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Crosscode is an offline RPG that deserves more attention, It has a great story, Real time combat with very fluid controls and challenging puzzle elements. There are a lot of things to discover and even after 80 hours I have not yet COmpleted the game.

Story 10/10
The Story is about Lea, You are playing an Online RPG called Crossworlds, It just just like your average Online RPG, You get exp, gain levels, make some friends, But there are some problems, Lea has a problem with her speech module, so she can't say anything, Luckily there is an employee of Crossworlds that helps her with that, And before you know it she can say, Hi! and Lea. It may sound like nothing, But Lea is super stoked about it, And I truly feel it, Everything is done just right. The game goes much much much deeper than that, but i won't give any spoilers. It truly has an amazing story but there is not much I can say without spoiling major details.

Characters 10/10
Lea is a mute, at least in the beginning, She can only express herself by making face expressions, He is annoyed pretty quickly when people don't understand her, But she accepts it anyway, Emile is one of the first people you meet, She is like the opposite, She can't stop talking, Really so bad that it actually takes days before she notices Lea can't talk, She is also not easily annoyed but holds a grudge. Every single character in Crossworlds has a deep personality like this. It won't be long before you start to care about Lea and her friends.

Gameplay 10/10
The Gameplay is changing all the time, It mostly is real time strategic battles mixed with very challenging puzzles and bosses, But often there are quests which require you to do very different things, like tower defense games, or crazy fast platforming. Overall Crosscode is very enjoyable, It is very challenging, but solving puzzles and beating those bosses feels great. Just be prepared to get stuck, Some puzzles are real headscratchers, I had a few that where next to impossible to pull off. I do not like looking up solutions, and the puzzle elements sometimes really prevent me from progressing in the game. But the overall gameplay just keeps luring me in, It is such a great game that I really need to solve the puzzles, because I want to progress further, I want to know what happens next.

There are tons of upgrades, abilities, attacks, There are 4 Elements you can master, which offer different attacks and perks, Some enemies might be weak to Heat or Cold, Some may be weak to Wave or Jolt. You can Tweak your character by choosing which upgrades you want, What Equipment you wear, there are literally hundreds of Armors, Weapons, Boots, Headgear, etc, Each item has specific traits so there are thousands of possible combinations and it is a challenge to find out what fits your playstyle best.

Aesthetics 10/10
The game is set in a beautiful 16 bit world, with truly amazing pixel art, The world is huge and has many very diverse regions which all are beautiful. I truly fell in love with this game, Everything is perfect, it offers much more than meets the eye. There is detail in the details. This is really a tribute to the golden age of RPGs in every single way.

Performance 8/10
The performance is great, It is locked to your refresh rate, But I had absolutely no drops It stayed at a solid 120fps, It also runs good on weaker hardware. Steam overlay does not work with Nvidia cards for some reason, But this is not really an issue for me, But I can see this being an issue for some people. The whole game is written in HTML5 And it even runs in a webbrowser.

Replayability 9/10
The replayability is just amazing, especially for a single player RPG. The game is full of secrets, quests, challenges, There will always be more to do, And even if you somehow manage to fully complete it, It will be so many hours you even forgot about the first boss, There is a new game plus in which you can carry over everything. and just continue in a new game. Then there is the Arena which offers insane challenges, And there are a lot of endgame items which make the game a lot harder.

Conclusion 10/10
Just get the game, you won't regret it. I wish more devs put this amount of detail in their games. It took all the good things from the classic RPGs of the 90s and made it into something that was not possible back then, It improved on every single aspect. I really believe this is one of the best games ever.

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Youtube Video Review: https://youtu.be/hZ8c6yZdxa0

Game Info
# of players
Single Player only
Steam Cloud Save
Working fine
Controller Support
Yes, Xbox One Bluetooth Working
Incredibly hard and time consuming
FPS on Ultra 1080P
Locked to refresh rate
Launch Command
gamemoderun %command%
Installed Size
Overlay not working with Nvidia

Operating System & Hardware
Arch Linux
Gnome 3.32.2
Intel I7-6800K Hexa Core @ 4.2 Ghz
Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080 (Nvidia 430.14 Drivers)
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142 Hours played
200 character summary
Wizard of Legend is a fast paced roguelite spell and slash with great pixel art. Easy to learn and hard to master. You can beat it in 25 minutes, It might take you a few hundred tries.

Story 8/10
The story is about becoming a Wizard of Legend, There is not much of a story you play trough, You have a small intro at the beginning of the game explaining the backstory, And the first time you beat the game you will unlock a few new options to further enhance the game. Games like these are not really about the story, But I love the little backstory they gave, how it is implemented in the tutorial and how it does not hinder the gameplay in any way. It is a nice game if you have an hour to spend, Just play, die and be done with it.

Gamemodes 9/10
You can play the whole game solo or in Offline sharescreen coop with a friend, not a single run wil be the same due to the procedural generated dungeons. There is also a Versus mode exclusively for 2 players. It has a Bosh Rush mode, But the focus is certainly the main game, Which is just amazing, And due to the unpredictability of the runs every run is completely different.

Coop is completely fair, Player 2 is not playing the dog, Player 2 will be able to perform all actions is not able to walk off the screen and he doesn't get teleported to player 1 if he wanders too far. Which is a pretty common problem in "coop" games, Wizard of Legend's coop mode is just perfect, And after every boss you get to fight eachother to spice things up a bit.

Gameplay 11/10
You start the game in your house, Here you have a book which contains all your unlocked spells, A closet which stores your unlocked outfits and a chest which stores your unlocked relics, If you exit the house you come to the market place, Here you can start a run in the dungeon, buy new outfits, Relics or Spells, tweak your next run, enter boss rush mode or do something with one of the other NPCs.

In the dungeon you get 3 different biomes, Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Shock, These will be random unless you bribe a certain NPC, Each Biome has 2 levels and then the boss, after that you will battle the grandmaster. So you play 1.1 1.2 Boss, 2.1 2.2 Boss, 3.1 3.2 Boss, Final Boss, This will be the same every run, But the dungeons are never the same. Each biome does have a certain boss which will not be randomized. All normal levels also have a mini boss that you need to defeat before you can continue.

Every run you collect gems and coins, The coins you lose when you die, It is the currency in the dungeon, But the gems they remain, you do not lose any gems when you die. These gems is the currency outside of the dungeon, You unlock new items with these and you can start boss rush against a small payment for example.

Arcanas are the spells you can carry with you, there are about 200 now. Each Arcana is different, You can buy them at the market, You start the game with 4 arcana of your choice and you can find, loot and buy more in the dungeon, The ones you loot are instantly unlocked so you do not have to buy them any more outside of the dungeon.

Relics are items you find a lot in dungeons, you can buy them from several people and they all tweak the game in a certain way, There are about 180 of them now, Some offer great advantages, others not so great, But it allows you to tweak your character very nicely. There are also cursed relics, these are relics that you can not drop, they often have a downside too, So choose wisely.

Outfits also offer more than meets the eye, It is not just the color, every outfit has their own advantage, some increase health, or crit chance, or speed, etc. Combine the right outfit with the right spells and the right relics to build insanely powerful builds to crush the Grandmaster.

The gameplay is just right, The movement is great, it is simple to understand, but incredibly hard to master, You could go from full health to dead in seconds, The game is unpredictable, and having a great run depends a lot on luck. But a real Wizard of Legend can manage every situation.

Aesthetics 10/10
It has amazing Pixel art, All the spells look great and have unique animations, the characters look great and have perfect motion, It is charming, but don't let the charms distract you, The game is very hard, Even the best runs can turn around in seconds if you don't keep your focus on the ongoing battle. The soundtrack is also pretty great, It fits the theme perfectly, Each item, everything has a great amount of detail. I think Wizard of Legend like many other games perfected the Pixel formula.

Performance 8/10
It runs just amazing, The only bad thing is that Cloud save is not working on Linux, I think this is especially important in roguelites like these. If you fail to backup your saves manually you will lose all your progress.

Replayability 10/10
The replayability is just perfect, ofcourse you can have millions of different builds which spice up the game quite a bit but it also has a lot of RNG for which Items you will be able to get, What monsters you encounter. The game will always remain a challenge.

I really think it is a bummer it has no Online Co op. And it could use some more Dungeons. Ofcourse the Steam Cloud save not working on Linux should be fixed, But other than that the game is just perfect.

Conclusion 10/10
If you like character building and you like fast paced combat, Wizard of Legend is the game for you. I personally think this game is a Solid 9, I would recommend this to anyone, It is Easy to understand, and Hard to master, You can go for a short game, or you could lose your entire day in it. It is fun, fast and incredibly hard.

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Youtube Video Review:

Game Info
# of players
Locally up to 2
Steam Cloud Save
Not working
Controller Support
Yes, Xbox One Bluetooth Working
Pretty hard
FPS on Ultra 1080P
500 - 900 depending on Area
Launch Command
gamemoderun %command%
Installed Size
Steam Cloud Save not working

Operating System & Hardware
Arch Linux
Gnome 3.32.2
Intel I7-6800K Hexa Core @ 4.2 Ghz
Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080 (Nvidia 430.26 Drivers)
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SSD: Samsung 970 Evo NVMe 1TB {Read 3500MB/s Write 2500MB/s)
CPU: Intel i7-6800K Hexa Core @ 4.2 GHz 15MB Cache + EK Supremacy EVO
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Lighting: Xiaomi Yeelight Lightstrip Plus
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