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[WOTC] Automated Loadout Manager
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[WOTC] Automated Loadout Manager


This mod automatically equips last used items when you add a soldier to Squad Select screen, even if you click "Unequip Barracks".

  • When you remove a soldier from squad select screen, the mod will automatically remember the soldier's Loadout.
  • When you add a soldier to squad select screen, the mod automatically tries to equip their remembered Loadout.
If any part of the soldier's remembered loadout is currently unavailable (e.g. their last equipped weapon is already equipped on another soldier in the squad), the mod will automatically try to replace the missing item with the next best thing. For example, if both of your Snipers have Darklance as their last used weapon, the mod will automatically equip a Beam Sniper Rifle on the second Sniper when you add them to squad.

The automatic part of the mod happens only on Squad Select screen.

Squad Select screen and individual soldier loadout screen will also have buttons to manually "SAVE LOADOUT" or "LOCK LOADOUT".

While the soldier's loadout is "LOCKED", it will not be automatically rewritten when the soldier is removed from squad select screen.

For example, if you equip a Darklance on a Sniper, then lock their loadout, then equip a Beam Sniper Rifle on them and then remove them from squad select, the remembered loadout will still contain the Darklance.

"SAVE LOADOUT" will save currently equipped loadout even if it's locked.
"LOCK LOADOUT" will also save the currently equipped loadout. Lock loadout does not prevent "Unequip Barracks" button from stripping the soldier's gear. It only prevents the mod from overwriting soldier's saved loadout when they are removed from squad select.


This mod is a huge time saver when playing with increased squad sizes, especially if every soldier can potentially equip a variety of primary and secondary weapons. In these scenarios, the soldiers' preferred equipment gets both hard to track and annoying to re-equip on them for every mission.

  • X2WOTCCommunityHighlander is required only so that the new buttons can be accessed with a controller. if you don't care about controller support, the mod will still function fine without the Highlander.


Compatible with:
The mod has no overrides and generally should be compatible with almost anything. Safe to add mid-campaign, but shoud not be removed.


You can reposition the buttons on the soldier's individual loadout screen through:
You can also enabled debug logging here.


Remove Weapon Upgrades - This mod adds a button to, well, remove weapon upgrades from all weapons that are not currently equipped on squad members. That would mean you have to reassing your weapon upgrades every time you go on a mission, once you have Reusable Upgrades tech / breakthrough. However, that mod can now be configured to *not* remove weapon upgrades from weapons that have a nickname. It can also be configured to remove weapon ugprades from secondary weapons as well. For, that put this code into that mod's XComGame.ini:
[RemoveWeaponUpgradesWOTC.X2DownloadableContentInfo_RemoveWeaponUpgradesWOTC] DLCIdentifier="RemoveWeaponUpgradesWOTC" DontRemoveUpgradesFromNamedWeapons=true +SlotsToRemove=eInvSlot_PrimaryWeapon +SlotsToRemove=eInvSlot_SecondaryWeapon


Auto-equip weapon upgrades.
Better algorithm for finding replacement equipment.
Some sort of indicator on squad select which soldiers have locked loadouts.


Currently none.


If the mod appears to work incorrectly, please send me your Launch.log file, located at:
..\Documents\my games\XCOM2 War of the Chosen\XComGame\Logs\Launch.log

This console command can be used to wipe out saved loadouts, should you need to.

Due to some bugs in the early versions of the mod, some of your soldiers may end up with "hidden" items that are still equipped on them, but you don't see them, and can't unequip them through in-game interface. For example, you may be trying to equip a grenade on the soldier, but the game will say that this soldier already has one equipped. Use this console command to fix this issue:


Controller support implemented by Mr.Nice.

Please support me on Patreon[www.patreon.com] if you require tech support, have a suggestion for a feature, or simply wish to help me create more awesome mods.
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Oct 9 @ 11:15am
Russian translation!
< >
RoyalCascadianFunPolice Oct 15 @ 12:09am 
No worries, I've used the unequip barracks button like once ever.

Thanks for polishing the mod!
Iridar  [author] Oct 15 @ 12:07am 
Both Frags and Flashbangs are grenades as far as the game is concerned, it does not distinguish between them.
I'll adjust the mod behavior to not replace grenades and some other items if they are already equipped on the soldier, but if you click Unequip Barracks, the mod will still try to find a better alternative, unless you lock loadout.
RoyalCascadianFunPolice Oct 15 @ 12:06am 
Makes sense. I'll get round to giving everything a nickname (eventually).

Also makes sense for the molotovs, but C4 and flashbangs aren't interchangeable with frag grenades, and are also of the same tier. What can I do about those?

I have a mod that makes both infinite starting items if it makes a difference.
Iridar  [author] Oct 14 @ 11:51pm 
If you want the soldier to permanently keep their weapon without locking their loadout, give that weapon a nickname.
The mod will not be able to automatically handle upgrading weapons to next tier. It will try to equip the exact weapon that was equipped previously, and if it fails, it will look for a highest tier alternative.

That's not a bug, that's just the mod doing its job. Molotovs are basically low tier grenades, so if you don't lock soldiers' loadout, the mod will automatically try to replace them with a high tier alternative.
RoyalCascadianFunPolice Oct 14 @ 11:08pm 
I tend to give every soldier their own weapon which doesn't get moved, so if I just save their loadout (without locking it) and upgrade, everyone should still have their individual upgraded weapon, but at the next tier?

Also, bug report: Molotovs, C4 and flashbangs are consistently replaced with frag grenades when selecting a soldier at squad select. Happens both from saved loadouts in barracks and when removing and then re-selecting a soldier. Also might happen with incendiary grenades, didn't test it again. Smoke grenades are fine.
Iridar  [author] Oct 14 @ 7:49pm 
If you lock soldier's loadout, the mod will attempt to use the items in the locked loadout, including "old" tiers.
If you do not lock soldier's loadout, the will attempt to find the highest tier replacement item, unless it can find the exact item in the saved loadout (e.g. a specific weapon with attachments).
RoyalCascadianFunPolice Oct 14 @ 7:32pm 
I assume it's this mod that gave me a free incendiary grenade before the latest fixes...odd thing is, it must have duplicated a free one from a passive ability, because I didn't have any otherwise.

Will this mod account for upgrading weapon tech or will it attempt to load a previous-tier weapon loadout unless I redo the barracks before going to squad select?
Iridar  [author] Oct 14 @ 3:51pm 
I've pushed a couple of bugfixes to the mod. Please let me know if there are still any issues. It's highly recommended you wipe out your previously saved loadouts by using the "ALMResetSavedLoadouts" console command.
MrMister Oct 14 @ 6:30am 
Utility items from the only soldier I had saved a loadout on have been duplicated. Robojumper's squad select preview showed his utility slots empty, but opening the soldier's loadout showed them equipped, one of them the only skulljammer I had. Besides the "ghostly-equipped" one, there was still another skulljammer in my base inventory. Swapping the ghostly-equipped one for the inventory one made it show on the squad preview, and I now had a second skulljammer in my base inventory.
Obdulio Oct 13 @ 9:41pm 
I'd like to report I'm also having an issue of the right weapon type being equipped but it's the wrong specific weapon as well as a lot of utility items being replaced with EMP Grenades.