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Sorry for my CURRENT SLOW RESPONSE... I'm currently busy in real life, LOL. Cheers.

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My Trade URL is:

If you want to trade with me, please read my Trade Policy first. (See my "Items Up For Trade" section below).

:caller: means I'm on Mobile (& not on PC).
:sow_rotate: means my PC / laptop is Idling.
:zeds: means I'm asleep.

Friend Request(s) with private profiles / offensive names / offensive contents / VAC ban / SteamRep ban will always be declined (no matter how high your level is).

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:crownofpower: I love RPG / Dungeon-Crawler / Strategy / Simulation games

:Bullseye_arrow: I love hunting Achievements

:monu_camera: I upload Screenshots to my Activity Feed sometimes

:espresso: I am addicted to collecting Cards / Backgrounds / Emoticons, and crafting Badges

My Credentials

:bb_cup: Me on Indonesia: Steam Level Ladder [www.steamladder.com]

:goldenstarsmile: Me on SteamRep [steamrep.com]

My Hall of Shame

Click here [imgur.com]

If you've seen my Hall of Shame, now you know why I don't reply to comments / chat messages from people I don't really talk to... Now you also know why I give zero chance to dodgy Steam / Steamgifts users.

Please be Polite & Respectful at all times

:bpquest: Do not flood my chat windows.

:bpquest: Do not ask me to contact people on my Friends List for you.

:bpquest: Do not spam me with random Group Invites.
Items Up For Trade
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I will accept Fair 1:1 Trades in Total Worth (value-wise) only

:goldenstarsmile: My Trade URL is: :goldenstarsmile:

:delblock: Do not beg / ask me for free items.

:delblock: Do not rush me!

:coolcubelet: For my Cards, I will only accept your Cards (no BG's / Emoticons). You may, however, use Gems to make up for price differences.

:attention: I don't accept Foil Cards .

:attention: My Coupons and Game-Gifts are not for trade.

:coolcubelet: I don't mind Same-Set / Cross-Set (no extra $ charge).

I will, however, decline your same-set offer, if the value of your card is much lower than mine (I don't like it when people try to trade me 1:1 same-set to exploit price differences within a set).

:coolcubelet: If you break my sets, that's fine (again, no extra $ charge for you). I will only decline the trade if I plan to craft that set myself.

:attention: For my Backgrounds & Emoticons - I am a Collector - so I will only trade mine if I have Duplicates of them (Fair Total Worth rule still applies).
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I finally gave birth to a baby boy! :)
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can I have a birthday in dr or can I have a painting
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Have a nice, relaxing weekend!
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