sanjay   Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu, India
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My Youtube Channel on benchmarking games i played on my laptop.

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Origin ID : ghostgg10
Battlenet ID : Ghostgg10#1151
Uplay ID : ghostgg10

About Myself

born in 1993

Hi,welcome to my profile.I play games just for the fun.I mostly play single player games and occasional multiplayer games. I mostly avoid multiplayer because of my ♥♥♥♥♥♥ internet connection.

:lunar2019piginablanket: My Pc Specs:
CPU : AMD Ryzen 5 5600
RAM : 32 GB

:mllrrad:I don't accept friend request from a private profile or profiles with only free games. I don't care about level because it is completely based upon how much money you throw at it,not based on your skill. I am a friendly person but i don't give a ♥♥♥♥ about you if you are rude to me.Please leave a comment on my profile saying why you added me otherwise I will have to ignore it and add me if you intend to play with me or to ask anything.

:mllrrad:Text me anytime I will try to reply them ASAP

:mllrrad:Don't try to ask games for free or any items for that matter but i do giveaways from time to time in steam giveaways join there [ ]

:mllrrad:I play all genres of video games except sports and eventhough I play co-op and multiplayer games, for me nothing beats a good story based single player game.

:csgogun:For scammers,please don't try to scam me I have seen most of it.I always trade through steam so don't even try.I will block and report you.

My Favourite Games are:

Witcher series:Toxic_Geralt:
Xcom series:csgoskull:
Tom Clancy's The Division
Mass effect series
Batman series:arkham:
Bioshock series:bird:
Tomb raider reboot series:Animal_Instincts:
Total war rome II:Saxon:
Ryse son of rome(for its stunning graphics):RyseHelmet:
Mad max:MMDead:
Farcry series
Fallout New Vegas
Middle earth:shadow of mordor:Maul:
CS:GO :bsbullet:
Metro Series:mllrrad:
Call of juarez gunslinger:gunslinger:
Walking dead:Carley:
Assassin creed series[not all]:Swordy:
Call of duty series[most of it]:sstpistol:
Battlefield series[bad company 2 and 1]:barclay1:
Spec ops:The line[beautiful story]:breakdown:
Splinter cell blacklist:boombomb:
Wolfenstein reboot :sstgun1:

From this you can guess my interest in genres of video games

:MMDead: I love getting achievements so I try to 100% in games I play.

100% completed games:

:gunslinger: Brothers:A tale of two sons
:gunslinger: Call Of Duty: WWII
:gunslinger: Dying Light
:gunslinger: Emily is away too
:mllrrad: Fallout Shelter
:gunslinger: Hero of kingdom
:gunslinger: Hero of kingdom II
:gunslinger: Homefront the revolution
:gunslinger: Kelvin and the Infamous Machine
:gunslinger: Kraven Manor
:gunslinger: Mad Max
:gunslinger: Mass Effect Legendary Edition
:gunslinger: Metro 2033 redux
:gunslinger: Metro: Last Light Redux
:gunslinger: Mount & Blade: Warband
:gunslinger: Monochroma
:gunslinger: Rage
:gunslinger: Spheroids
:gunslinger: Tales from the Borderlands
:gunslinger: The Little Acre
:gunslinger: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
:gunslinger: Transmissions: Element 120
:gunslinger: Walking dead season 1
:gunslinger: Walking dead season 2
:gunslinger: XCOM: Enemy Unknown

:arkham:that's all about me
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Hello Folks, As a new player to The division i found it very confusing regarding endgame activities and difficult to understand what to do after i completed the story missions. This guide is prepared by me so that it can help new players to Know what they
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Compromised Jun 12, 2023 @ 2:04am 
Just had a fun round of CS:Go with you. Thanks.
Also nice game collection! Will have to check out you youtube channel.
Sv. Prolivije Oct 22, 2022 @ 3:40pm 
bc why not :moustache:
Charged Dreamer Jun 26, 2022 @ 8:12am 
nice profile! Fellow Indian. Adding you as friend
Rominvictus May 24, 2022 @ 5:30am 
Rominvictus Feb 2, 2022 @ 3:55am 
Rominvictus Jan 21, 2022 @ 4:23pm