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The Upcoming beta in the Base apps for Source SDK 2013 have been updated with the latest code from TF2 and HL2:
  • Adds support for Visual Studio 2012 and 2013
  • VR Mode:
    • Switches from headtrack.dll to sourcevr.dll
    • Improved readability of the UI in VR
    • Removed the IPD calibration tool. TF2 will now obey the Oculus configuration file. Use the Oculus calibration tool in your SDK or install and run "OpenVR" under Tools in Steam to calibrate your IPD.
    • Added dropdown to enable VR mode in the Video options. Removed the -vr command line option.
    • Added the ability to switch in and out of VR mode without quitting the game
    • By default VR mode will run full screen. To switch back to a borderless window set the vr_force_windowed convar.
    • Added support for VR mode on Linux
  • Many assorted bug fixes and other changes from Team Fortress in various shared files

The Github repository for Source SDK 2013 now has the matching code changes.

This beta breaks mod compatibility for VR mode because of the extent of the changes. If you support VR in your app you will need to update to the latest source.
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