrrad: I play in my laptop(yes,i am a potato gamer:2016imnotcrying:) and I am pretty much used to playing at low frames so I don't mind it.So getting a good PC is my first priority when I get a good job.

:csgogun:For scammers,please don't try to scam me I have seen most of it.I always trade through steam so don't even try.I will block and report you.

My Favourite Games are:

Witcher series:Toxic_Geralt:
Xcom series:csgoskull:
Mass effect series
Batman series:arkham:
Bioshock series:bird:
Tomb raider reboot series:Animal_Instincts:
Total war rome II:Saxon:
Ryse son of rome(for its stunning graphics):RyseHelmet:
Mad max:MMDead:
Farcry series
Fallout New Vegas
Middle earth:shadow of mordor:Maul:
CS:GO :bsbullet:
Metro Series:mllrrad:
Call of juarez gunslinger:gunslinger:
Walking dead:Carley:
Assassin creed series[not all]:Swordy:
Call of duty series[most of it]:sstpistol:
Battlefield series[bad company 2 and 1]:barclay1:
Spec ops:The line[beautiful story]:breakdown:
Splinter cell blacklist:boombomb:
Wolfenstein reboot :sstgun1:

From this you can guess my interest in genres of video games

:MMDead: I love getting achievements so I try to 100% in games I play.

100% completed games:

:gunslinger: Brothers:A tale of two sons
:gunslinger: Dying Light
:gunslinger: Emily is away too
:gunslinger: Hero of kingdom
:gunslinger: Hero of kingdom II
:gunslinger: Kraven Manor
:gunslinger: Kelvin and the Infamous Machine
:gunslinger: Mad Max
:gunslinger: Metro 2033 redux
:gunslinger: Metro: Last Light Redux
:gunslinger: Monochroma
:gunslinger: Rage
:gunslinger: Spheroids
:gunslinger: The Little Acre
:gunslinger: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
:gunslinger: Transmissions: Element 120
:gunslinger: Walking dead season 1
:gunslinger: Walking dead season 2
:gunslinger: XCOM: Enemy Unknown

:arkham:that's all about me
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The Game that made me fell in love with Online-only Multiplayer Genre:
Tom Clancy's The Division is an action role-playing video game. It is set in New York City in the aftermath of a smallpox pandemic; the player, a Special Agent of the Strategic Homeland Division which is named as the "Division", is tasked with helping the government maintain order and control over the Manhattan, investigate the nature of the outbreak, and combat criminal activity.

The game is played in third-person perspective. As the player progress they earn experience points and currency which is used to buy items and upgrade the player's character. The crafting mechanism allows to craft weapons,upgrade existing items. In this game you basically fight enemies to get a better item than the one which you currently possess. The enemies difficulty level are based on level based system. It follows looter-shooter style combat ie., the higher enemies have higher health pool and act as a bullet sponge,for ex- A named boss will atleast need 2 full 65 magazine of bullets to bring him down. The AI is okay considering the type of game it is. Player can take cover behind objects during fire-fights to avoid taking damage from enemies and use different skills to eliminate the enemies. The skills you unlock are based on the upgrade level of the main base rather than the time spent on playing the game. After the max level,the game becomes a grind in getting better loot like exotics items or classsifieds sets. The end game activities are mostly geared towards this goal.

Atmosphere and Story:
The Atmosphere of the game is good with snow covered Manhattan looking gorgeous. The soundtrack is good. The environment is well made with destructive items such as cars windows, wooden items etc., The game contains little details like footprints on the snow and the NPCs reaction to situations etc., which increases the immersion of the game.
The story basically follows the story of an agent who deals with a weaponized small pox virus that was released in Manhattan during black Friday sale and the city quickly went into chaos. The player is activated as a part of organisation called "the Division" to help the govt to maintain order in the city. The main story consists around 8+ missions which revolve around the player finding the source and helping in creating the cure along with fighting enemies to maintain order in the city. The various side missions revolve around the same with little variations in the objectives. The story is game's weakest point with forgettable plot and the main characters are bland. The enemies are of 4 factions each with their respective weaponry that distinguishes them. As the game is of looter-shooter type, the game's end game activity is little bit disappointing to non season pass holders with little variety to play other than dark zone.

The game's main attraction is this component of the game. The game can be played solo or with co-op upto 4 players.
The game is divided into 2 zones -
1.Light zone
2.Dark zone

The light zone is the area where the game's story missions take place and consists of only PvE (player vs enemies) combat and can be played solo or with friends.
The Dark zone is the area for PvE and PvP. In this area the player fight against NPCs as well as against another player. The PvP component of the game is largely based on good gear as well as some skill to maintain superiority over other players. The advantages of this dark zone is the loot which is always much better than the one in light zone,so to get better loot one has to venture into dark zone.

Downloadable content:
The game has 3 DLCs
2.Last stand

Survival - The best DLC in the whole set. It has both PvP and PvE. In this game mode you are dropped into Manhattan with no weapons or gear and you have to scavenge for everything while battling cold, hunger, thirst as well as human enemies. The game maintains a time counter (around 1hr) in the form of infection and you have to take medicine to stop the timer for a while. when the timer runs out you die. The goal is to get to dark zone and extract. The game mode shines in its moments, The need to find fire to keep warm, avoid enemies as you are low level as well as the need to rush due to the infection adds a type tension and excitement to the game and the sense of satisfaction when you extract is unparalleled.
The last stand - The Pure PvP mode. In this game mode players of each team must score points within a certain time limit. The team with higher score at the end wins. The stats are balanced in this mode to maintain fairness in the game as some players can have really overpowered build.
Underground - This DLC is of PvE nature. The game environment is set in the underground tunnels of the city. This dlc provides endless varieties in the levels design. Each time the level and its objectives are randomised to provide variety to the player. This DLC is geared towards end game activity.

I am mostly averse towards games these genres. I have tried destiny, warframe, Diablo etc., but nothing made me like this genre like this game did. I bought the game on insistence from few friends and i felt sorry for myself that i didn't get the game earlier. There is something in this game that i can't exactly pinpoint that made me like it maybe its setting or the environment or co-op mode but i Fell in love with it. Now a days i almost play daily and the player base is still strong enough to play. The players at this stage are mostly friendly in nature except few Thanks to fortnite:)
Playing solo is good but with friends its great. so at this stage of the game i highly recommend the game along with season pass and as it goes on sale often i suggest to give it a try. These games are survived on the player count so sooner you get it,its better as you can experience the game to the fullest.
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