You Have to Win the Game

You Have to Win the Game

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100% Completion and Achievements Guide (with maps!)
By BlaXpirit
Descriptions of achievements, speedrun route, full maps of campaigns
First and foremost, this guide is FULL OF SPOILERS.
Do yourself a favor and try to figure everything out on your own before you resort to this guide. It's half of the fun.
Complete maps
Here are the maps I made, the main exhibit of this guide. They contain everything you need in order to complete the game 100% (except for skill, of course).
First playthrough
Here is a list of the achievements that should be obtained in your first playthrough of the game, in the approximate order that they can be obtained.
All the achievements can (only?) be obtained in the Original campaign.
Obviously, you should select the Normal difficulty.

  • First of Many
    Died once.
Just lead your character to death. As simple as that.

  • Kind of Blue
    Acquired the Cerulean Aura.
  • Rouge-like
    Acquired the Crimson Aura.
  • Instant Fun
    Acquired the Springheel Boots.
  • Wouldn't It Be Cool If...
    Acquired the Spider Gloves.
Get these powerups from their corresponding rooms: You can't complete the game without having all of them. They are possible to obtain only in this order (but blue and red can be swapped)

  • Boop!
    Found Sammy and Lara a.k.a. Princess Boopypoo and the Countess von Flufflebutts a.k.a. I put my cats in a video game because I am five years old.
Go from Leap of Faith[] to the portal in Stick the Landing[], complete the following 2 rooms and look at the cute cats...

  • Cartographer
    Traversed every room.
  • Treasure Hunter
    Collected every money bag.
Refer to the map[]. It shows every room and highlights every collectable item, which is exactly what you need here.
Some more information is available in a different guide.

  • Nth Time's the Charm
    Lost the game in any mode.
Go to the losing route. You will lose all the powerups and start at the beginning (but progress is otherwise preserved). You must do this to traverse all the rooms and get all moneys. Make sure to get the bag before you grab the Lose

  • You Had to Win the Game
    Won the game in any mode.
  • An Achievement called "Completionist"
    Won the game in any mode with a 100% rating.
Go to the winning route. You should have gotten the 2 completion-related achievements by now if you want get the 3rd one. If you haven't, you will have to finish all the business and go to the winning path again.
Speedruns and no-death runs
  • Places to Go, People to See
    Won the game in any mode in under ten minutes.
Planning your route for a speedrun is a lot of fun, and you get to know the game so much better.
Don't be scared, this achievement is quite easy. After planning for a bit, I (barely) got it in my first attempt.
If you just can't get your head around it, you may benefit from the video below.

  • Nap Time
    Won the game as a cat.
This means that you need to complete the game in "Playable Cat DLC*" difficulty, and that means you only have 9 lives to complete the whole game.
This may seem ridiculous for someone who hasn't done the speedrun, but really, if the game can be completed in ~7 minutes, attempts aren't that costly.
The connection with the speedrun goes beyond that. The most important thing to do if you don't want to lose lives is to find reliable ways to complete rooms, actions that you can exactly reproduce (play the difficult parts in Normal mode over and over until you get it right every time). And it so happens that the fastest way to complete a room is very often the easiest to reproduce! Note that the rooms start in the exact same state every time you enter them. And boss rooms have the least projectiles in them when you've just entered the room.
If you don't understand what I'm talking about, look at the video below and the annotations in it.

  • #yolo #swag #nbd
    Won the game while wearing sunglasses.
This means that you need to complete the game in "YOLO Mode" difficulty, and that means you only have 1 life to complete the whole game, and that means you CAN'T DIE EVEN ONCE. Now this achievement is actually difficult. You can't expect to obtain it if you don't have considerable experience with platformers.
Same things apply: information above and video below.
But a nice thing about "YOLO Mode" is that it doesn't overwrite your other game, because it doesn't save anything. So you can resume your normal game to practice your worst part(s) between attempts.

This video will be helpful for the 3 achievements above:
  • If Our Eyes Aren't Real
    Won the game in the Mirrorverse.
Complete the game again but in mirrored orientation. The easiest way is to keep the rest to defaults:
Select "New Game" → "Original" → ‹"Orientation: Mirrorverse"› → "Normal".
There is absolutely nothing different to the game in the mirrored mode. Only a few screen titles are changed subtly but that doesn't mean anything.
[HYBRID BEING] May 22, 2021 @ 8:31am 
Oh, forgot to mention that both are only missing in Original map.
[HYBRID BEING] May 21, 2021 @ 5:19pm 
There is a missing money bag on a Tower of Regrets (in an alcove accessible from Falling Into a Greener Life).
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Excellent MAP, Thanks :Forrest: / Excelente MAPA, Gracias :steamhappy:
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Very good,I won the game and got 100%,thanks!!!
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too bad speedrunning is SHIT
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uhh y'all i got the spider gloves first.. help
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