Oleh Prypin  ┃  PC specs []
I'm an achievement hunter, and a perfectionist overall.
I play only on Linux.

I like games that are based on a simple idea (that doesn't mean the idea can't be made into something interesting and complex). I play mostly games that have a lot of action involved (and that's mostly platformers), but do like good puzzles as well.

Programming is my trade. I enjoy and have the most knowledge about Python programming language. And I'm moderately experienced in so many other technologies that I lost count.

I listen to music of these and similar genres: metal, grunge, rock . But the main requirement I have to my music is that it is complex. Since dubstep and electronic fulfill that, I sometimes listen to those as well.

I'm 27 years old, male.

Feel free to add me, especially if we have some common interests.

My wishlist is more of a whitelist: if something is not on it, I probably don't want to play it.
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2022-06-26 20 Minutes Till Dawn     Detailed view []
2021-03-20 Press Ctrl
2021-03-20 Tricky Cat
2021-03-06 Half-Life 2: Episode Two
2021-02-16 ScourgeBringer
2020-07-19 Ghost Grab 3000
2020-07-17 SiNKR
2020-07-08 Snakebird Primer
2020-05-07 KnotBot
2020-05-03 Super Win the Game
2020-03-31 Enter the Gungeon
2020-03-23 LOVE 2: kuso
2020-03-18 Super Bit Blaster XL
2020-03-14 Bullet Party
2020-02-09 Tricky Fox
2018-11-26 Marvellous Inc.
2018-08-12 NO THING
2018-07-29 Rogue Legacy
2018-07-07 Pivot XL
2018-07-04 Righty Tighty XL
2018-07-04 Bing Bong XL
2018-04-16 PUSH
2018-04-15 SUPERHOT
2018-01-01 SPINGUN
2017-12-14 Diamo XL
2017-12-14 Orbt XL
2017-12-10 140
2017-12-03 Opus Magnum
2017-11-19 Refunct
2017-11-05 GORB
2017-09-13 TTV2
2017-06-05 CrossCells
2017-05-28 klocki
2017-05-28 UBERMOSH Vol.5
2017-05-10 Bit Blaster XL
2017-04-15 Ellipsis
2017-01-31 Adventures of Shuggy
2017-01-17 Eventide: Slavic Fable
2017-01-14 A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build
2017-01-06 Cubway
2016-12-03 Knightmare Tower
2016-11-28 SHENZHEN I/O
2016-11-24 On Rusty Trails
2016-11-15 Spectrum
2016-11-14 Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power
2016-11-13 Cyber Sentinel
2016-11-11 Evo Explores
2016-10-22 Trip to Vinelands
2016-10-14 SWARMRIDERS
2016-10-11 UBERMOSH Vol.3
2016-10-02 12 Labours of Hercules III: Girl Power
2016-10-02 Unmechanical
2016-10-02 Switch 'N' Shoot
2016-09-17 True or False
2016-09-11 Snik
2016-09-02 KNIGHTS
2016-09-02 Iron Snout
2016-08-29 The Growth Journey
2016-08-21 Plates
2016-08-17 Emily is Away
2016-08-14 Neon Space 2
2016-08-05 Dungeon Escape
2016-07-28 12 Labours of Hercules II: Cretan Bull
2016-07-11 Prompt
2016-06-27 Approaching Blocks
2016-06-25 Tenrow
2016-06-12 Paper Train: Traffic
2016-06-09 Syder Arcade
2016-05-29 Zenge
2016-05-22 Grey Cubes
2016-05-22 Neon Space
2016-05-08 Human Resource Machine
2016-04-30 It's Spring Again
2016-04-19 Cross Set
2016-04-10 iO
2016-03-30 Duet
2016-03-19 Elastrix
2016-02-24 Egg Returns Home
2016-02-24 Snakebird
2016-02-21 Spectraball
2016-02-13 Linea, the Game
2016-02-07 Spoiler Alert
2016-02-01 Cute Things Dying Violently
2016-01-08 Plush
2015-12-28 PING 1.5+
2015-12-27 Super Star Path
2015-12-27 SquareCells
2015-11-30 The Collider
2015-11-28 Shmadow
2015-11-24 Cosmophony
2015-11-21 Rock Boshers DX: Directors Cut
2015-11-08 Timberman
2015-11-05 Beyond Gravity
2015-11-01 Paint it Back
2015-10-30 UBERMOSH
2015-10-16 ibb & obb
2015-10-03 Penarium
2015-09-16 No Time To Explain Remastered
2015-09-06 oO
2015-09-05 Hook
2015-09-03 12 Labours of Hercules
2015-08-08 9 Clues: Secret of Serpent Creek
2015-08-01 Rituals
2015-07-16 NotGTAV
2015-07-11 Dreaming Sarah
2015-07-11 TransPlan
2015-07-02 Papers, Please
2015-06-30 DeadCore
2015-06-24 Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack
2015-06-23 Dark Echo
2015-06-23 NightSky
2015-06-21 Alter World
2015-06-20 10,000,000
2015-05-03 A Bird Story
2015-04-01 Unium
2015-03-30 Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink
2015-03-30 Nightmares from the Deep: Cursed Heart
2015-03-29 Grim Legends 2: Song of the Dark Swan
2015-03-29 Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride
2015-03-20 Imagine Me
2015-03-18 Radium
2015-02-02 Cubot
2015-02-01 Gravity Ghost
2015-01-18 6180 the moon
2014-10-29 Spy Chameleon - RGB Agent
2014-10-24 Monochroma
2014-09-17 Boson X
2014-09-09 The 39 Steps
2014-09-08 Hexcells Infinite
2014-09-01 Waking Mars
2014-08-30 Escape Goat 2
2014-08-21 Teslagrad
2014-08-20 Dynamite Jack
2014-08-19 Full Bore
2014-08-18 Electronic Super Joy: Groove City
2014-08-17 Back to Bed
2014-08-11 Micron
2014-08-02 Only If
2014-07-09 Incredipede
2014-07-04 PixelJunk™ Shooter
2014-06-29 Rochard
2014-06-27 Fortix 2
2014-06-25 Sparkle 2 Evo
2014-06-21 LIMBO
2014-06-17 Reversion - The Escape
2014-06-13 Little Racers STREET
2014-06-06 T.E.C. 3001
2014-05-27 Circuits
2014-05-11 Savant - Ascent
2014-04-20 Hexcells Plus
2014-04-15 Eets Munchies
2014-04-13 LYNE
2014-04-13 Hexcells
2014-04-11 The Shivah
2014-04-11 Type:Rider
2014-02-28 Knytt Underground
2014-02-24 Guacamelee! Gold Edition
2014-02-21 The Swapper
2014-02-18 Stacking
2014-02-16 The Plan
2014-02-07 Costume Quest
2014-01-18 Estranged: Act I
2014-01-12 To the Moon
2014-01-11 Papo & Yo
2014-01-06 BIT.TRIP Presents... Runner2:...
2014-01-02 Eversion
2013-12-17 Closure
2013-12-04 Escape Goat
2013-12-04 Bastion
2013-12-01 RUSH
2013-11-27 Half-Life 2: Episode One
2013-11-26 Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken
2013-11-25 Superfrog HD
2013-11-20 Super Hexagon
2013-11-07 Anodyne
2013-09-23 FEZ
2013-08-31 Gateways
2013-08-22 Portal
2013-08-12 Ultratron
2013-07-31 Titan Attacks
2013-07-19 Half-Life 2
2013-07-17 Portal 2
2013-06-15 Hotline Miami
2013-06-09 Thomas Was Alone
2010-08-28 Alien Swarm
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Mini Metro
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Review Showcase
This is an amazing game. It has platforming, fighting, ability progression, all very well made. Its Metascore is well deserved.

I hate fighting games, and the platforming aspect of Guacamelee! is not shown well in the videos and screenshots, so I had very low expectations for it. Aaaaand it's one of my favorite games now.
So if you think it's kinda cool, get it and you will not be disappointed. Make sure to give it some time, because the beginning is indeed underwhelming.

If you're still hesitating, a description of the gameplay follows. Contains minor gameplay spoilers (like revealing what abilities await you before you unlock them).

In Guacamelee! you unlock various abilities as you progress. But there aren't separate "fighting abilities" and "movement abilities", because they're the same thing! At first you get an "uppercut" ability, which is also a poor-man's double jump. Later you get wall-jumping, dashes, smashes, etc. and eventually the actual double jump, and more yet. All these things are very pleasant to apply in combination to reach more and more places and solve (mostly optional) difficult platforming challenges.

The parts where you kill enemies are also a lot of fun. You can do combos... throw enemies into the air, punch the ♥♥♥♥ out of them, dash to the other side, punch some more, slam them down... that's one example.
In many games where you kill things I don't see the point in blocking or using different combos, because usually mashing one button and eventually doing that one overpowered combination will do.
Here, though, dodging is something you do a lot. You need to block other enemies' attacks while you're dealing with one or a few of them. It's intuitive and accompanied with nice subtle visual effects. It's fun to anticipate enemies' attacks and dodge projectiles just in time. And of course, different enemies need different strategies. Some of them have colored shields, which require you to use a particular special attack on them first. This doesn't sound that exciting but it really adds a lot to the game in combination with other small things.

There are many characters/costumes with different stats and traits that suit different situations and playstyles.

Local co-op multiplayer... that's very nice probably. But I haven't tried it.

Difficulty... Yes, Guacamelee! is quite difficult, although most of the difficult parts are optional, as I already said. If you have some experience with platformers, you will feel right at home: the game won't be very hard, but will still feel rewarding.

Controls are nice. You can do a ton of things with relatively few keys. Keyboard is redefinable.
But I played with a controller. Buttons are not redefinable, but the controller support seems very, very good, because my very old noname controller worked perfectly, while most games mirror the 4 buttons on it...

The duration of the first playthrough can vary wildly, depending on your pace and completion rate... let's say 6-14 hours.
To get all achievements you may need 15-22 hours. All achievements are fun to get, not grindy and not missable, but some of them may be too hard for the average player.

If you don't like the theme of the game, don't worry, at first I wasn't too fond of it either. But you get used to it and it's quite nice.
And if you don't like the main character, you can change it almost right away...

Video Showcase
Simple explanation of PGA33X6
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