Knights of Gaia =.KoG.=
Knights of Gaia =.KoG.=
September 23, 2017
ABOUT Knights of Gaia

=.KoG.= Knights of Gaia

Welcome to the Knights of Gaia clan

Clan founded in September 2017 we are now a multi gaming community
running servers for many games!

=.KoG.= aims at providing a cheatless and fun environement for as much people as possible!
Here: origin, sex, CV... all of these are irrelevant when joining us :)
You'll see we provide large variety of settings for our servers,
so that everyone can find a place to enjoy gaming!

=.KoG.= it's more than 20 servers, all of them are VAC secured with Battleye enabled whenever available.

Ballistic Overkill Servers
Codename CURE Servers
Insurgency Servers
Killing Floor 2 Servers
Quake Live Servers
Terriaria Servers
Zombie Panic Source! Servers

In order to improve communications between players and provide a better gaming experience, and have more fun with us, you can join us now on Discord![]

As you must have guessed, in addition to playing with fun people,
we do have some rules.
Not much but these are important in order to have everyone being able
to play in a good environement without trolling and such. :)
Even if we can sum up our rules by "respecting others is mandatory":
Here the complete version of =.KoG.= rules.

For more informations regarding our group, feel free to visit our website.

Happy Fraggin'!
Monthly MVP Awards ?!
Now time to show off!

Starting right now, until the end of EVERY month, players will be able to compete in order to become the Best Player of the Month (aka MVP ) for the following games: Insurgency, Killing Floor 2, Ballistic Overkill and Fistful of Frags!
What about it? Each month, the MVP will earn a prize which will be a
Steam key for a game (which has good reviews of course, overwise it wouldn't be a prize).

Bellow the different links of this game event which will last till the 31th of May,
everything you need to know is described there as well, good luck everyone!

=.KoG.= Kosmos

Good News! :)

All of our servers are back to normal.
Sorry for the delay, but now you can enjoy our servers again.

Should you have any issue, let us know on our forum or discord.


ps: As you may have noticed, we have shut down one of our servers which was the less popular this will allow us to reallocate the ressources for
a 7th Killing Floor 2 server with Endless mode.

ps2: don't forget to visit :


7th Killing Floor 2 server ONLINE :)

=.KoG.= #7 Endless Nightmare :[]
Server located in Germany
Up to 6 players.
Playlist: Endless Hard

=.KoG.= Kosmos 22 hours ago 
For those interrested, you can get a free copy Guns of Icarus till tuesday:
=.KoG.= Kosmos May 24 @ 11:36am 
Finally as said before, this adds spicyness to the gameplay.
=.KoG.= Kosmos May 24 @ 11:33am 
This isn't related to developpers.
And i explained to you before INGAME already why our servers are this way.
If you don't like, feel free to play on other servers.
There are plenty of them.
Slaughtrec May 24 @ 10:51am 
Is there a way to not make an Insurgency Coop server with magic rules. Just now I got killed by a Molotov with infinite size expanding burn radius, then right after, I spawned inline with a BOT's full auto fire. Someone needs to complain to the developers to fix this.
=.KoG.= Kosmos May 14 @ 9:08am 
Stopping support of the game Fistful of Frags, and adding instead for Ballistic Overkill:
=.KoG.= #3 Callisto : []
Server located in Germany
Up to 16 players
Playlist: Default

Have fun everyone :D
=.KoG.= Kosmos May 11 @ 2:45pm 
Stories: The Path of Destinies for free on Steam for a limited time, go grab it!