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don’t be sad for me, im a cartoon g



:luv: love you jackie :luv:
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the wall
Squirting Anus : i need to poo bai
Player Squirting Anus left the game
Solar : name checks out

angry kid : retrad
S85 N/A V10 : u guys freind ?
angry kid : yes
angry kid : and bhop scripters
angry kid : cheaters
angry kid : hold space
S85 N/A V10 : angry boi xd
angry kid : auto bhop
angry kid : for sure
angry kid : not skills
⭐⭐⭐SoNiC⭐⭐⭐ : aimbot no ban !

redd : most smartest l4d2 player

bluee : we have a guy with 30 hrs and ur all tryharding
Venti but gay : shh youre loosing
Solar : shh youre a pedo

*vote to return to lobby*
Solar : ?
F2 : why
PiNDA : i want to play the sacrifice
Solar : then go play it
Player PiNDA left the game

Lee Everett : you f_cking christian
yelloww : may jesus be with you friend
Lee Everett : thats easy for ya
Lee Everett : cuz you dont that

Karma Ball : my god how nob are you to miss a hunter dead in fornt of you hahahah shytytty nab
Player Karma Ball left the game

*japanese 4stack joins OUR lobby*
ユキネ : nah stay in your region EU f_cks
Player ユキネ left the game

Andrew : solar why be a yaggot?
Player Andrew left the game

Josef Min Broder : your moms tits touches the grund

0o Anima Gaming o0 : r?
Sicky : shut up n_gga
0o Anima Gaming o0 : ok

Strico Aľikapone : shut up u stupid f_ggot
Strico Aľikapone : suck my d_ck
Strico Aľikapone : u fat bastard
solar : im gay and i use f_ggot as a greeting so im stronger than you
Strico Aľikapone : f_ck off
Strico Aľikapone : go to russia
Strico Aľikapone : and die there
Strico Aľikapone : suck my d_ck u stupid r_tard go to die f_ck your mother your father is gargamel
Player Strico Aľikapone left the game

shino: lul
GⒶR: ThEy GonNA Orgy us
fat monkey: ?
GⒶR: why are you?
fat monkey: why am i what
fat monkey: gay?
GⒶR: u SaiD it xd
fat monkey: idk men are just hot
fat monkey:
fat monkey:

Vinny Vally : As said - The try hard is real.
Vinny Vally : You guys are a bit sad.
Player Vinny Vally left the game

[SR]EpicPingRaiden : nice chater! see ghosts from the infecdet

No, I'm jzorn! : dashie in gta v strip club : DAMN FUFU! SHEEEEEET!

NYOOM‎ : i kill u with worse weapon
NYOOM‎ : bot
NYOOM‎ : give up
NYOOM‎ : u suck
NYOOM‎ : quit this game
NYOOM‎ : sell ur skins
Kamikadze‎ : go 1v1 noob
NYOOM‎ : ur parents are not proud
^VADAS^‎ : lol
Your Life‎ : My skins worth mroe than yoru whole life idiot

solar : lightwork no reaction
mun$$tre : your parents are lightwork too

JackieJelly has earned the achievement FAT NINJA
dahmoly : yeah jackie is new
dahmoly : at least he good
solar : and?
solar : he?
JackieJelly : its my first day at kindergarten I hope no one realises
(Infected) dahmoly : SMASH+
(Infected) solar : ????????????
(Infected) JackieJelly : w rizz?????
(Infected) dahmoly : SMASHHHHHHHH
(Infected) solar : thats my girlfriend u weirdo

Panssssss : cheaters
solar : ?
kevØ : ?
Panssssss : louis atraped for smoker
Panssssss : and cut
Panssssss : alone
solar : lol
Panssssss : dont play for cheaters noob for script autobunny hop
Player Panssssss left the game
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spongebob Feb 6 @ 3:12am 
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JackieJelly Nov 25, 2023 @ 9:27am 
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Lantorr Aug 3, 2023 @ 11:16am 
+rep good player :)
CrYpEeN♰ Aug 1, 2023 @ 4:50am 
Ísak Jul 13, 2023 @ 10:34am 
hellyoshi? :csgohelmet:
kevØ Jul 7, 2023 @ 8:49am 
★ kevØ made Solar trigger an alarm