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[WOTC] Bio Beasts
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[WOTC] Bio Beasts

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-- Mod by CreativeXenos --
-- Modeling, Texturing, Animations, Concept lead, Modbuddy, Photoshop: ObelixDk --
-- Coding, Photoshop, Concept Extras: Shadow 79 --
-- Big Thanks to: robojumper and DerBK for coding suggestions and insperation from their many mods --
--Thanks to: BlackRangerXIII for his help on flavor text for the BioZerker's corpse and autopsy fluff.
--Thanks to: Zyxpsilon for his added UI assests that were created for this mod and Bio Troops (to be added "soon") and help on the corpse and autopsy pics.
--Thanks to: E3245 for the help on the FBX file for the Biomidikit "stim pack".
--Thanks to: Sacred Soul69 for his help on the BioZerkers Helm emblem.

BIO BEASTS: Is a direct ADD ON to our Bio Troops-WOTC mod. In order to use this mod, you'll need to be subbed to Bio Troops-WOTC.

Bio Troops-WOTC can still be played without this mod. For those that have Bio Troops-WOTC and dont want to use this mod, this mod is 100% optional.


Bio Faceless: The Bio Faceless is a taller, more aggressive, Bio version of the Faceless. The Bio Faceless has been genetically altered by the same Elerium that is inside the pods that when exposed to our outside conditions, becomes radioactive and created the likes of The Lost. Only this creation is intentional and created by the ADVENT Bio Division. This Bio Faceless has the ability to inflict Radioactive Poisoning if it hits you with its claws. This effect is like standard poison but its effects are worse. When Radioactive, your soldier can be poisoned 1 damage a turn for up to 5 turns. This effect has a 20% chance to disapate each turn after the first point of Radiation poisoning has been taken. In addition, while Radioactive, your soldier will loss -5 mobility and -35 aim to represent the effects of the radiation on the body. When you Autopsy a Bio Faceless youll be able to make Biomedikits which are an upgrade to Nanomedikits.

Bio Medikits: like the Medikit and the upgraded Nanomedikit, the Biomedikit carries over all the properties of the Nanomedikit but alse boosts the max HP healed form 4-6 to 8 and also cures Radiation Poisoning and grants the soldier holding the Biomedikit, immunity to Radiation Poisoning.

BioZerker: Yes BioZerker spelled with a Z because ITS COOL and we LIKE IT!!! The BioZerker will not show up till after the normal Berserker can show up. It will however show up in limited mission types. Like the Bio Faceless above, the BioZerker is also a creation by the ADVENT Bio Division. It too is much larger and has been genetically altered to be much more deadly. It is juiced up by the same Bio Radioactive Elerium that changed The Lost into what you see today. The BioZerker has a Bio Rage that like Rage will cause it to attack anyone in range but also adds in many other Bio effects. The BioZerker also has an ability called Bio Damage Control. The first time it takes any fom of damage it will generate 3 extra armor that it will use to better protect itself for the rest of that combat round. Will wear off at the end of that phase but will generate again next round if it takes more damage. The BioZerker also has a form of BladeStrorm which is a punch it can use if you get in close. This punch does good damage and has a chance to stun fo 2 turns. It also has the Berserkers Devistating Punch and a new Bio Death Cloud ability. If it gets in close it will blast the area with a heated poisonous vapor cloud that does base damage to anything it hits and added poison damage to anything not immune to poison. When killed the BioZerker has a chance to drop Bio Canisters and a new PCS called PCS Bio Damage Contol. This is the only way you can get these. Once Autopsied and you have Bio Canisters, you can then build Rad Ammo.

BIO CANISTERS: 1 to 2 can randomly be dropped when a BioZerker is killed. Needed to make Rad Ammo.

PCS Bio Damage Contol: Does just as it says. If one is found and equiped to a soldier, that soldier will gain the same ability the BioZerker has. When damage is taken, you gain +1 armor for (each time you take damage) for the rest of that combat phase to help againt future damage you "might" take that round. The PCS can also grant a +5 to +10 Defense bonuse.

Rad Ammo: Only buildable after BioZerker Autopsy and Bio Canisters are available. They deal Radiation Poisoning, deal -5 mobility and -35 aim while target is radiactive and have a 25% chance to stun for 2 turns and can do +1 damage to Organics. Strong... YES! But late game ammo so worth it if you can build any. The Radiation poisoning and extra damage will not affect robotic units.

Both the BioZerker and Bio Faceless are Immune to Poison, Acid and Radiation Poisoning. The Biomedikit can be used by the Gremlin if equiped to a Specialist.

BioZerkers have far more HP than a Berserker and comes standared with 2 to 4 armor, depending on diff level. So if its Bio Damage Control kicks in, it will get an additional armor each time it takes damage that combat round. The BioZerker also has a limits 5 HP regen for a max of 25. So if you encounter one, hit it and keep hitting it. Otherwise it will stick around for a while.

Bio faceless is also hidden but it has more HP than normal Faceless and heal +3 a turn instead of +2 like normal faceless.
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Jan 21 @ 4:51am
Feb 20 @ 3:04am
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shadow79  [author] Feb 27 @ 6:50am 
We are happy with where the BioZerkers are at the moment. They are meant to be on par with Sectopods and Gatkeepers but be able to show up a bit more. Missions like base defense, if you get the the point that the reinforcements start going in, we always pictured it that the enemy would and should start throwing more aliens and larger units at you. It's meant to be a "ok now we have to go" push you into completing the mission tactic. Rather then "oh look, more Advent to farm for XP" type thing that base defense missions turn into.
FriendGaru Feb 27 @ 6:27am 
On the flip side, on a couple missions I was able to dominate a BioZerker and it was more than capable of neutralizing entire other pods by itself.

I would strongly recommend giving it a dramatic HP nerf. It would be interesting if you gave it a much lower HP value and removed its starting armor, but increased its armor generation significantly. Then you would have an enemy that would be very difficult to take out in a single round, but not so bad over multiple ones. It might also be a good tweak if armor generation only triggered on non-shredding attacks so they could be reasonably countered.
FriendGaru Feb 27 @ 6:27am 
I recently finished a campaign using Bio Troops/Beasts/Command. For the most part they were pretty solid additions to the game. However, the BioZerkers were way, way too tough. Most of the time they weren't actually all that difficult (my particular mod setup gave me access to enough stunning and panic abilities to neutralize them pretty effectively), but they were exceptionally tedious to actually take down, especially with Beta Strike enabled. When they popped up my team was still on mag weapons and had to spend entire rounds doing nothing but focus fire on them. In one partcularly brutal Avenger defense mission, I think I saw six of those Hulk impersonators. The only mission I restarted during my campaign was an ambush where my two guys were cornered between a BioZerker and a handful of Bio Vipers. That definitely crossed the line into hopelessly unfair.
shadow79  [author] Feb 26 @ 3:38pm 
ok than im not sure. If you was using the CH and he had not set up a need for it with his missions, then maybe there might have been an issue the CH was causing or his mod causing with it. But if his mod is created with the CH in mind, there shouldnt be any issues. But to be fai, with this game and how crapy the base code can be some times, its always a toseup on whats going to work and stay working.
Insufferable Smartypants Feb 26 @ 3:32pm 
I believe he uses the CH in that pack too, and yes I'm running it as well.
shadow79  [author] Feb 26 @ 3:30pm 
@Insufferable Smartypants. Im not sure how Fireborn has his mission mod set up but is the community highlander needed fo his mod? If not, are you using the community highlander for other mods while still running Fireborn's mod?
shadow79  [author] Feb 26 @ 3:28pm 
@GreatOldOne. Are you in any way using any mos that boost enemy pod sizes? Are you using A better campaign plus or anything like that? When you ran into teh 4 BioZerkers, did you have a sitrep active that boosts pod sizes and or do you remember if there were 2 pod reveal animations when you triggered the 3 BioZerkers?
Insufferable Smartypants Feb 26 @ 3:27pm 
@GreatOldOne - Does it ever cause crashes? 'Cause that's the trouble I was having, and I run both of those together.
GreatOldOne Feb 26 @ 12:39pm 
More a warning to other players than anything else. This mod does not play well with WOTC FB mission pack, especially the Resistance support mission. It's essentially turns the mission into a suicide mission. A couple pods of Biovipers and a three biozerker pod showed up against tier two weapons and armor. (30 enemies total) Maybe I just got unlucky with the pod assignment,... I know you can't anticipate the effect of other mods on your mod, so posting this more as a warning to other players.
shadow79  [author] Feb 25 @ 5:52pm 
@Insufferable, glad you like it bud. Will try our damnedest to get some very cool and creepy enemies out for you guys. Working on some new stuff now.