Serry   Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
She's a monster, a psycho. One clueless person would get under her prey, after that it is too late.
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Welcome to my profile
Add me if you want to. I don't really care who is in my friendlist yet. Just don't annoy me with invites to other games and don't spam me in the chat (there are some exceptions).

I am using prices for my items.

Birthday: 07.10

PSN-ID: SerryDartMan

Battletag: Serry#21813

Origin: SerryDartMan

Uplay: UncleSerry

Epic Games: SerryDartMan

Discord: Serry#3161

Hambirgurs Jul 9 @ 5:15pm 
people with anime profile pictures...

Serry Jul 7 @ 8:24am 
Another salty ♥♥♥♥♥♥ in my comments that I dont know lol
mwhaha schade serry alles ist vorbei, alles ist vorbei poor serry bye bye :steambored:
Mystes Jun 5 @ 11:17pm 
-rep +rep
MetroPaun May 21 @ 11:16am 
-rep toxic
Serry May 4 @ 5:00pm 
Hit a soft spot there