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Jacoby Shaddix   Goteborg, Vastra Gotaland, Sweden
And so, the Ghost of Sparta entered his home, the wind roaring outside. He knew what had to be done. He remembered years of pain, bloodlust and fury. He remembered his past, and all the horrible things he had done.
Kratos opened the cellar door, and gently grabbed a red cloth, pulling it out of a small compartment under the floor.
He took a moment to look at it it. The memories came rushing back.
Cries for help, screams and roars.
With his hands shaking, the pale Spartan removed the cloth.

And there they were.

His companions through his years as a soldier of Ares.

The Chain Swords.

The Blades of Chaos.

"For Atreus", he thought, and began to entangle the chains in his arms.

Echoes of an Old Life
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I can take new players.
I don't get too annoyed at them, in most games.
Left 4 Dead, however, is one game where I HATE newbies.
It's not because I'm some elitist who thinks I'm hot shit, it's not because they insulted my mother.
It's because, in a team

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Не удивляюсь что у тебя вак, кусок ты хуйни)
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По рандому. Так что nothing personal, mate.
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