i want a female past (present, and future)   United States
"youth is wasted on the young"-captain ana amari
"your emotions make you vulnerable"-widowmaker
facetious inspirational quote because i can never be serious even when im fucking angry as fuck at myself and everyone else
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neurotic AF maybepsychoticxp

interests: art, media, vegan foods (im failing at being vegan), other living beings that feel pain/suffer (plants know theyre being eaten but do they feel pain) :ROTTR_hunter::bird::ABZU_Fish::acleap::insectswarm::ThreeTrees::jera: i made some pretty good vegan phở, pretty proud of myself. now to find a way to live on my own fml

feeling nothing when i look at/listen to art sux. not understanding social interactions at times and feeling detached suchs. that's some dissociation/depersonalization/derealization for ya

language: english, learning japanese like a grade A weeabo and stuff

politics n views: trans-inclusionary feminism, am conscious of evo-psych perspective/red-pill perspective tho i disagree largely with it, centrism/liberal/anarchist/communal/socialistic values, commerce is great but the social distance capitalism encourages bothers me, shits complicated and im filled with hate at politics :meh_face:

religion: likes most of the values of jainism

mental health: not so good. broke down mentally in year 3 of college, realized bottled-up emotional immaturity is detrimental to my enjoyment of life, and never been the same since. fml, depression, generalized and social anxiety (even online):sb_turtle:, dissociation, gender dysphoria, body dysmorphia, eating and sleeping disregulation, motivation/determination lacking, struggling to care enough to get healthy and be level with people (and dogs and cats and such) because im not consistently passionate enough about anything to do anything for a long time :teleport:

gender: transitioning to girl and overcompensating with pink-ness, struggling to acknowledge myself as a bonafide real girl. the body hate is real, too real :cubecry:

not often a self-abashed 猫 :shelterfox: nya :Neko:

mood: :melopink: i become a copycat around other people these days in more ways than one. feeling like faceless from spirited away and hating my lack of a self

music: varies. darkside, bonobo black sands, emancipator at the moment. snowy cold a e s t h e t i c

life goals: get to GM in overwatch as widowmaker/ana (pharah/tracer/dva/mercy).
get a job i like, stop being NEET leech, live on my own, get over my childish traumas, find someone to never let go of/never be let go of.
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T-34 Jan 2 @ 7:39am 
*pokes forehead*
Jambo Dec 25, 2017 @ 9:27pm 
(Sorry, comment was too long so Steam made me split it)
It seems like it's a mechanism of nature to be sure that there's always someone who's gonna make it and someone who's gonna really nail it (if proper conditions are given), Dandelions are more likely to make it whatever the conditions but are not able to fully take advantage of the best circumstances, like the Orchids do.
If an Orchid is not lucky with the given circumstances, bad luck.
How cruelly ironic can Nature be.

Maybe, and just maybe, this could help you a bit to understand yourself better.

Sorry for the long post. Not meant to annoy you.
Jambo Dec 25, 2017 @ 9:26pm 
Hello, I stood upon your profile from the Transgender group, while reading some of the "introduce yourself" posts I had unread.

I found I can relate to many of your sentences from your presentation and here on your profile.

Then I came to the realization that maybe you're (and maybe you're not aware of it) an Orchid Child (not only relates to children, it's called that but it's something that encompasses the whole life of the person) . While the name may be missleading it's not about otherworldly crap. It's an actual term used for a certain variation of some gene (which name I don't remember, sorry) found not long ago thanks to the Dunedin study (if I remember well).

Basically, the Orchid people, under proper circumstances, bloom more brightly than their counterparts (the Dandelion Children), but , under stressful, tough conditions they suffer more and are less able to withstand and overcome the difficulties, specially on their own.
gui Feb 21, 2017 @ 10:58am 
ShinyDark Oct 31, 2016 @ 5:48pm 
but don't they look...cute?
ShinyDark Oct 31, 2016 @ 3:30pm 
a skeleton doesn't even have a stomach, thus i have nothing to fear :p