Just-for-Fun Giveaways JFFgiveaways
Just-for-Fun Giveaways JFFgiveaways
May 8, 2017
ABOUT Just-for-Fun Giveaways

Just-for-Fun Giveaways 🎁 👑

Welcome to Just-for-Fun Giveaways, a Steam Community Group where members can enter and win the various giveaways created.

Group Rules:

Due to Steam's recent Privacy Change, please set your "Game Details" to = "Public" in the Settings page, before entering our giveaways. There is no exception to this rule.

  • Please be respectful to each other at all times. (Any kind of abuse, harassment, begging, spamming, and profanity will have zero tolerance).
  • NO PRIVATE PROFILES! (There is no exception to this rule - private profiles will be kicked).
  • NO ALT / MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS! (If you get caught, all your accounts will be kicked & permabanned).
  • Do not use this group for trading. (Buying or selling of any items, of any kind, is strictly prohibited).
  • Do not use this group for advertisements. (Advertising of any other groups and/or your personal interests is strictly prohibited).

Giveaways Rules:
  • Do not enter the giveaway if you already own the game.
  • Do not enter the giveaway if you have no intention of activating the key / gift you've won into your own account. (Any attempt to abuse the Refund Policy and/or to re-sell a key will result in a kick & permaban).
  • Any attempt to "hit & run" (i.e. intentionally joining the group for a short period of time for the purpose of gaining "temporary" eligibility to enter our Members-Only giveaways on Steamgifts, and then leaving the group after you've participated on Steamgifts) will result in a permaban / kick & blacklist.
  • If you leave the group while still enrolled in our giveaways, please make sure you click "REMOVE ENTRY" on Steamgifts first to avoid a blacklist.

Target Milestones:
  • 1,000 Members
  • 2,500 Members
  • 5,000 Members
  • 10,000 Members

Have a spare / unused key that you want to give out to others freely (and without the hassle of creating a Steamgifts giveaway)? Click Here.

Group Avatar created by 🐧ペンギン🐣 and courtesy of NICI[].

Our Steamgifts Page[]
Our Giveaway Thread
Announcement: Steamgifts and giveaways in general
Many SG participants probably know that when giveaways are created by us, we also announced them in our own Steamgifts thread to make them public for all.

In January we were contacted by a SG moderator who didn't like the way we were doing it.
The objection of the moderator is based on personal opinion, since nothing of written in the rules, let alone in the terms of use was to read.

Well... we thought about how to deal with it, but this topic is done for us. Not worth the hassle.

Future giveaways (members and staff)

Therefore giveaways will be announced in our giveaway thread as usual.
:crown1: If you haven't already, you can click on "Subscribe to Forum", so you won't miss a single notification, when our Admins post new Giveaway(s) in the group. :crown1:

Since we have members who create giveaways themselves, it would be great when they can announce their giveaways and link them in the Steamgifts thread to bump the SG thread up (as it has to be MEMBERS who bump them, not us Admins); as to keep the group page and information up to date. This, is of course, optional and up to each person.

As far as nothing fundamental changes, I guess in Steamgifts only the first posting in the JFF-Thread[] will be edited. QueenM will probably have something to say about this as well.
:crown1: Yes, I will still keep updating the "overhead" Original Post with our updated giveaways URL, whenever I can... But I will no longer be able to post "List updated" on the comment section of the thread (as to bump the thread up), as per the SG Moderator's (disagreement in) opinion. :crown1:

Some may also have noticed that there were no giveaways in the group lately (from QueenM and me). This has a simple reason. Reallife :P

However, we are still here and do our best for the group to publish freebies for our members.
:crown1: Yes, we (Admins) are doing this for FREE, for GOODWILL, so we'd truly appreciate it, if members can make our job as easy as possible (read below to understand what we mean). Thanks :crown1:

Leecher and SG behaviour
Please consider that we remove people with private profiles (should we find them during controls) from the group. This has to do with fairness to all others who participate. We mentioned it already in the past and it is clearly noted on the group page.

For this reason, 33 members spontaneously left us today.

Another point is related to Steamgifts again. Giveaways should also be accepted by that person when they have expired and someone has won.

There are some people who can't do it right away. Some may be on the road. That's ok not a bad thing. It's addressed those who do not want or "accidentally" activate keys on other accounts and thus cause trouble.

We have to chase after, often stay in front of closed comments sections, we have to write tickets and that's effort that isn't necessary. Again, there are sketchy rules in Steamgifts and immature website functionalities that don't make it any easier and creators are at a disadvantage because they have the work and have to explain themselves.

Would be great if those who participate in givewaways and win also make sure that they plan their schedules carefully. This saves frustration and work for all involved :excitedstarfish:


That's all for now. Thanks for understanding.

Have fun in future, good luck and a have a good time out there.

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