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I love EVE. I love the concept, the idea, the look. I have been playing off and on for last 5 years. What I dont like is that this point in its life there is NOTHING but griefers.

People will do nothing in the game but find someone else to blow up for the hell of it. It doesnt even have to be for self gain. They will blow up the smallest ship with no cargo just to get the kill on Zkillboard. CCP has evidently wanted it this way, the unbalanced attacks in favor of the attacker with nothing the victim can do. You will get your ship webified or warp locked to you cant move and a group of griefers will come and demand money for your release and then blow you up anyways. CCP actually approves of this behavior stating there are no rules. Which fine, but it has to be even. You can only use a warp core stabilizer and its not a guaranteed fix even if you have 2 or 3 of them equipped on a ship. You cant leave high sec or I guarantee you will come across someone will mess with you just to mess with you. If you want to be a miner, forget about leaving highsec because you will be found, you will be blown up and there is nothing you can do about it.

Corps are dead, there are a handful with enough members to get a fleet together but even then the players are so toxic you find yourself wondering why you are in this corp to begin with.

The community is totally against new players, they can say what they want but 95% or more of new players are gone within a week. This game is dying quickly and CCP and the vet players dont see it. Its a shame.
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Simple to play, TONS of cards to collect, many modes to explore. Custom decks and even design your own cards. Perfect for any Dragon Ball fan.

Already had two free updates with added cards.

Only con I can say is that the multiplayer is very much an after thought, it needs a rework because games rarely last outside round 2, most powerful cards wins regardless of skill.

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