[CZ] Colonel Clanny
Formally known as Clanof20   Most, Ustecky Kraj, Czech Republic
Rest in Peace - Wolf / Colonel Lykaios Anderson, we won't forget you.

Half Life 2: Rebel's Life - Project Lead

:Colonel_sw: :Colonel_sw: :Colonel_sw: Ex-Community Manager Mannco.store [mannco.store]:Colonel_sw: :Colonel_sw: :Colonel_sw:
:Colonel_sw: :Colonel_sw: :Colonel_sw: Ex-Moderator of Mannco.trade [mannco.trade]:Colonel_sw: :Colonel_sw: :Colonel_sw:
Official Account of Steamworks Developer [CZ] Colonel Clanny

Retired Modeller/Mapper - Don't bug me with your free wishes.

Things I occasionaly do

- 3D Modelling (Head-Hacking, Editing SMD's and blahblah)
- Level Design (HL1 Themed Black Mesa / Underground Maps / YadiYadiYa)
- Acceptable Texturing (Title says it)
- Top Quality Scripts which never work
- Faking Fallout Shelter Cards of custom Gmod Characters of mine
- Model Ports from Source -> Gold Source
- Rigging in Gold Source
Currently In-Game
Garry's Mod
Do not add without commenting, else = www.youareblocked.cz


To many experience have been made with backstabbers, and I have enough of that, If someone who got removed wants to be accepted in my Friendlist the add-rules below come in, commenting why I should accept you, otherwise it will be denied at all.

For Newcomers:


- VAC-Banned/Trade-Banned = Perma Block
- Bot Account = Perma Block
- Double Account to annoy me even more = Perma Block
- Random add = Perma Block
- Random invite to group = Perma Block + Ignore
- No Comment before adding = Perma Block
- Steam Level below 15 = Perma Block
- Private profile = Perma block.
- Be like 'Iam a Server Owner' = Perma Block
- Disrespectful towards my friends or me = Perma Block
- Attempting to involve me within any community = Perma Block
- Hate Pizza = Perma Block³

In short: Be a normal dude with a white vest and you may get accepted.

- Have a request for a addon? Great! Make it yourself, learn it, and don't bother me with your ideas

- This is my Profile, so I can do whatever I want, and block whoever I want, if you annoy me to much, you're on the first list of my Blocklist, and that is ten times so big than my friendlist

- As SligWolf says, if I don't like one of your comments (No matter if on my profile or on my workshop items) I will just delete it if I shouldn't like it, once you go to far, count with a perma block (Same also counts for spamming anything by writing every word by word in my comments)

- I'm not a teacher, so don't bother me nor waste my time by asking me

- My addons remain my addons, permissions to overwrite something or to edit and re-upload my models will never be given, if this case should occur, I will fill out an DMCA without no problems from my side

Drop List (MvM)

Eyelander: :Colonel_sw: :Colonel_sw:
Wrench: :Colonel_sw: :Colonel_sw:
Scattergun: :Colonel_sw: :Colonel_sw: :Colonel_sw:
Rocket Launcher: :Colonel_sw: :Colonel_sw:
Sniper Rifle: :Colonel_sw: :Colonel_sw: :Colonel_sw:
Knife: :Colonel_sw: :Colonel_sw: :Colonel_sw:
Flame Thrower: :Colonel_sw: :Colonel_sw: :Colonel_sw:
Minigun: :Colonel_sw: :Colonel_sw: :Colonel_sw:
Grenade Launcher: :Colonel_sw: :Colonel_sw:
Stickybomb Launcher: :Colonel_sw: :Colonel_sw:
Black Box: :Colonel_sw: :Colonel_sw: :Colonel_sw:
Tomislav: :Colonel_sw:
Frontier Justice: :Colonel_sw: :Colonel_sw: :Colonel_sw:
Ambassador: :Colonel_sw: :Colonel_sw: :Colonel_sw:
Blutsauger: :Colonel_sw:
Axtinguisher: :Colonel_sw: :Colonel_sw: :Colonel_sw: :Colonel_sw: :Colonel_sw:
SMG: :Colonel_sw: :Colonel_sw: :Colonel_sw:
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Backpack's "Duplicated" sign for specific items is worth to me exactly 0 scrap = Do not send me offers including shitty dupes.

DO NOT add me for trades, I ain't looking to horde my friendlist up with strangers I'm dealing with ONCE - Your Add will be ignored since you do not have to add me in order to trade EVEN if your offer has been sent, you can remain patient, everybody does, so no need to ring the bell with an unnessasary add - This happend so much in the recent time - So just wait those three minutes, I ain't no bot 24/7 available!

Once a trade has been completed, I will not grant refunds in any way if you decide to not like the item(s) all over sudden, realizing too late that you've offered more what an item(s) is worth and requesting the chargeback of that certain amount will also be declined, you gotta watch what you offer what for.

I'm not willing to 'talk' about prices, the prices on backpack.tf have been listed and that's it from my side, invites with the comment stating 'Wanna talk about your price for (Insert Item Name Here)' will be declined and that'll be all about it from my side, stick to the listed price and offer the correct amount.
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H3VR is as far, one of the best weapon simulators on this very store available to buy, whether you just got your headset and want to get used to the controls or you're just looking in general for a great game only playable in Virtual Reality, this is my recommendation.

It features alot of real-life weapons, and my most favorite, the Phyton (Revolver), the reloading mechanism is more than realistic made, which I just love the absolute most.

At the very beginning, I started with not-knowing how to actually eject the magazine from a heavy caliber (Rifles, Submachine, Assault), and I have even struggled on how to get the cylinder of the revolver out, but, dedication makes the medication, figured it all out and ever since, just my goto when releasing stress on sausages, gunning them down like there's no tomorrow.

Another feature (As you could've guessed) is the Meat Fortress 2, which essentially recreates the Team Fortress 2 characters in H3VR, the spy can cloak (Visible to your eye though), scout is faster than other classes, the sniper is still a jerk and the soldier is still that rocketboy we all know, and as for my own favorite, the medic with his syringe gun and the heavy with his minigun (Mind you, once killed, you can pick up their weapons and use them yourself on your enemies).

The other side of the maps for Meat Fortress 2 even give you the possibility of having the high ground over your enemies, teleport yourself on the roof (Or jump up) and be a sniper, really helps as well, to use two-handed weapons with accurancy, as a two-handed weapon which is handled with one weapon is just impossible to hit unless you are actually infront of the enemy.

The re-created Team Fortress 2 weapons in H3VR also improve the gameplay in Meat Fortress massively, as you can have multiple classes-weapons without limitations, use different styles of killing your enemies, as you can essentially have two rocket launchers or mediguns and use two.

Within that out of the way, there are also other gamemodes, such as Take & Hold, which (If you capture a point), spawns some enemies here and there, you as the player of course have to look out that they ain't kill you, use prepared barricades to find cover and kill those bad boys.

The shooting range(s) are an amazing way as well, to use different weapons in different styles, learn how they work, learn their spread and their accurancy, get to handle new weapons you have never used before.

Updates are also constantly produced, the devblogs are always informative to watch, to know what has been added and what has been improved, and I massively appreciate the time and affort the developer puts into this game.

Whether you are a casual player or have just like an hour to do something, this game is something for everyone (Besides those who don't like weapons) as it does have alot of stuff included which can keep you busy for a many hours in a row.

Good job from my side! Keep up the amazing work!
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