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Amazingly great game but developer's means of alerting the player to wrongdoing leaves something to be desired.

If you're the type of person who likes to play around in Single-player mode with cheats, do not do it in this game. I decided to play Single-player mode to just chill and relax, do what I want to do without being destroyed by pirates.

Apparently, this is against the rules and, worse yet, FDev's means of contacting players is woefully inadequate. They file a support ticket on a tertiary support site that no-one would think of going to unless they were having a problem and they send an e-mail, of which is thrown in the junk folder.

So, I cheat in single-player, getting these not-so-obvious alerts that I was doing something wrong until one day, I can't log into the game at all. I do some googling, find out about their tech support site and see that I have one warning where I'm banned to single player with something called the Back Ground Simulation disabled (not that I noticed since I was playing Single-player already and I don't exactly know what that BGS thing is) and then a full ban from the entire game, even single-player mode.

So, I lose $80 by being permanently full banned for cheating in Single-player mode. I contact them via ticket, explain what happened and they even admit that their means of contacting players is a problem. I ask them if I wiped my profile and promised not to cheat, now that I knew that it was against the rules to do so in Single-player, could I be unbanned and given one last chance, to which they said they wouldn't do that.

So, they know there's an issue with the way players are alerted to actions on their account and still won't give people a final chance. That's pretty damned dubious in my opinion, especially when they even take single player away.

Loved the game, hate the developer interaction with the customer.
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Garavel Usta Jan 25 @ 3:21am 
hey, can you please update the download link in your Project Hospital workshop, the prefabs? i think the google drive link is dead.
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Canuck Sep 21, 2022 @ 11:05am 
As far as smurfs and the toxicity crowd in RL. Just block them... you will never see them in a match again. Very little people know this but then again its RL community were talking about here. But it works !
Major Spliff Jan 27, 2022 @ 6:39pm 
Bellend :steamfacepalm: