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+ I'm a Girl Gamer
+ Call me Jinxie or Jinx if Jinxphyre's too much (or give me a
       nickname of your own, I don't mind) X3
+ I'm a homoromantic Ace ^w^
+ I love RPs, the richer and more in-depth the story, the better, but I also
       don't like to RP in such a fashion that I have no actual choice in what
       I'm doing! I do not ERP anymore.
+ I love music! Share some with me if you wish!
+ I'm a Phlegmatic [temperaments.fighunter.com] INFP [www.16personalities.com]
+ If you have a problem with any of my profile pics, please talk to me first
+ I give extra game copies away, so be sure to add games you want to your wishlist!
+ Thanks for reading that all! ^_^
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    Online: I am online, Invite me to things, talk to me... Whatever you wish,
    I'll most likely respond and be happy to oblige ^_^ (If I'm logged in through
    my phone, I will gladly chat with everyone!)

    Away: Possibly just the system automatically setting my status to this.
    Though, it usually means that I am doing something where I can't speak
    right away, don't be upset if I don't answer you when this is what is set!

    Busy: If I took the time to set this option, it usually means something is
    awry or I'm just busy, busy means no response, but when I return to a
    state where I can respond, I will happily respond to you.

    Looking to _____: I don't recall a single time I've ever used these, if you
    see this as my current status, send me an email (jeepsderp@gmail.com)
    or if you have me on Discord, tell me there. May be someone hacked me,
    or I just was messing around and forgot to change it.

                           NOW THAT WE'RE FRIENDS
    - Please don't send me game invites when I launch single player games...
    No matter how close of friends we may be, I want a bit of time to myself,
    and I have a lot of games to catch up on.

    - If I haven't messaged you in a couple weeks, I apologize, but I promise,
    it doesn't mean I don't want to talk to you or have forgotten you (though
    honestly, sometimes I do forget). If you really wanna chat, just send me a

    - I MAY MESSAGE YOU RANDOMELY , mostly to keep you as a friend.

    - I never remove friends...

    - I'm friendly with everyone, but if you do ask about giving games or inventory
    items a lot, or ask to trade the same item 100 times, I may block
    communication for a while!

    - I don't mean to be rude or discouraging in any fashion.

    - Please no ERPs, I don't really enjoy ERPs, but I do really like story-rich RPs!

    - I may gift games to close friends or to anyone if it's on their wishlist!

    - I WILL NOT trade or give any games, they're all mine >.<

    - I WILL NOT click on strange links!

    - I WILL purchase games personally recommended to me!

                      MORE ABOUT ME PERSONALLY

So more about me... I guess I can fill this section with just information about my personality and all that good stuff for anyone who's interested... I need to think of a nice way to organize it all though X3

So as one of my steam followers you can call me Jinxphyre, Jinxie, Jinx, or Bunbun... Those are what I respond to the most! I really enjoy stories, and unique characters, as well as being absolved in fantasy worlds, so if you want to RP, I will RP (I won't ERP)

I am a proud member of several many fandoms, all of which I will not list, but just bring up any of your favorite shows, or followings with me, and I will definitely chat to the extent that I can manage.
My goal is to make new friends, I'm not necessarily looking for potential dating prospects... If that's what you're adding me for, I do enjoy being talked up... But it won't always lead to relationships.
Also I'm 25 years old (Forever 25)

If you're reading this far, it means you're super dedicated, and you really want to know more about me, if there's something you want to know about me that's not here, just message me, I am the walking definition of open-book...

Let's get more personal now!
My real name is Jinx! I respond to other names I consider just as personal as Jinx.
I am ace, and I'm all about being cutesy and sweet (and submissive >.>)... I don't ever mean to upset you, and I really like talking through any problems I have with others!
If I offend you in anyway, I am sincerely and indescribably sorry... I hope we can talk it through
I love all the people I talk with, even if sometimes I can't find anything to say back, or I forget to message them back! If any of you are down this far, thank you SO MUCH for putting up with me and my scatterbrain ♥ ♥ ♥
I really enjoy giving away games, be sure to add games you want to your wishlist, and just try to keep talking with me when you can, this'll get you more likely to get free games from me X3
Music is the greatest thing this world has in my opinion, next to family! If you have any music you're enjoying so much you have to share it, please send it to me!
When I grow up (even more) I want to program video games and become a better artist!
I love all cute things, and things that are both cute and sexy are some of my favorite things!
I don't really care for multiplayer games unless they're heavy in the story department, but I do enjoy chatting with friends, and in some cases that may be in a multiplayer game ^_^
My favorite pony is Derpy Hooves (Ditzy Doo, Muffins, Bubbles), in case you were wondering!
I have too many favorite artists to name!
I have 4 siblings, all male!

I'll add more to that list as I get asked the same question(s) more regularly.

Some of my favorite games include:
Hyperdimension Neptunia
Fallout 3
Elder Scrolls Morrowind
Half-Life (The first one)
Darkwood (Seriously, go support this game if you can!)
Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy IX
Final Fantasy X-2
Final Fantasy XIV
This War of Mine
Dust: An Elysian Tale
Don't Starve [Together]
Dawn of War
Planetary Annihilation
The Long Dark
Resident Evil
Chroma Squad
Far Cry
Cry of Fear

                                  My PC Build:
Case: Gamdias Talos P1 (Black) - Custom Co. Plating
Motherboard: Asus ROG STRIX B550-F Gaming
CPU: AMD Ryzen9 3900X - Manual OC
GPU: MSI NVIDIA RTX 3070 Gaming Z Trio 8GB - Manual OC
RAM: T-Force Xtreem 3600MHz 64GB (2x 32GB ARGB 18-22-22-42)
PSU: ROG THOR 1200W ARGB (80+ Platinum) - For Upgrades
Case Fans: 3x120MM Intake Thermaltake Riing Yellow; 1x120mm Exhaust Thermaltake Riing Yellow & 2 140mm Exhaust Thermaltake Riing Yellow
Cooling: Enermax 360 - LiqMax III AIO Liquid Cooler (CPU)
Keyboard: Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Low Profile w/ MX Cherry Switches
Mouse: Razer Mamba Elite 16,000 DPI
Display: Samsung UN43RU7200FX
Paste: Noctua NT-H2 - Pro-Grade Thermal Compound (CPU & GPU Mounting)
Audio: Logitech Z906 THX 5.1 Surround 1000W & JBL Quantum 600: Quantum 3D 7.1 surround Sound
Wifi: ASUS PCE-AX58BT Wi-Fi 6
Bluetooth: ASUS USBBT-500 5.0
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