Rogue Power R ¡ P !
Rogue Power R ¡ P !
February 9, 2017
ABOUT Rogue Power

Reviews with attitude.

For lovers of Rogue Likes. A place to post reviews, opinions, guides, etc.
Please note that associated games do not necessarily recieve our endorsement. just that we acknowledge them as being "rogue like[]".

You will have to read our reviews once they are written to see our opinion on these titles. (Maybe you could even write one if you haven't done so already:)
April 2017 Reviews Update
But otherwise I am entirely devoted to getting issue 0 and 1 of the magazine ready!
So don't expect to see many reviews from me until those are finished.

The Power Magazine Officially Launched - Reviews With Attitude
The Power - The Magazine For Steam Machines
(But really anyone who uses Steam in any way should be able to get something out of our magazine.)

As there is more than one other publication with variations on the title Power The Power The Power Magazine and Power Magazine, funnily enough all body-building related, our official name is The Power Magazine SteamOS, but you can know us as The Power or The Power Reviews on social media.

A Google search for "the power magazine SteamOS" yields our page as the 8th result. Not too bad considering there's nothing there yet. If you add the word "Amiga" to the end then it's 4th. I can only assume that once we actually have some content that situation can only improve.

You may think of us as picking up where Amiga Power left off in 1996, like some kind of multi-headed brain starved zombie creature mercilessly feasting on the brains of poor quality games.

Only Valve are not Commodore and are far less likely to go belly-up half a decade into our lifespan. We are serious, we are professional, and we are here for the long haul to hopefully restore some standards to game reviews.

If The Power Magazine were a rapper it would be the kind of n***** that was built to last.

We will not be afraid to hold back, and indeed the fact that we are 100% independent means we have the freedom to say that a game is "shit" if it IS in fact shit. We are aimed at the more mature gamer who may recall Amiga Power. But of course we will not hesitate to recommend quality titles also, for example...

Our first Early Access preview will feature the rather excellent CrossCode, which is still in Early Access but is very nearing completion. And the first real issue which will hopefully be released April 15th and will feature a REAL AMIGA FLOPPY both available for download AND AS A REAL AMIGA FLOPPY. If you want one of these then stay tuned for more information as numbers are strictly limited. We may even manage to get a Polish manufacturer to manufacture them closer to the UK for all our Pommie cousins who may want one of these.

As perhaps the major difference between us and the original Amiga Power is that we are an Australian magazine, and not Based in Bath. Also we are entirely self-funded at this point, and while we do intend to make all our magazine content available for free we also plan on offering "Cover Data" for subscribers, among other services. Obviously USB stick is the kind of media one would put on a magazine for Steam Machines.

But the second major difference is while we definitely see ourselves as the consumers advocate and will strive to remain untainted by any corporate interests we also see ourselves as the Developers advocate and will feature tutorials related to producing assets for indie games. If you recall Tony Horgan's OctaMED tutorials in CU Amiga then you will find a very similar HivelyTracker tutorial in the rear of our magazine which is written in a way that a complete beginner can create a a listenable loop and the experienced musician can dive right in.

And there will be some kind of competition to see who get's the one of the four real Amiga DD coverdisks with issue one. Probably involving HivelyTracker.

If the unthinkable should happen and we have ourselves with an actual paper magazine in a year or two's time then we pledge now to use either electrical or masking tape to affix media and NEVER selotape again!

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䷃䷋䷃䷏䷀ ䷴䷼䷝ Apr 19, 2017 @ 2:47am 
In honour of exceeding ten members I promise that I will post a review of Gun Brothers and one or two others on the morrow. Are they any good, you will have to wait and see. Gun Brothers is a poor mans Enter The Gungeon or Nuclear Throne. Only with infinitely less substance, save up your money and buy Devolver Digitals offering at full price and don't bother rotting your teeth with this bubblegum[/spoiier]. Oh bubble gum is full of sugar and the flavour dies really quickly just in case you don't understand my meaning. "Chew it up and spit it out like the cheap bland flavourless crap that it is! 3.0/10" Oh and there are bugs on SteamOS too.
䷃䷋䷃䷏䷀ ䷴䷼䷝ Feb 27, 2017 @ 11:32pm 
Also welcome to our newest member Calamity Sama! I am keen to see how your first review turns out.

And I have not forgotten the rest of you, welcome.
And while I'm posting, anyone who writes more than a couple of featured reviews will most likely be promoted to some kind of administrator or at least moderator. My intention is that this group is more than just a platform for my own reviews. Indeed I hope to get some good ideas for games to buy from this.
䷃䷋䷃䷏䷀ ䷴䷼䷝ Feb 9, 2017 @ 6:59am 
Welcome aboard Selective Oblivion. I hope you find these reviews helpful.