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[Dec, 14th of 2017] Updated info below!

[Dec, 14th of 2017]
Hi everyone!
I just wanted to inform you that I am very pleased to get these amount of friend invites everyday. Thanks alot! But I have that stupid issue that I just can have 2000 friends on Steam - not more. So, if you still want to "get in touch" with me, you can either join my Steam Group to chat with me or you can also follow me on Steam to get updated when I upload new stuff on Steam!

Should I get at least 3333 followers on Steam I am seriously thinking about to create a second Steam account to get new friends there and other interesting stuff! :)

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                                    Welcome on my Steam Profile. Enjoy your stay!  

My real life name is Dennis and SgtFopper on Steam. I am happily married and father of two beautiful kids - a son and a daughter. I am living in a small village with about 800 inhabitants with my family - including three crazy cats called "Tom", "Oscar" and now "Milla". At the moment I'm doing an apprentice as a warehouse logistics operator - a daily outside job with lots of forklift truck work and some other small things you have to do in and out of your warehouse.

My way to Steam/Valve:
I joined Steam in 2008 as I redeemed my first game Left 4 Dead 1 - together with some of my real life friends. And this was the beginning to get engaged with Steam - that is an amazing entertainment and community gaming platform. Thanks [̲̅ V̲̅A̲̅L̲̅V̲̅ᴱ̲̅ ] !

My being on Steam:
I am someone who loves to contribute, support and playing with games on Steam. And my friends on Steam (and the Steam Community) are the cherry on top to fulfill my enjoyment.
Following things are my daily to-do on Steam:
      writing several kinds of status posts for my Steam friends
      writing my first FanFiction about Half-Life 3
      chatting with friends if I have some spare time
      posting announcements in several Steam groups
      crafting Steam Badges , buying Trading Cards and collecting Community stuff
      buying/collecting games, DLCs and other game related stuff
      checking for new games on Steam Greenlight
      writing suggestions for new features in the Steam Discussions Forums
      reporting bugs , scammer and other related things to Valve that could be fixed
      I love wishlistin' EVERYTHING on Steam. I ̶̶a̶̶m̶̶ ̶̶#̶1̶̶ ̶̶w̶̶i̶̶t̶̶h̶̶ ̶̶t̶̶h̶̶e̶̶ ̶̶m̶̶o̶̶s̶̶t̶̶ ̶̶w̶̶i̶̶s̶̶h̶̶l̶̶i̶̶s̶̶t̶̶e̶̶d̶̶ ̶̶i̶̶t̶̶e̶̶m̶̶s̶̶.̶
      I am a real good reader. Loving read friends feeds, viewing friends screenshots/artworks and topics in the Steam Discussions Forums. About everything that has something to do with Steam / Valve!
      Of course I'm playing games on Steam - alone or in coop. Don't interested in multiplayer            sessions because I am " Teh One and Only n00b ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ".

My active and future projects on Steam
      More Steam Community work in several ways
      " Greenlight can be my friend in future " - secret project
      Lovin' stats - so, I'll bring forward several of my personal Steam Stats.

Me, you and my Steam Profile Codex
      I am a very kind person, I'll accept alot of friend requests but with exceptions(*)
      If I don't know you and/or you are below Steam Level 30(*), write a comment why you want to            be my friend. Otherwise I'll ignore/block the requests!
      If I send a friend request, don't start a chat with the words like "Why did you add me / why the add / etc." I like to have Steam friends around me and also like profile designs
& Steam Collectors. Otherwise just ignore my requests and/or block me.
      My Steam Coupons are free. Just send me a Trade Offer .

      Obvious troll is obvious. No chance for scammers, phishers and SAM cheaters!
      VAC banned and Trade Probation users. Of course there are some exceptions and the           decision to keep those friends!
      A complete private Steam Profile is a no-go! (unless I know this person in any kind)
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Hello dear Gabe!
I really, really want to write some nice things about you here and everyone on Steam should read or just skip it. You have to know that I am an extreme fan of you. Ok, a faaanboooy who is inspired by you in many, many weirdo ways. But hey, I can live with that.

~~The GabeN Dogmas~~
You are GabeN who created Steam, [̲̅ V̲̅A̲̅L̲̅V̲̅ᴱ̲̅ ] and great gaming franchises like Half Life, Portal and Left 4 Dead...
You are GabeN with lots of money but I don't think that this is important
You are GabeN who tells us to be patient if you want to expect great things in future. ( "These things, they take time!" )
You are GabeN who loves knives, BIG knives!
You are GabeN who first hated the PlayStation 3 and then loved it!
You are GabeN who already kinda "talked with Arthur Schopenhauer" (German thread / English version is in the works)
You are GabeN that everyone hates or love!
You are GabeN how has a true believer and huge friend / fan(boy) who created a crazy Steam Artwork just for you!
You are GabeN who still gives us hope for a Half-Life
You are GabeN ... for many, many more reasons... but one more thing is important to know! -->

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This review is meant to be as objective as I could! Sorry if I feel sometimes in a "personal mood". I'm not writing reviews that much!

First encounter with "The Quest for Achievements"!
First of all I really, REALLY like the idea of this game. As I noticed this game on Steam Greenlight I was really wow'ed and I tried instantly to get in contact with the developer to tell him how I much love his idea. Getting "ingame-achievements" to unlock real Steam Achievements is something new on Steam and that got my attention in the first place!

Intro / plot
The plot is simple as that. First of all there is a small intro-level; just go south and go through the portal. Then you're starting in the main city called Starcrest City. There are three areas in this game to explore and to hunt for Steam Achievements.

Goals + tasks
You have to "catch" (ingame-)achievements with blue catcher-balls which you can buy(*) in the main city - in the middle of the city. If you actually catch one of them, you unlock a real Steam Achievement. Another way to unlock Steam Achievements is to find a chest in one of the three areas in the game where you get ten achievements - respectively - ten Steam Achievements. There are also chests in some caves throughout the three areas. The third ingame way to get Steam Achievements is to find one beacon in each area. You just have to open your eyes to find them - not really that difficult.

In the world of "The Quest for Achievements" you can find several weapons to kill enemies. There are some different kind of swords and other weapons. You also have unlimited "fireballs" as a standard weapon to hit and/or kill enemies. You cannot hurt enemies with catcher-balls; they are just meant to use for catching ingame-achievements. If you kill an enemy you will get coins(*), mostly 50 coins for each killed enemy. With the collected money you can fill up your life points if you got hit and/or you can buy new catcher-balls! You will have to find a shop to fill up the hearts in the main city.

There are some different kind of enemies like trophies, spiders, marshmallow-looking ones and some more you will encounter. In the most ways the enemies aren't hard to kill. You just have to get close to the enemies and hit them. You need to hit them between 1-3 times to finally get the kill. With every kill you raise a hidden bar (there is no one!) to get more hearts as life points. Unfortunatelly I still don't understand the system behind the way when and how exactly you will get more of these. At the end of the game I have had 22 hearts and I started with 10 if I am not mistaken.

The Final step or called "The End"
If you have exactly 999 ingame-achievements - you cannot get more than 999 - you have to get back to the main city and head north there to reach the the final and forth area where you have to enter the portal. After that you are in the hell-themed area and you have to kill the last enemy - the boss. You need to hit the boss about 5 times. After that ... ok, I won't spoiler it. :)

Pros & cons
  • Great idea of a Steam Achievement-based game
  • First time to connect ingame-achievements with Steam Achievements
  • No difficult gameplay / easy to play
  • retro-styled game feeling
  • lots of Steam Achievements (1010 of them) to unlock
  • Steam Trading Cards - you can get the Steam-themed emoticon!

  • Interesting game idea but wasted potential
  • (still) lots of performance issues like lags in the main city and areas [dev promised to bring upcoming fixes!]
  • missing rpg elements that had brought some variety
  • too less kind of enemies
  • no challenging gameplay - (very) easy game mode
  • disastrous hitboxes for every kind of enemies
  • poor depth of story - a good story can make a game better.
  • too early release of this game - Steam's Early Access had been a better option.
  • kind of annoying ingame music (just a personal opinion!)

Closing words
In my opinion this game was needed for Steam where Steam Achievements actually get they "own game". And I have to admit that I really had fun playing it for hours. Unfortunatelly some things are went wrong so horrible. The potential was wasted so much that I can understand a little bit the negative reviews on Steam. BUT on the other side everyone has deserved a "second chance". Maybe we will see a second part of this game with a much better converted potential. :)
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