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I DO NOT Middleman ANYMORE :)
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The Token Puerto Rican: Wuvs is talking to me
The Token Puerto Rican: She's getting grumpy about the dude attacking me
The Token Puerto Rican: I'm scared

The Token Puerto Rican: Going to rename my Drodo
The Token Puerto Rican: To "Empathy's Girlfriend"
The Token Puerto Rican: Then will be forever happy
Jerry™[ dota2traders.com ]: :O
Jerry™[ dota2traders.com ]: that is like the saddest thing I have heard in my whole life

9:50 PM - wuvs [ dota2traders.com ]: but boys are incompetant
9:50 PM - wuvs [ dota2traders.com ]: with this ♥♥♥♥
9:51 PM - Jerry™[ dota2traders.com ]: Oh really?
9:51 PM - Jerry™[ dota2traders.com ]: Get lost will ya
9:51 PM - wuvs [ dota2traders.com ]: LOL
9:51 PM - wuvs [ dota2traders.com ]: boys are for lifting
9:51 PM - wuvs [ dota2traders.com ]: girls are for organizing
9:51 PM - wuvs [ dota2traders.com ]: you know its true!

6:54 PM - Hoh [ dota2traders.com ]: Please tell me when you are here, I need you
6:54 PM - Hoh [ dota2traders.com ]: Badly :)
6:55 PM - Jerry™[ dota2traders.com ]: That sounds very wrong but ok
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just a comment in 2018...
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wtf with the comments
Markus Nov 28, 2016 @ 8:29am 
I need u :D
lets trade
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+rep On RL exchange, no funny business.
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+1 went first on rl trade
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+rep very good trader, 100% I recommend