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Introduction (ultra-brief summary!)
Halfway between an adventure game and a visual novel, Rainswept is a story of death, tragedy and redemption. Set in the small peaceful town of Pineview, we will follow the trials and tribulations of police detective Michael Stone investigating an apparent murder-suicide case after having found Diane’s and Chris’ bodies.

Gameplay and playability
The game is focused on story and narrative and does not leave much to agency. For the most part the player will be in detective Stone’s shoes, strolling around Pineview, talking to its inhabitants, examining the locations and unravelling the mystery behind Diane’s and Chris’ deaths. Puzzles are very easy to non-existant and dialogues offer limited choices which, anyway, affects the story only in the slightest way.
Controls are to be chosen between mouse and keyboard (found it rather clunky) and gamepad (tried to make it work, but I could not, probably it’s my joypad’s fault).

Graphics & Audio
Visual impact and style are strong and decisive in setting the tone for Stone’s investigations: a moody art direction of excellent level, with meaningful choices as regards the overall look and cinematographic cutscenes. The soundtrack is amazing, evocative, gloomy, perfectly fitting the atmosphere conveyed by Rainswept.
The only issues were some minor video glitches here and there and the quality of animations throughout the game (which is subpar and could even be funny but that exactly what could hamper the game’s tragic atmosphere).
There is no voice acting, which I think is a pretty good choice, leaving space to music and to player’s worldbuilding options.

Game is linear and rather short, I’d say 5-6 hours, but I think it’s the right amount to tell the story.
The game can be replayed to obtain at least one alternate ending and some very minor changes to the outcome, but I’d say there is almost no replay value in Rainswept, other than revisiting the story in hindsight, savouring the details you probably missed in your first playthrough.

What grinds my gears
  • The ending is ok, though it looks like it’s not completely fleshed out and it sounds somehow rushed and confusing
  • Some plotholes and inconsistencies: nothing major, but they can be irritating
  • Some “weird” dialogues (especially the unfitting, comedic ones)
  • Confusing in-game map

What revs my engine
  • The game offers an incredible, unforgettable atmosphere, rich of emotional depth and immersiveness, with a captivating story.
  • Most characters are memorable, especially Chris & Diane and their relationship
  • The game deals with serious themes in a sensitive way: home violence, depression, insomnia, mental health and more.

Reminds me of…
  • Virginia
  • Twin Peaks
  • Night in the Woods
  • Broadchurch
  • The Cat lady

The game is highly recommended. Though it may feel a bit rushed in some parts, it is an outstanding experience: it does not set a new standard or innovate the genre, it simply tells a story in a compelling way, letting the player immerse in the game world, engaging in powerful emotions in an uneasy but touching way. Rainswept’s own way.

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