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This Mod brings AI Trader, Tradercitys and Safezones to DayZ!
The standard Currency is the Ruble Item. You can Buy and Sell Items at the Tradercitys or just relax at the Safezones. The standard Tradercity-Locations are at Green-Mountain and Kumyrna. Serverowners can configure the Tradercitys, Safezones and Items. So you can build your own Tradercitys easily! If the Serverowner does'nt add the Currency Item to his Loottable, the Currencys will not spawn as Loot in the Game. Only by selling Items to the Traders.


Installation Instructions for Server owners:
Make sure to have a look at the latest Update Notes when you already installed a previous Version!

Klick here for the Video Tutorial

1. Subscribe to the Mod here on Steam Workshop.
2. Navigate to your DayZ Root Folder.
3. Open the DayZLauncher.exe.
4. Close the DayZLauncher.exe.
5. Open the !Workshop Folder.
6. Copy the @Trader Folder.
7. Navigate to your DayZServer Root Folder.
8. Paste the @Trader Folder here.
9. Open the @Trader Folder.
10. Open the Keys Folder.
11. Copy the dayztrader.bikey File.
12. Navigate to your DayZServer Root Folder.
13. Open the keys Folder.
14. Paste the dayztrader.bikey File here.
15. Navigate to your DayZServer Root Folder.
16. Open the @Trader Folder.
17. Open the ServerProfileFolder Folder.
18. Copy the Trader Folder.
19. Make sure you have setup a Profile Folder for your Server inside the Start Parameters
klick here for more Information about -profiles Launch Parameter[]
21. Navigate to the Profile Folder you have setup in the Server Start Parameters.
22. Paste the Trader Folder here.
23. Open the Batchfile to start the Server with an Texteditor.
24. Add @Trader to -mod= (if you are using multiple Mods look into the Mod Loading Info).

If you want to you can edit the configuration Files inside the Trader Folder to your likings or build whole new Tradercitys with it.

Fix Vehicle despawning:
Klick here for the Video Tutorial

1. Go into your Server Root Folder.
2. Open the mpmissions Folder.
3. Open the Mission Folder your Server uses (default = dayzOffline.chernarusplus).
4. Open the db Folder.
5. Open the types.xml File with your favorit Text Editor.
6. Search for "OffroadHatchback".
7. Change <lifetime>3</lifetime> to <lifetime>3888000</lifetime>.

You can also Chnage the Lifetime of the "Paper" to 3 to get rid of all the Paper Trash in your Safezone.

Added Classnames:
MoneyRuble1, MoneyRuble5, MoneyRuble10, MoneyRuble25, MoneyRuble50, MoneyRuble100, Hoodie_DrJ0nes, Hoodie_GraffitiTiles, Land_RoadCone

Using non Character Traders:
To use Objects such as a Vending Machine or an Cashbox you need to add
<ObjectAttachment> NPC_DUMMY
to the
Entry! This is needed to make the User Actions for the Trading Menu work on non Character Objects that act as Traders.
<Object> VendingMachine <ObjectPosition> 3699.27, 402.13, 5967.91 <ObjectOrientation> -13.234265, 0, 0 <ObjectAttachment> NPC_DUMMY

Mod Loading Info:
If you are using multiple Mods they have to be seperated by an Semicolon ;
#Example: -mod=@Mod1;@Mod2;@Trader

I would also suggest to use Quotes ""
#Example: "-mod=@Mod1;@Mod2;@Trader"

Its important to have Mods loaded in the right Order to work properly!
The @Trader Mod should be the last Mod you load in most cases.
#Example: "-mod=@DayZ Plus;@BuildAnywhere;@Trader"

But there are some Exceptions. The following Mods have to be loaded after the @Trader Mod:
@KillFeed, @Community Online Tools
#Example: "-mod=@BuildAnywhere;@Trader;@KillFeed;@YourFavoriteAdminTool"

Add the Currency to the Loottable:
1. Navigate to your DayZServer Root Folder.
2. Open the mpmissions Folder.
3. Open the dayzOffline.chernarusplus Folder
4. Open the db Folder.
5. Open the types.xml with your favorite Texteditor.
6. Point the Cursor between the two </type> at the end of the file.
7. Hit the Enter Key.
8. Paste this code in there:
<type name="MoneyRuble1"> <nominal>150</nominal> <lifetime>7200</lifetime> <restock>0</restock> <min>100</min> <quantmin>1</quantmin> <quantmax>100</quantmax> <cost>100</cost> <flags count_in_cargo="0" count_in_hoarder="0" count_in_map="1" count_in_player="0" crafted="0" deloot="0"/> <category name="tools"/> <tag name="shelves"/> <usage name="Town"/> <usage name="Village"/> <usage name="Hunting"/> </type>
9. Repeat the last Step but change the first Line to:
<type name="MoneyRuble5">
10. Repeat the last Step with all Money Ruble Classnames you want. See "Added Classnames" Topic here on this Page.
11. Save the File.

Other Currencys
If you want to use other Currencys as the Rubles that come with the Trader Mod you can checkout this Links:
人民币模组 RMB(CNY) Money for Dayz
The above Links lead to Mods from other Devs! They are not Part of the Trader Mod! I just link them here! Use at your own Risk!

Setup Example for the Euro Currency:
You have to change the Currency Part of the TraderConfig.txt like this:
<CurrencyName> Euro <Currency> Euro, 1 <Currency> Euro5, 5 <Currency> Euro10, 10 <Currency> Euro20, 20 <Currency> Euro50, 50 <Currency> Euro100, 100
Checkout the individual Links for further Assistance or Guides.

Keep in Mind that you always need an Currency in the Config that is worth exactly 1!
Order matters! Lowest Worth first, highest Worth Last!

If you have Problems with Installing the Mod or you find Bugs/Issues write here in the Comments Section or write me at Discord: Dr_J0nes#3734

Credits go to Dr_J0nes who have done the Mod.
ComatoseBadger for the Ruble 3D-Model.
inkihh for the Key Lost Mechanic.
Translations: Avallanche, TH, many others I forgot the name unfortunately.. :/

Special Thanks to:
Septic Falcon and Astley for testing on their Modded Server and all the Support!
Classified Rebel for testing DZSA Launcher automatic Mod downloading with me.
Everyone on the DayZ Modders Discord Server for helping me out with every Question I had!!!
DatLooter for all the support.
Of course everyone who helped me to test this Mod or reported Bugs!

I am developing this Mod in my speartime and its a pleasure for me to support the Community with this Mod. My Goal is to provide a fun Game-Experience to you, the DayZ Players. If you want to buy me some Cigs or just support my work feel free to donate here on PayPal[]. Thank you!!! :)
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IronLeonidas 9 minutes ago 
If any of you can give help me a bit it would mean a lot. I added the courency in the .xml, lowered the maxquantity to 2 but i still find around 100 rebules that are 300+/500... how can i make it so less spawn as loot?
BeerBo_Fett 1 hour ago 
how do you add more than one car spawn point? I want to set up a helli asnd Boat trader
SummY 5 hours ago 
hi, i was wondering if i could use this mod into a monetized server/ repack the mod into a server pack
Neph 7 hours ago 
I have also downloaded the More Vehicles mod and added in the trader config for them, but when trying to buy they only buy as shells with no parts, is there a way to change the config files so that they spawn in fully working?
xNOTEx 10 hours ago 
hey is there a way to change the vehiclespawn point? i want to sell helis on my server but i cant i hafe noc space at the trader xD
RoBTBoB 22 hours ago 
Hi Dr.Jones, I'd like to upload some modified config files that put Traders on a PvP oilrig. I was hoping it's okay to do this, I'm not repackaging your mod, just uploading modified config files

@DrMaxEvans - I've found the most difficult setting is the height offset. You most likely have the correct X,Y (given most maps show that), but your height values are probably incorrect. Try placing a fire barrel down first. Give it a height that you know is definitely above ground then load into the world & look for it. Because of the smoke & light they're easier to spot. Then just adjust the height down until it's on the ground. That's how I did it before I figured out a way to get the height offsets. I don't use tools, I edit the config files directly so I have an excuse to load into the game hehe

// <Object> BarrelHoles_Red
// <ObjectPosition> 4602.00, 339.04, 10314.00
// <ObjectOrientation> 0, 0, 0
DrMaxEvans Sep 19 @ 7:49pm 
Does anyone have a video how to create a spot for this mod? Like in depth editing settings. I was trying to put the trader up in Old Town on deer isle but it wasnt showing only on the 3 spots that I found when using a trader example for deer isle. I put the X & Z cordinates in but they dont show. Was looking for something that can explain how to edit the settings so you can have a trader in a special spot.
xxSupershotxx Sep 13 @ 6:49pm 
Anyone know of any way to make name tags display within safezones? Not using schana party mod so cannot use the only mod I can find
[ASYLUM] Grizz Sep 13 @ 5:46pm 
Hey our community Asylum PVP is asking permission to use this mod in our monetized server. We dont want to make anything from this mod monetized, but just to use it on our server. We only plan on doing custom vanilla clothing reskins/priority que. We are about to apply for approval from bohemia just waiting on permission from all mods requiring permission
@Señor Scotty, A tad late reply but use a map mod or something similar to point mark them, then add Traders Location to server config of that mod