Berkshire, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Admin of r/BrainMemes and r/Akuto .

I mainly play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.
Member of Team Bezrk, but available to play the odd match for any other team in need of a 5th.

Other accounts:
Main Smurf Account [SMFC+]
Other Smurf Account [DMG+]

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General Steam Information
Friend Requests
If you want to add me as a friend then just send an invite and I'll accept, nothing else; I don't have any rules as to whom I will/will not accept. However, I will remove you as a friend if you spam me, send me links or insult me.

All the items in my inventory are up for trading. Don't expect overpay on any trades unless I specify it. If you have a private profile or level 0 on steam I will not trade with you and block you straight away. If you send me links I will block and report you; if you don't have CS:GO I will not trade with you. To trade with me, you can either send an offer (via my Trade URL ) or visit my CSGOLOUNGE page. []

CS:GO Information

Rank: Supreme Master First Class (playing around LEM-GE ranks, but usually do FaceIT)
FaceIT Rank: Silver
FaceIT Level: 5
Position: Support/Lurker
Favourite Map: Mirage
Favourite Gun: AK47
Favourite Skin: Tiger Tooth
Favourite Knife: M9 Bayonet
Favourite Team: Heroic
Favourite Pro Player: Valde

Want to Play With Me?
I do not play matchmaking, I have FaceIt and CEVO.

If you want to play with me you must:
1) have (and use) a mic (and speak English)
2) Not be toxic
3) Have a skill range of about LE+

Rainbow Six: Siege Information

Rank: ~Gold I
Favourite Map: Skyscraper
Favourite Attacker: Fuze or Hibana
Favourite Defender: Caveira or Pulse
If you want to play with me just message me.

Dead By Daylight Information

Main Survivor: Dwight Fairfield (Prestige III, Level 50) (and Laurie Strode, Level 50)
Main Killer: The Shape (~Level 40)
Perks: Decisive Strike III, Self Care III, No One Left Behind III, Sprint Burst III
Highest Survivor Rank: 1
Highest Killer Rank: 3
Favourite Map: Autohaven Wreckers (Blood Lodge)

Payday 2 Information

Infamy: 1
Level: 70 (as of 10/06/2016)
Preferred Mission Type: Stealth
Preferred weapon for Stealth: Bernetti 9 Pistol (Angry Bear, Mint Condition)
Preferred weapon for Loud: AMR-16 Rifle (Satyr, Mint Condition)
Favourite map(s) for stealth: Jewelry Store, Nightclub, Diamond Store.
Favourite map(s) for loud: Rats, First World Bank, Bank Heist.

Other Games
I'm usually playing CSGO when I'm online, pretty much 90% of the time. If I'm not on CSGO then I'm probably on (in order of likeliness) Arma 3 or Rainbow Six: Siege.

How to Contact Me
Should you, for whatever reason, want to contact me there are a few ways to go about it:

1) Add me as a friend and message me.
2) Comment your question/query on my profile, unless it's something private/personal.
3) Add a friend of mine on steam and ask them to pass a message, if I am unreachable.

I'm not sure why it would be necessary but you can also reach me through my Twitter .

You can also contact me through my Google+ account, or by commenting on one of my YouTube videos.

I'm an admin of r/BrainMemes and r/Akuto , which is the official subreddit for the game 'Akuto: Mad World'. My reddit acount is u/Brumafriend .

My Equipment:

Headset []
Mouse []
Keyboard []
Monitor []
Computer []

Thanks for reading!
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Finally Supreme Master First Class! :D

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