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cl_bob_lower_amt 0;cl_bobamt_lat 0;cl_bobamt_vert 0;cl_viewmodel_shift_left_amt 0;cl_viewmodel_shift_right_amt 0;viewmodel_fov 100;viewmodel_offset_x 3;viewmodel_offset_y 3;viewmodel_offset_z -3;fps_max 0;voice_enable 1;+cl_show_team_equipment;+cl_show_team_equipment 1
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Finally got Global Elite and it feels fuckin great!
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Libtard Aug 8 @ 9:23am 
Please stop sending me those pictures of you naked and never call me a "grill gamer" again. Being a female online, i get harassed endlessly, but no one so far has taken it to the same twisted level as you. Please stop or I will contact steam and the police.
Kaanas Jun 9 @ 1:14pm 
-rep boosted LE xDDDD
FARD GAMER May 26 @ 11:47am 
-rep salty 12y old
andre Apr 21 @ 7:28am 
+rep decent crumpets
/Essasito/ ` fя3єк!иg ✘ Apr 19 @ 10:12am 
-rep Boosted sh*t
Diggertron 5000 Apr 17 @ 8:16am 
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