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Unlimited Trees Mod v1.10
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Jun 4, 2015 @ 9:36pm
May 24 @ 12:41pm
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Unlimited Trees Mod v1.10

Current code by BloodyPenguin and mod site hosted by DRen72
Latest Update: May 24, 2018

This mod unlocks the games limitation of 262,144 trees to allow you to use close to 2 million.
This should also work in the map editor. Feel free to share comments or report issues.
Highly recommended combined with BloodyPenguins 81 Tiles Mod.

Works in After Dark, Snowfall, Natural Disasters, Mass Transit, Green Cities & Parklife Expansions!

Note from DRen72: As of May 2018 I am excited to announce that BloodyPenguin has joined us in working on this awesome mod. I am one of those Cities Skylines players that HAS to have a lot of tree coverage. I believe in the mod, happy to support it and am excited to see it continue, now with BloodyPenguins help!


Configuration file option in the game menu. This setting now controls the number of trees allowed in chunks of 262144. Valid settings are 4 (default),5,6,7 & 8 (4 == 1million, 5=1.25million ect.)

Acknowledgements: DRen72 and BloodyPenguin & knighthawkGP would like to thank Sebastian Schöner for his Cities Skylines Detours project code which is used in this mod and makes it possible. His site is located at .

We would also like especially thank Mabako for developing the original project and allowing it to be reused by us. Sincere thanks guys!

INCOMPATIBLE WITH: BloodyPenguins Tree Snapping Mod. (Fix coming in the near future)
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May 24 @ 2:56pm
Some additional information about UNLIMITED TREES MOD
< >
Malvictis Oct 10 @ 12:47pm 
I've had no issues with the mod as far as I can tell...
Mik_Kael Oct 7 @ 1:41am 
not working
ecania Sep 29 @ 1:19am 
INCOMPATIBLE WITH: BloodyPenguins Tree Snapping Mod
Mateo 3PWN Sep 25 @ 11:20am 
Same here, mod is not working.
Illusion Sep 13 @ 10:07am 
This mod causes hard locking and crashing of C:S, especially when paired with tree snapping mod. Both cause issues on their own.
PandaWaffles Sep 10 @ 12:54am 
Same, no longer working.
Flummery128 (DK) Sep 6 @ 8:36am 
I have encountered the same issue, as a couple other users. All trees I placed have vanished, and it says the limit is reached.
Meesmoth Sep 4 @ 5:22am 
Is this mod still working as of September 2018? Because when I load some of my savegames, most of the trees placed on the city suddenly disappear and the 262,144 ones remain. Placing more no longer allowed due to the limit being reached.
迟到的香蕉君 Sep 2 @ 4:17pm 
Does it still works? It seems that I still cannot place any more trees :steamfacepalm:
abc6260582 Sep 1 @ 2:31am 
after offical update, there is problem, i can put tree but is seems conflict with road, it this mod swich on , you can not put bulid on side of road .