Jump Academy TF2 Jumping
Jump Academy TF2 Jumping
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2014년 1월 22일
Jump Academy 정보

For Jumpers, by Jumpers.

Jump Academy is a community of jumpers from all around the world who share the same passion for jumping in Team Fortress 2.

We provide servers, tools, maps, but above all help to jump. Each member of this academy has the ability to be taught by another member, but also to be a teacher themselves.


Issue Tracker[]
Map Downloads[]
Community FastDL[]


Dedicated Academy Map Servers

Server Name
IP Address
Sponsor Partner | Dedicated Server
 (US East 1) (US East 2) (US Central) (US West 1) (US West 2) (EU 1) (EU 2) (Asia) (KOR) | Dedicated Classic + MGA (US East) (US Central) (US West) (EU) (Asia) (AU)


Rotation Servers

Server Name
IP Address
Sponsor Partner | Easy+Medum Soldier (US East) (US Central) (US West) (EU 1) (EU 2) (Asia)

AsiaFortress | Easy+Medium Demoman (US East) (US West) (EU) (Asia)

AF | Lounge (US East) (US central) (US West) (EU) (Asia)

PvP Servers

Server Name
IP Address
Sponsor Partner | Custom Hightower TDM (US East) (US Central) (US West) (EU) (Asia)


(To connect to one of our servers, open the Developer Console in TF2 and type "connect ipoftheserver" in the command box)

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Map Downloads[]
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최근 공지
[PSA] Google Pixel default screenshot editor exploit (affecting unprocessed images uploaded onto Discord)
[Map Update] Jump_academy2_rc9 Changelog
Spawn Changes
Added a Credit Board to thank everyone who contributed to JA2 in some way.
A magical gold hoard has appeared in spawn. (It appears that some gold has been stolen and hidden around spawn, maybe finding and returning all the stolen gold will earn you a reward.)
Added a capture name to the 691 ctap capture area (was previously fixed with stripper).
Disabled decals on the Zero to Hero TV in spawn.
Disabled projectiles and decals on the ctap guide board.
Fixed the lighting in the hottub.
Fixed one of the songs on the jukebox being corrupted.
Fixed the birbs not working as intended (was previously fixed with stripper).
- Something might happen if you scare all the birbs once.
Fixed the red fog from hell persisting after leaving.
Fixed the waterfall noise and the bird sounds following players outside of spawn.
Made the jukebox room a little more dank.
Made the jukebox music louder.
Made the jukebox automatically play new songs when the previous song finished.
Made TicTacToe melee only.
Revamped Hell with a bigger and better(worse?) version.

Course Changes
Added a decal to inform players what to do on basic last.
Adjusted the catapult trigger on easy strafe 10.
Changed Easy Pogo 8 and 12 to be anti-bounce.
Added a memorial to the end of Easy Pogo for RNC.
Added a decal to the top of easy sync 2 to let people know it’s not a bug.
Reverted the easy sync 4 glass skip for the first glass wall.
Modified the lighting on Medium Walls.
Made the middle of Medium Pogo 4 ceiling bounce-able.
Removed the glow/bloom sprite from Medium Sync 8.
Added a memorial to the end of Medium Bounce for RNC.
Removed collisions from the roof beams at the start of Medium Speedshot.
Fixed numbers on Medium Speedshot being too far apart.
Fixed Out-of-Bounds hole on Hard Walls ¾.
Fixed Out-of-Bounds hole on Hard Pogo 10.
Increased the size of the regen trigger on Hard Mixed 1 without making it a wall pogo simulator.
Made the edgebug on Hard Mixed 4 automatic.

Re-added the previously removed point_spotlights (godrays)
Added pirate translations to the map briefing.
Added more voice lines to “Sentry Ahead!” and “Activate Charge!”.
Removed the sound of Engie buildings exploding.
Optimised a bunch of prop_dynamic to use less resources.

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Gentle Puppet 2023년 2월 22일 오전 8시 25분 
@idiot jump_academy_classic_b currently.
It is the dedicated classic server list above.
IHateTheMiddleClass 2023년 2월 22일 오전 7시 11분 
jump acad 1
Idiot with one brain cell 2023년 2월 22일 오전 5시 04분 
what is the name of map with abc course?
Gentle Puppet 2023년 1월 26일 오전 9시 34분 

Unfortunately, server hosting in Brazil has been both unreliable and prohibitively expensive. Our previous attempt ended up with a disproportionate amount of our total funding going to the Brazil server, which had been both financially straining and unsustainable.
Bichito de luz 2023년 1월 25일 오후 11시 32분 
Please create south american server
9qoon 2023년 1월 25일 오후 3시 09분 
ugh can anyone get me to the white vpn list
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