Knights of Gaia =.KoG.=
Knights of Gaia =.KoG.=
September 23, 2017
ABOUT Knights of Gaia

=.KoG.= Knights of Gaia

Welcome to the Knights of Gaia clan

Clan founded in September 2017 we are now a multi gaming community
running servers for many games!

=.KoG.= aims at providing a cheatless and fun environement for as much people as possible!
Here: origin, sex, CV... all of these are irrelevant when joining us :)
You'll see we provide large variety of settings for our servers,
so that everyone can find a place to enjoy gaming!

=.KoG.= it's more than 20 servers, all of them are VAC secured with Battleye enabled whenever available.

Here the Complete list of our servers

In order to improve communications between players and provide a better gaming experience, and have more fun with us, you can join us now on Discord![]

As you must have guessed, in addition to playing with fun people,
we do have some rules.
Not much but these are important in order to have everyone being able
to play in a good environement without trolling and such. :)
Even if we can sum up our rules by "respecting others is mandatory":
Here the complete version of =.KoG.= rules.

For more informations regarding our group, feel free to visit our website.

Happy Fraggin'!
Christmas is Coming!
So what's going on? Two major news:

  • Starting November, we should finally be able to test live community servers for Insurgency: SANDSTORM. Hopefully, everything will go smoothly!
    DOn't worry about all the toxic players we removed from our servers, our ban list will be set on them as well (though crossing fingers we will actually be able to set bans on them
    as the game is still in beta)

  • Monthly contests and Raffles are back again!
    However this time, it's to find out who are the best players of the year for: Insurgency, Killing Floor 2 and Ballistic Overkill!
    (we stop support of the contest for Codename CURE)

For these contests and raffles, players will be able to participate till the 25th of December.
Following that, prizes will be distributed, and guys, lemme tell ya, there are a LOT of them <3

Below the prizes for INSURGENCY:

For the best players (pvp and coop):
(The Special Edition of Shadow warrior)
(with the OST for Little Kite)

Now for the winners of the Insurgency raffle:

HERE to get access to this event


Below the prizes for KILLING FLOOR 2:

For the best player:

Now for the winners of the Killing Floor 2 raffle:

HERE to get access to this event


Below the prizes for BALLISTIC OVERKILL:

For the best player:

Now for the winners of the Ballistic Overkill raffle:

HERE to get access to this event


And it's NOT over yet! Now time to detail the prizes you can win on our DISCORD Raffles

For the winner of our Public Raffle:

For the winner of our Private Raffle:

And finally for the winners of our Raffle dedicated to Clan Members:

HERE[] to get access to this event


You read that correctly ladies and gentlemen!
These are all you can win for Christmas!
Could be worse, heh? ^^
So Good luck everyone!

Thank you all for reading me, wish you a good day, have fun, take care and...
Have a nice fraggin' session!

=.KoG.= Kosmos

Upcoming changes and games!
So what's going on? Below full list of recent events without specific order:

  • As you must have noticed, we have transferred our forum to our Steam Group Page directly, it's more user friendly and makes it easier for everyone to follow us.

  • In order to preserve a good environment for everyone, massive ban waves have occured since giveaway of Insurgency by NWI: 1324 players are now perma banned from our servers.

  • Our monthly raffles on Discord[] do not seem to interrest as many people as I thought, (exept our private raffles for community members, our public one isn't that attractive it seems, is it due to lack of quality in prizes? These are all games with positive reviews though)

  • Our servers in general are doing great, but surprisingly enough, our various monthly contests for the MVP of the month are quite deserted. In fact only the one for Insurgency is active with at maximum 3 participants. These, just like our raffles are free to get into everyone, and not so hard to put out some good results, so don't forget to give it a try!

  • In order to fix some issues, change of port for one of our Insurgency server:
    =.KoG.= PUSH | Workshop Allowed [ENG SPEAKING ONLY] :[] As you may notice, now it's 27111 instead of 27011.

  • I confirm we will host servers for TO4: Tactical Operations and Insurgency: Sandstorm. These will mostly be hosted on this rig:
    CPU Intel Xeon E3-1246V3[]
    HDD 2x HDD SATA 2,0 TB Enterprise
    RAM 32GB
    Bandwith 1Gbps
    In German Datacenter

  • Up to 4 Insurgency servers will be shut down at the release of Sandstorm in order to redirect ressources more efficiently.

  • Operating changes on our Discord server[] by adding new classes aka: Community Member XGgame (eg: CM Insurgency, CM CS:GO...), this in order to wider our games we intend to support and will make things easier for players to group together.
    For that, new channels will be created as well to keep on with this goal.
    In the end, we are aiming at creating a worldwide community for all kind of games that YOU like :) Yes our main games still gonna be those we host servers for as it's thanks to them we can ensure the best gaming experience as much as possible. But this doesn't mean that within our community, you won't be able to enjoy our structure to play games you like as well!

  • If you have ideas of games you'd like us to host servers for, give us a shout! And if it's possible we shall do it too!

  • The last but not the least, don't forget, we are always recruiting new members and moderators for our servers! Such good fellas are important to keep a good environment. Though it's all about gaming, having nice pals who can kick the butt of trolls when playing is a nice thing! And yes we all have our lives, so it's not as if there's any obligations to play everyday and so on! Check out our Recruiting section for more informations

That's it falks!
Whenever I can bring up servers for the two previously mentioned games, i'll let you know asap. In addition, even if it may be "hard", our perma ban list will be applied on them too. So that you won't face trolls/cheaters/racist people
that have been removed from our current servers.

Thank you all for reading me, wish you a good day, have fun, take care and...
Have a nice fraggin' session!

=.KoG.= Kosmos

=.KoG.= Kosmos Nov 10 @ 12:06pm 
Two Checkpoint test servers are now live for the game Insurgency: SANDSTORM. .KoG.= Checkpoint Security Test Server | .KoG.= Checkpoint Insurgents Test Server |
Please let me know if you have any issues on them (as i still don't own the game yet, can't verify for myself how it's going on them)
=.KoG.= Kosmos Nov 6 @ 6:36am 
In order to have the resources available for Insurgency: Sandstorm servers,
On Insurgency, both our private pvp server and public hunt server have been shut down. (Brutal Warfare has taken over Hunt). As for Ballistic Overkill, Europa has been shut down as well.
=.KoG.= Kosmos Oct 28 @ 12:13pm 
SC003Y♥ Oct 28 @ 4:15am 
TY for adding these maps to cycle :)
=.KoG.= Kosmos Oct 25 @ 2:00pm 
Metro 2033 free on Steam for the next 24 hours:
=.KoG.= Kosmos Oct 11 @ 5:45am 
What used to be our private COOP server on Insurgency has been updated.
Now in addition of being public, auto kick/ban for TK has been enabled too.
So be carefull! =.KoG.= Brutal Warfare [ENG SPEAKING ONLY]