diwako   Germany
I will accept not friend request from private profiles and do not add me for trading unless there was a post on the specific website.

But you can visit and see my page instead:
Slay No More 6. srp. v 23.03 
Hey m8, friend of Moose and the other scion devs, had a question for you specifically about some scripts in Scion Conflict.
diwako 20. bře. v 2.21 
It is a general and relaxed arma group, they play what ever basically
Hax0 19. bře. v 18.28 
is there a way to join your sand crawler unit?
Anomaly Patrol 4. úno. v 18.26 
Adding for Arma 3 commission
Mr masturbeast 2. led. v 10.14 
+ rep
Wilson_B 6. lis. 2022 v 7.42 
_ZONA footage featuring diwako's amazing fog and burner anomalies.
thanks for your awesome work.