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[WOTC] Rocketeer Class
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[WOTC] Rocketeer Class

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So the point of this class is pretty straightforward. I like rocket launchers, and thought why not try and make a rocket launcher class. If someone makes a proper rocket launcher for xcom 2 I will updat this class to use it.

GTS Perk: Ablative Armor: Your gear includes an extra layer of protection, granting four extra points of Ablative HP and 50% less damage from explosive attacks.

Primary: Bullpup rifle
Secondary: MK2 Wrist Launcher (Hopefully in the future someone will port a proper rocket launcher so I can have the class use it instead.)

Rocketeer Abilities
Squaddie: Executioner (improved crit chance and aim on weakened targets), and Gun Strike (hit someone with your gun)

Anti Armor Tree
Corporal: Guided Rocket (Fire an advanced guided Shredder Rocket with an small blast radius.)
Sargeant: Spare Rockets (You can carry extra rockets into battle)
Lieutenant: Concussive Rocket (Fire a special concussive rocket which has a high chance to either stun or disorient targets in an area.)
Captain: Javelin Rockets (your rockets travel 33% farther.)
Major: Implacable
Colonel: Bunker buster (Fire a powerful anti armor/Building rocket)

Soldier Tree
Corporal: Open Fire (Gives a 45% chance to take a free reaction shot at newly revealed enemies when not concealed.)
Sargeant: Punisher (Allows melee attacks to deal critical damage.)
Lieutenant: Fortify (Activate to grant +20 defense until the beginning of the next turn. Does not cost an action. Has a 5-turn cooldown.)
Captain: Weapon Specialist (Deal +2 damage with primary weapons.)
Major: Puglist (Grants +3 Damage and +10 Aim on melee attacks.)
Colonel: Rapid Fire

If you like this class mod, go give my other ones a look. They all add an interesting theme and feel to them.
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Circle of Psi Oct 22 @ 6:15am 
Geez, why does this mod have very little likes?
Alpha115  [author] Oct 19 @ 4:34am 
Yeah no that is not normal. Sadly the xcom tree can give you AWC abilities that don't work for modded classes. Your best bet is to download a mod like i'm the commander now and just reroll those AWC abilities.
Vorlod Oct 18 @ 11:20pm 
@ Alpha: I've found that I can unlock pistol skills in the skill tree (XCOM) for the Rocketeer. That should not be, right?
Vorlod Oct 18 @ 11:15pm 
@ Alpha: Thanks for the information. Your Rocketeer now complements my XCOM team :)
Alpha115  [author] Oct 18 @ 3:13pm 
@Vorlod The MK2 Wrist launcher is unique to the Rocketeer. It has less range then the Heavy weapon rocket. The rocketeer has some of its own unique perks and has a way to gain more rockets during a mission then a grenadier.
Vorlod Oct 18 @ 7:07am 
@ Alpha:

Are the values of the MK2 Wrist Launcher your own creation, or will the launcher appear later in the game (I paused a long time with XCOM2)?

How does the Rocketeer Class differ from the Grenadier with rocket launcher (can you get it in the course of the game)? I'm not yet aware of what makes your class different (regardless of the primary weapon).
jaco29xhs Oct 4 @ 8:02pm 
I've been playing around with this class for a new game. And I have to tell you, I love it! Good job on an excellent mod.
Paddy11B Oct 1 @ 2:55pm 
it's from the overwatch weapons pack by E3245
endersblade Oct 1 @ 2:53pm 
What gun is that in the screenshots? Doesn't look familiar.
Skarsatai 2.0 Oct 1 @ 12:28pm 
wow great. I admire you people ! need a tester hahaha?