diwako   Germany
I will accept not friend request from private profiles and do not add me for trading unless there was a post on the specific website.

But you can visit and see my page instead:
diwako szept. 23., 7:38 
For questions about lambs danger you can join the discord server.
Ostross szept. 23., 2:02 
Added because I want to ask you a question about Danger lambs through voice chat, because I keep getting confused over comments.
Imperial Black Legion szept. 7., 16:33 
Hello Diwako,

I would like to speak with you and have send you a friends request if you are willing and able to.

Thank you.
Pudding aug. 6., 4:58 
I'm sorry I have deleted the module as you requested
diwako máj. 27., 0:43 
Cmon people, for feature requests, post in the specific mod or create a github feature request ticket.
KIPOD Katan máj. 27., 0:41 
Any chance of an "On ROADS" option for the Patrol module so we can use vehicles in the Jungle and generally make it more realistic? Many Thanks