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[TLP] Peter's Grenades (and other TLP Fixes)
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Oct 13, 2018 @ 6:00am
Nov 29, 2018 @ 12:56pm
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[TLP] Peter's Grenades (and other TLP Fixes)

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Mr. Nice's Workshop - War of the Chosen
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This mod fixes a few issues with Legacy Operation load outs, ability selection, and UI feedback:
  • The titular issue that your Grenadier, Peter Osei, on the final "Lazarus Project" Operation does not have his grenade slot upgraded from frag grenades to plasma grenades in the second half of the Operation.
  • Lily Shen's missing "Aid Protocol", particularly notable since she gets "Threat Assesment" later on which is useless wtihout it!
  • Your SharpShooter in "It Came From the Sea" doesn't mysteriously have an extra frag grenade for the third mission only.
  • The Choose Upgrade UI between missions now correctly warns you that the EMP grenade/bomb replaces the Med Kit for specialists.
  • The Choose Upgrade UI between missions now details heavy weapons granted and/or replaced by heavy armour upgrades.
  • Skull jack now comes with "Skull Mining" available in Legacy Operations and Skirmishes. Optionally, via Mod Config Menu "Skull Jacking" can be hidden when not applicable either because you aren't in a Campaign, or there is no current Campaign Objective involving "Skull Jacking".

    Other Mods by me:
    • WOTC Compatible (non-WOTC versions also exist if appropriate)
      • Cinematic Rapid Fire, which gives Rapid Fire and Chain Shot their cinematic camera back which was removed in the patch ages ago. Also gives the Reaper Banish ability the same improved look.
      • Variant Power Armour Arms, which unlocks some variant Wraith and Warden armour arms parts which were hidden by Firaxis.
      • Less Overwatch Lock Ups!, which attempts to fix the visualization lockups during complex Overwatch/Reaction fire situations.
      • Better Armory Item Stats, which tweaks the stats display of weapons, utility items and upgrades in the Armoury, including displaying Critical Damage, Armor Pierce and Shred for all appropriate weapons.
      • Better Demolishing!, which gives range, weapon and upgrade based aim buffs to the 'Demolition' ability.
      • Better Grappling!, fixes issues with Grappling targeting in certain world geometry.
      • Shaken Scars are Back! The name says it all, but to those who weren't around for the first couple of months of XCom2, a feature was bugged out in a patch and never fixed, which randomly scarred shaken soldiers. This now means some, but not all, gravely wounded soldiers, not the "new" WotC shaken fatigue status.
      • Trainable Sparks (and other Buffs) WotC was one step forward, two steps back for SPARKs. As well as allowing training, also gives them access to breakthroughs for their weapons, an ammo pocket (ammunition only utility slot), and some hack progression.
      • Train from Armoury allows normal soldiers to jump straight to training from the armoury, just as faction soldiers can. The Training Center is still required to be built first of course!
      • Ability Interaction Fixes, which fixes up "Death from Above" and "Serial" not proccing from second shot kills of "Chain Fire"/"Rapid Fire" and some other ability interaction issues.
      • Original High Hit Dodge Behaviour, which restores the pre-patch behaviour where Hit chance over 100 gradually eliminated dodge chance, not immediately made dodges impossible once Hit chance is 100 or more.
      • In conjuction wtih sebkulu,WOTC - Extended Information!, an enhanced, rewritten version of Perfect Information. Includes full list of enemy abilities as well as a stat list, as well as the classic features of the "shot bar" and stats in flyovers.
    • Non-WOTC Only
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Valvatorez Jan 23 @ 8:36pm 
Is it possible to make Central start off with his rifle from Gatecrasher and the Alien Hunters DLC instead of a shotgun?
gravdestroyer Nov 2, 2018 @ 2:23pm 
Just finished the mission and it worked.
gravdestroyer Nov 2, 2018 @ 1:21pm 
Thanks for the help.
Mr. Nice  [author] Nov 1, 2018 @ 4:24pm 
The loadout of Legacy Op squads are updated between missions, So if the mod is activated while you're "Lazarus Project" is mid mission, it won't take effect until the next mission.
gravdestroyer Nov 1, 2018 @ 1:56pm 
This mods does not work. I tried it and nothing changed for me. What do I do to fix this?
Mr. Nice  [author] Oct 27, 2018 @ 2:11am 
Yes, that requires a change to the Community Highlander in the next version first, since it needs Lily's soldier class to be changed too, and currently the Legacy Ops won't pick up soldier class changes, they are baked into the start of mission saves.
nighty78 Oct 26, 2018 @ 5:04pm 
Any chance you found a way to give Lily her Aid Protocol skill ?
Really bugs me that it is missing.
Mr. Nice  [author] Oct 14, 2018 @ 4:25pm 
Not in the 4 "Central's Archives" Legacy Ops. In random Legacy Ops, no one gets automatic weapon upgrades, but weapons upgrades can appear as one of the choices between missions, and all classes get one (well, except Templar of course).
pintocat Oct 14, 2018 @ 12:00pm 
Do the Faction soldiers' weapons not get weapon mods applied to them? I moused over the skirmisher in the tactical map and I don't see any mods on it, but everyone else's seems to have some.
Mr. Nice  [author] Oct 14, 2018 @ 5:53am 
I might have a look later, need to track down which mod is somehow getting SPARKs 3x Rockets on Legacy Ops!