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New Profile Privacy Settings

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Raeyn 14 hours ago 
This is basically made for people who play too much in the eyes of others (IRL or good online relations for example) and/or spend too much money on games.

This way, your IRL Steam friends can't really cut you out on this, because they can't see.
But you can't really delete them either, because you know them IRL.

People will say "Sure you can, it's your Steam friend list". And yes, indeed.

But what when this person sees the other the next time? Doesn't even have to be a friend or family, just an acquaintance
More like "What the h... dude, why did you remove me on Steam? Am I not good enough to be on your freaking friend list?" etc etc.

Valve says it all [i[You no longer need to nervously laugh it off as a bug when your friends notice the 4,000+ hours you've put into Ricochet.[/i] hahaha:p
Eagleizer 16 hours ago 
Virtually impossible to spot cheaters now.. :(
mihaiedrisch Apr 24 @ 7:40pm 
@Crashed fresh eyes on my post are always great. :rbiggrin:
Crashed Apr 24 @ 4:32am 
That was already mentioned 2 pages ago.
gomlzilla Apr 24 @ 4:26am 
I think you guys should notify your users more by doing what this guy suggested in this reddit post:
My1 Apr 23 @ 11:35pm 
@scarface blocking achievements with time makes sense though, as they can certainly give insight on how much was played.
Erza Scarlet Titania Apr 23 @ 3:35pm 
completely agree with Scarface , really poorly executed

i would love an profile update where you get the option to select the same showcase multiple times , and maybe have screenshot showcases on the background too so you could have a beautiful photot collage

or maybe to have a 3D Avatar showcase where you can have an avatar doing something (doesnt have to be much , maybe there could be options for Playing games , sleeping , etc ( as a replacement for Statuses which dont do much anything) and also so you can show others how you look like without uploading a selfie as an artwork)

steam in general is totally outdated , if servers are slow the community tab as a whole can freeze and you can only access other things until you completely end the steam process
long infoboxes crash the Profile tab all the time unless you edit it in chrome

Scarface Apr 23 @ 2:56pm 
I have tested this feature with a friend and it seems terrible. Basically you have the option to make all your info private or "friends only". No midterm there. If private, it is almost as making your profile private, if "friends only", no change from before. Can't control game library, individual game stats, wishlist, gametime and achievements as separate settings and cannot make exceptions on each case (like hide to all but a few friends or a community, or maybe only show game time on reviewed games).

If content is set to "friends only" but hide gametime is checked, it also seems to block the compare achievements feature, which should be a separate setting.

A very good idea but so poorly executed by Valve that it is completely useless.
НАРУТА УЗУМАКЕ Apr 23 @ 7:06am 
FMCS-BOSS-ICEMAN Apr 23 @ 5:37am 
Though game hours shouldnt really be a choice to hide, this is a common knowledge that new accounts pulling off some suspect things in games are 70% likely to be using hacks unless they have some seasoned hrs in game, thus valve has thrown the veil over hackers by adding this option and making it harder to identify and report them, again valve, not a wise move there either at all, for a company that acts as a hub for a large amount of games they need to attend matters of privacy, other players profile availability in games and most importantly respect and attention to issues like this when the customer/player/users of their application:- steam, voice critical and resonable changes when they need to be made/corrected asap. Feedback this is not, recommendation, it is.