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Cities: Skylines

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Queens Bay
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May 17 @ 4:03pm
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Queens Bay

Welcome to Queens Bay!

This is part of the Crown River Region, a project in which you can build 2 neighbour cities. Landscape, rivers, roads and rails all line up so that you can build a 36x18km region - A first in Cities Skylines.

This collection contains all the required mods and assets for both maps:

Requirements are mostly the same as for Kings Valley, aside from a new bridge and a historic building from Germany.

Check out Kings Valley map if you haven't already...

This map is designed especially for the Mass Transit DLC. Building on this map is such a charm that it should be done with caution. You will quickly become addicted, I warn you.

This map feels like the real world simply because I spent 200 hours making it.

Please rate if you think it was worth it!
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Winter_Jasra Sep 21 @ 4:01am 
Ok, thanks for letting me know.
deeheks  [author] Sep 20 @ 5:25pm 
@Winter_Jasra , it's actually a hack. I made an interchange in the asset editor with juste a 2 nodes quay, plop it in the map editor and using move it, I was able to copy it over and over. It's however tricky since you cannot merge or connect segments. To make a long quay segment, you have to bring nodes over each other, which is a bit sad ...
Winter_Jasra Sep 20 @ 5:02am 
Hi deeheks, what mod enabled you to get quays in the map editor?
deeheks  [author] Jun 4 @ 6:38pm 
Glad you like this map. I'm really proud and feel it is probably the best map for playing this game that I will do in a long time. I've been playing this since I released it and strongly recommend it to any type of player.

Spread the word, this map is worth a try. Really challenging yet satisfying at every point city management and expansion simulation, with a view. That would describe my own experience.

What's yours like? Show us your Take at Building the Crown River Region! F12, share screenshot, and post the link above this!

Here is one of mine ..I love this game
BonBonB Jun 3 @ 1:01am 
Map Reviewed in What Map, Part 51
deeheks  [author] May 20 @ 4:58am 
@oldHip thanks for your interest! More will come next week regarding the coop build. If anyone else interested, just chose an area and let us know whitch one you chose and why. It will be quite interesting to see teems form! More to come
Foxgguy2001 May 19 @ 7:46am 
This map is wonderful. Very detailed, well thought out, good connections. I tested this morning with Mass Transit to be sure it worked with latest DLC. No issues, works perfect!
MrMiyagi May 17 @ 4:25pm 
Woohoo it's here! Looks great!