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Most of my time online, i'm at conferences on Discord playing
co-op or pvp with my friends, and also single player JRPGs. if you want to pass a message to me and i'm in the middle of the game, it is possible that I take too long to reply. :jeannehappy:

:Ibuki_DGR: About Me :Ibuki_DGR:
:Csha_VII:I'm an unfortunate japanese, who came to Brazil. I love tokusatsu, mechas, danmaku games, Fate and Danganronpa series. also, old school FPS veteran, and I have fetish to skeletons. my hobby is to collect waifu figures and magic the gathering. my pass time is to assemble gunplas and participates in airsoft gun clubs. :bonfire2:

:MechSkull: = Name: Marcelo Nakabayashi :Gilbert:
:MechSkull: = Nickname: Sight Hawk, Hawk Kenzaki :SE4Eagle:

Discord [http//Discord] Hawk Kenzaki#1750
PSN [http//PSN] CerberusGarm

Gacha games that I play
Fate/Grand Order
Granblue Fantasy
Azur Lane
Genshin Impact

If you want add me as a friend, PM me first.


:karnauh: Ermac - Loves coffee and dosh:Dosh:. succubus waifus magnet, addict to combos in fighting games. my rival nemesis and co-op sunbro. praise the sun! :praisesun:

:elilaugh: Nazu - Play gacha games, idol fan and loves twintails tsunderes. :vanilla:

:GE3_Zeke: Josh - Play gacha games too, read LNs and a lolicon (not really) :ALloveemoji:

:chocola: Elezo - Do some art work, loves Granblue Fantasy and Princess Connect.. cry :lovekami_moon:

~~~ Mensão Honrosa :

:Gundham_DGR: Sanomoe -Big heart bro. loves cockatiels :bird1: and tomboyish waifus.
moe with passion :mylove:

:Pitter9: AlexHidan - Top zueiro which illuminates the mood of the group. player of western visual novels and underrated games. likes yanderes. YeAh b0i :facepunch:

:handsy: Vitz - My partner Kotsurugi, addict to terrible memes. do remixes and mashups. also, loves to squeeze the lemon. :lilimjoy::lilimok:

:sohandsome: Duduzen -Bro since touhou depression. hotblooded boy which gives punchs of determination. fan of Getter Robo, Mazinger and Super Robot Taisen. :Pitter4:

~~~ More other bros : Nathan

:MG_dice: Favorite Games :JoystickTime:
:Chiaki_DGR: 1º: Armored Core :HangingController:
:Chiaki_DGR: 2º: Dark Souls and Bloodborne :HangingController:
:Chiaki_DGR: 3º: God Eater :HangingController:
:Chiaki_DGR: 4º: Halo 2 :HangingController:
:Chiaki_DGR: 5º: Megaman Zero :HangingController:
:Chiaki_DGR: 6º: Monster Hunter :HangingController:
:Chiaki_DGR: 7º: Metal Gear Solid 3 :HangingController:
:Chiaki_DGR: 8º: Bomberman :HangingController:
:Chiaki_DGR: 9º: Valkyrie Profile :HangingController:
:Chiaki_DGR: 10º: Tekken :HangingController:

:csgogun: Favorite Old School First Person Shooters :ammunition:
:gun_noir: 1º: Quake :sniper_aim:
:gun_noir: 2º: Halo :sniper_aim:
:gun_noir: 3º: Killzone :sniper_aim:
:gun_noir: 4º: Soldier of Fortune :sniper_aim:
:gun_noir: 5º: Turok :sniper_aim:
:gun_noir: 6º: Perfect Dark :sniper_aim:
:gun_noir: 7º: Thief: The Dark Project :sniper_aim:
:gun_noir: 8º: Hexen :sniper_aim:
:gun_noir: 9º: Star Wars: Dark Forces :sniper_aim:
:gun_noir: 10º: Shadow Warrior :sniper_aim:

:ask: Q&A :ask:
Q? Favorite Tokusatsu?
A! Kamen Rider, Metal Heroes and Garo

Q? Play 2HU? or other Danmaku?
A! :Chiaki_DGR: my favs are Ikaruga :Ikaruga: R-type, Dodonpachi and Raiden

Q? JoJo or Hokuto No Ken?

Q? Ass or Tits?
A! Both.

Q? Surströmming?
A! Yes :Ibuki_DGR:

Q? Play Yu Gi Oh?
A! Years ago, I used to play often, now I've stopped. but I still collect Magic The Gathering.

Q? Do you like Gundam?
A: Yes and no, overrated af.

Q? Which Fate servants is your favorite?
A! Raikou, Karna, King Hassan, Consort Yu, Scáthach, Kintoki, Sessyoin Kiara, Sigurd, Semiramis, Okita Alter, Napoléon, Tomoe Gozen.

Q? Have you read Berserk, Globlin Slayer, Gantz?
A! Yes, and I hate it. :)

Q? Favorite firearms?
A! SIG Sauer P226, Jericho 941, As Val, Kriss Vector, AK-12, IWI Tavor.
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Created by - ⚡ Hawk Kenzaki ⚡
[h1]Guia para os scrub lord que usa short blade, a arma mais easy (Ehh Maji Easy modo?) de usar do jogo intero. [/h1]

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