María Flores - AKA: The bunniest bun on steam
I'm super nerdy and annoying but who isn't in the internet nowdays? ha ha :PinkSkull:
Send me a Trade offer :inqsbunny: :fod2PB: ... or ... Check my game wishlist! :8bitheart:
Just your average support main :meadowrabbit::Speech_Love:

About me:
Birthday: March 27
Height: 5.1 ft (1.57 m)
Weight: 108 pounds (49 Kg)
Shoes: 5 US / 3 UK (No idea of why everybody ask me for that ha ha)

🐰 My favorite games are: Hollow Knight, Dark Souls, Mother 3, Team Fortress 2, Portal 2, Deltarune and The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker.

🐰 My favorite movies are: Scott Pilgrim vs the World, Back to the future, 2001 A space odyssey, ALIEN, The day the Earth stood still (1951), Terminator 1 and The Evil Dead trilogy.

🐰 Favorite colors: Pink, Black, Blue and Purple

🐰 Favorite food: Lasagna, Fettuccine, Pizza, Shrimp and Lobster.

🐰 What do I love? I love sweet things, candies and compliments. I love ice cream, specially Strawberry, Vanilla and Caramel! I love Pies too, like Apple Pie and Cream Pie [i.imgur.com]

🐰 My favorite candies are: Kit Kat, Reese's, Butter Finger, Hershey Cookies and cream and Milky way.
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These aren't my most expensive items, but are items that I will never trade because LOVE them so much!!!!! So yeah, not for sale ha ha

Send me a Trade offer :8bitheart: :inqsbunny: :fod2PB:

:8bitheart: Game Wishlist:

:inqsbunny: TF2 item Wishlist:
-Combustible Cutie
-Strange Frying Pan (or the Strange Bacon Grease)
-Australium Axtinguisher
-Australium Medi Gun
-Unusual Shotgun (or an Unusual War Paint)
-Collector's Short Circuit
-Mann vs Machine parts so I can finish up crafting my killstreaks ha ha

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and I'm on the bus
Cute horny bunny boi Sep 15 @ 2:33pm 
thaaaanks~ <3
Cute horny bunny boi Sep 15 @ 2:31pm 
cute profile pic
MADHEM Sep 15 @ 1:51pm 
That’s what they’re for
Bunnylicious Sep 14 @ 9:20pm 
I have the public buss for that
sleepy Sep 14 @ 9:12pm 
careful you might get ur butt touched