Jordan   Cumbria, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Community manager for Jump Academy

Starkie overrated, Boshy outdated, Long have we awaited, JumpBot Activated.

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This trade link

For Jump Academy related business please contact me via

This man is like a brother to me. I owe him everything

I like Ducks, simple as that.

Achievement Get: "Big Pimpin'"

About Jump Academy

My role is: Community manager
This means you can approach me for any matters related to server issues, staff issues or if you happen to have any questions.

I also deal with donations for JA, if there's ever an issue with those please bring it to my attention.

Please do not add me for matters unrelated to JA or the jump community.

To learn rocket jumping, please find a teacher on the jump servers. I will not accept requests to teach.

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Jump Academy - Public Group
For Jumpers, by Jumpers.
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White and yellow gem macaw enthusiast/collector
Owner of the whitest macaw masked warpaint/applied skin in existence

High tier #2 collector

Molten mallard is love.

Leave any offers in my comments or trade offers where possible.

Mechanic by trade, moron by profession.

You be nice to me, I'll be nice in return.

Some facts about life!
Best Fruit: Grapes
Best Animal: Ducks
Best Drink: Tea
Best Biscuit: Digestive
Soldier takes skill dammit!
Traps are not gay
I'm British, yes I drink tea, eat biscuits and complain about the weather it's what we do, get over it...
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A modest collection of some of the rarest macaw masked skin patterns in the game, exceptionally rare and unique, it's unlikely you'll ever see others like these any time soon.

Not really for sale but feel free to offer if your wallet is feeling a little too heavy.
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Hiya i sent friend request, was curious after you send the money for donator status, how long usually till it gets accepted?
Mae Feb 15 @ 3:14pm 
Mae Feb 12 @ 12:01pm