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Prodeus Review
Version 3.0

☑ Hands couldn't stay away from the mouse & keyboard
☐ Average
☐ Underwhelming

☑ Fantastic sounds and/ or tracks
☐ Impressive
☐ Average
☐ Better to just put on music.

PC Required
☑ A potato will suffice!
☐ Entry Level Gaming PC
☐ Mid to High level Gaming PC

☑ Barely explained/ Minimal. (No one plays boomer shooters for the story)
☐ Predictable
☐ Better than I expected
☐ Sucks you into the lore

☐ Game Journalist friendly
☐ A fair challenge/ average for the genre
☑ Difficult (Play on Hard difficulty or above for a real challenge!)
☐ Book anger therapy in advance

☐ One and done
☑ Justifies a replay for any missing secrets
☐ Multiple playthroughs will not burn you out!

Appropriate Pricing
☐ N/A
☐ Worth the full price!
☑ Wait for a sale (sometimes goes on sale for 20% off. There is a lot of content here but charging above 20USD feels like too much for an Old school shooter imo)
☐ Don't waste your hard earned cash!

☐ Very polished! (Little to no bugs encountered)
☑ Minor bugs (Only bug I encountered was the flying suicider enemies getting stuck in the terrain when they were flying towards me, if anything it helped!)
☐ Bugs hinder immersion and overall enjoyment
☐ Ultimately a broken experience

Overall Rating: 8/10
One of the BEST old school shooters I've ever played. I can easily compare it with titles such as Doom (Classic), Duke Nukem, Dusk and Ion Fury. The gunplay is easy to learn but hard to master. With many different firing modes (Such as a Zoom scope, sticky bombs, quad shotgun shot, remote detonation rockets and Akimbo SMGs) The guns themselves feel very powerful and blasting visible chunks off of the 2D (or 3D) bloody demon sprites will NEVER get old.
It's also worth mentioning that you can play the entire campaign with online coop!
The game is not perfect however, and has some weird gameplay mechanic choices that you wouldn't expect from an old school - style shooter. Read on for the Pros and Cons:

  • Gun variety is just breathtaking, you will have access to various shotguns, rifles, pistols, energy rifles, rocket launchers and even weapons that use chaotic energy as ammunition. (So metal!)
  • Soundtrack is by the man the myth the legend himself, Andrew Hulshult. Same composer for the Ancient gods, DUSK, AMID EVIL and Quake Champions! The tracks are so kickass during combat and really help to boost your drive and sheer will to survive during tense combat situations! Even the ambient themes give off dark industrial or demonic vibes.
  • The squishing, whirring and blasting SFX create such a magnificent gory soundscape to accompany the raw power of your guns. The Gibs and blood effects are probably the BEST I have seen in a boomer Shooter thus far!
  • Boss encounters are tough as nails and the overall enemy variety maay be a bit lacking, but what it does have are tough enemies that REALLY shake up the combat encounters. Towards the middle of the game you will encounter very tough “Prodeus units” that have more health, move faster, shoot faster projectiles and some of them will even shoot HOMING projectiles.
  • Most secrets are hidden well and dont require crazy puzzle solving to find. Almost all the secrets in the game can be discovered by finding a hidden switch, blowing up a wall, looking under stairs, under a lift, on top of a platform or often just by locating and then shooting a hidden white cross that unlocks a locked door. The hardest thing you will have to do here is become proficient with movement. (Using dash along with double jump to reach high up places)
  • There are 32 levels. The game does seem to drag on a bit towards the end but there are some amazing levels during the game. My favourites were Memoriam, Meltdown, Marksman, Atonement, Descent, Space station, Frost, Gate to Chaos and all of the Weapon Trial levels.
    The best levels in my opinion have wide open spaces and enough cover to reload all your guns.
  • The Shop area lets you buy new weapons, abilities and even ammo for your weapons. You obtain the currency for this shop by finding “Ore” throughout the levels of the game. You can them come to the shop and spend it on amazing upgrades and unique guns to make the later parts of the game slightly easier. (Only slightly)
  • Loads of options for graphics, controls, sound and HUD. I was impressed at how many settings there are!
  • All the achievements in this game are pretty straightforward, the only achievements that will require you to grind are the 100% all levels and kill 10,000 enemies. These shouldn't have been added in my opinion as there is no reward for finding all secrets apart from the mentioned achievement. The Devs really should have added gun skins or even a few Gameplay modifiers for dedicated players!
  • The game has a reloading animation for every single gun and there are a LOT of guns in this game. So during many combat encounters. Often you will keep switching to different guns until you have to start the slow slog of reloading everything. Im not quite sure why they added reloading into a boomer shooter because it doesnt do anything positive for the game in my view. It only serves to slow down the combat and punish players for using a gun that they enjoy.
  • The checkpoint system is complete and utter garbage. You could kill all enemies in a room except one or two and then respawn at the nearest checkpoint only to find that all the enemies that you just killed did NOT respawn with you. This completely takes away player satisfaction as you can just keep dying and suffer no penalty for death. The only real penalty for death in this game is less points in the end screen. I want to beat a combat encounter from start to finish! Let me learn the hard way, I want the challenge dammit!
  • Once you obtain certain guns in the campaign, it renders other guns almost useless, the default shotgun, pistol and even the chaingun will barely be used once you obtain better versions of them during the story or purchased in the shop. While this isnt a huge issue as there are many, many guns. I feel like upgrading the base guns would have increased their popularity a bit. This is no criticism of the guns themselves however, as every gun serves a purpose…some just serve it much better than others!
  • The Slayer, Harbinger and Phantom Enemy types all have homing projectile attacks. There is nothing wrong with this apart from the few encounters where the game spawns more than one of these enemies at a time. It is fine to dodge one volley of projectiles, but two or three at the same time is pure madness. It serves to divert your concentration away from shooting and more towards spamming dash to dodge the onslaught. Enemies will NOT become less accurate while you are moving so sometimes it feels like dodging the projectiles has very little effect!
  • No Doom, quake or Duke Nukem homage/Easter egg? Disappointing. Not a big deal but it'd have been nice to see a reference to, well, something!
  • The story is uh, it's um. To be honest I have barely any idea what the story is. The game does try to explain the lore with “logs” that can be found during levels, but It simply wasn't enough meat to entice me. I was always more interested in mowing down enemies in increasingly epic environments and situations in scale.
    (Old school shooters traditionally don't have well fleshed out stories so this isn't a big deal.)
  • Generic achievements
  • Flying Suicide enemies have to be my personal least favourite enemy type in the "Boomer-Shooter" Genre. Combat encounters that spawn in 4+ of the b*stards to rush at the player suck. In my opinion, it really doesn't challenge the player in any meaningful way.

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