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I don't really get into trading. Adding me to want to trade is a rather pointless venture for both of us.

If you really want to add me and I do not know you, you're best off leaving a comment stating intent or where this invite is coming from (saw me post on forum etc) when you send the invite.

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I hate to give this a negative review, and I wont say I didn't have fun with the game, nor saying you wont have fun either. This is just a remake that leaves a bad taste in your mouth no matter if there's bits that are fun in it or not.

While your first play through will be magical, even if you played through the original. You'll quickly get a grasp of "wow this is very short" even if you stopped to smell the roses the game is very short compared even to the RE2 remake. This is very much because 3 lost a lot of not only its areas from the original, but the more exploration design of them. Progression in 3 is very linear compared even to 2's remake, with the exception of downtown and the hospital (limited) there's almost no free form exploration and rewards there in. Unlike 2's remake you can never return to any of the areas. While this is in line with the original, you could never area backtrack in the original either, it just compounds the driving you forward to a quick end of the game.

If you never played the original, you wont notice the missing areas, you will always notice how short the game is though. For anyone else who knows the original. Its actually almost fascinating how much got cut and or changed, you could almost write an essay about the changes. I will break down a simply as I can what all got cut, changed, or changed to the point it pretty much is cut.

Uptown is now the games intro and is done in literal minutes compared to being an actual section of the game proper like it was in the original, one upside is we get to see the interior to Jill's apartment for the first time, but it hardly feels like a great trade off.

Raccoon/Fox Park:
Completely gone from the game, except for a single mention of it on a puzzle. this also means a major boss from the original Gravedigger is gone.

Repurposed as an exclusive area for Carlos, it works well enough and highlights how the story has been changed.

Clock Tower:
"technically" in the game, you never go inside it though, you fight a boss just outside it, which the fight would basically be were the same boss fight happens in the original, you just get to skip all the lead up to it.

Dead Factory:
Repurposed but I am technically going to call this Cut. cause while all the story beats happen. they happen in a place that does not resemble the dead factory at all.

Raccoon Hospital:
Repurposed, but in one of the few ways that makes it better than its original, since its one of the few places both characters traverse and get some genuine exploration.

There's just so much in this that's cut or changed so the game could be stiched together to be a "complete game" faster.

This feels especially dirty cause of Project REsistance that is packaged with this game, something I still have not touched and probably never will cause its NOT WHAT I WANTED FROM RESIDENT EVIL 3. It honestly feels like they rushed out RE3 so they could have purchase appeal and then "Please give our 3rd attempt at selling you Operation Raccoon City a try, even though fans have proven time and time again we don't want these MP shoe ins unless its going to be a proper Outbreak remake."

This is very much a sore spot for me because not for the asymetric MP PVP aspect of REsistance it could even be a servicable Outbreak remake, that Capcom wont give us cause there's no money in doing so to them, they want pvp so they can try to sell other crap to pvp mentality. People have even asked if the Mastermind could be set to AI so they could just try to survive with their friends in a more Left 4 dead-eske style, which has fallen on deaf ears thus far.

So to summarize

Rushed Development: Check
Stripped down story mode with cut out sections compared to the original: Check
Shoehorned in multiplayer nobody wanted and is used to pad out the game so its "worth $60": Check

Wait for a giant sale for this one if you ever play it at all.
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Hey, can you please accept my friendship, I'm not a bot and I just wanna ask you a few things about humble bundle, I don't send links and not trying to scam, just your profile and groups seem as you have been using humble bundle for some time, so maybe you got a few extras and we might do a few trades?
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