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[WOTC] Bio Beasts
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[WOTC] Bio Beasts

In 1 collection by MrShadowCX
CreativeXenos WOTC mod collection.
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-- Bio Beasts--
-- Mod by Team CreativeXenos --
-- Blender, SDK, Textures, Concept : Super awsome totally not fat just big boned : ObelixDk --
-- Coding, art and conceptual idea : Shadow79 --

What Is Bio Beasts: Bio Beasts adds 2 new Bio Alien types to the game.

Bio Faceless: The Bio Faceless like its lesser counterpart the Faceless is a shape shifter. Only the Bio Faceless does not hide as a human civilian. That you'll find out in the game. The Bio Faceless has more HP than the normal Faceless and regenerates 3 HP a turn instead of 2. The Bio Faceless can also deal radioactive poisoning to its target if it hits with its Sything attack. There is a base and M2 late game version of the Bio Faceless. After you Autopsy the Bio Faceless you can start building a new type of Medikit called the Bio Medikit. The Bio Medikit heals all the same statuses as the Nano Medikit as well as the Radioactive status. The Bio Medikit grants the same amount of healing as the Nano Medikit but offers 1 extra charge.

BioZerker: The BioZerker is much stronger than its lesser Berserker counterpart. The Bio Zerker has a new Sword Storm-like ability in that it will punch anything that comes close to it. This ability does have a cooldown to prevent it from spamming the punch. It also will Rage quicker and has a Bio Gas attack ability that does base blast damage as well as poison gas damage to a large area. The BioZerker also has an ability that allow it to generate 1 extra armor pip every time it takes damage in that combat phase. This ability is called Bio Damage Control. The extra armor will be removed at the end of that combat phase, allowing for the layer to try and get in as much damage as they can before it builds up more armor. The BioZerker also has a limited turn regeneration ability.

Once killed, the BioZerket might drop 2 items.

Bio Canisters from its back can be used after the BioZerker is autopsied to create Rad Rounds (Ammo). These rounds deal Radiation poisoning to the target and deal negative movement and Aim penalties.
A Bio Damage Control PCS might also be dropped. this PCS grants the Bio Damage Control ability to the soldier the PCS is equipped to. As well as a +5 to +10 defense bonuse.

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JustCallMeAlec 3 hours ago 
- Detailed update logs
- Amazing content
- Well made mods

Why can't every workshop content creator be like you?
MrShadowCX  [author] Sep 17 @ 7:41pm 
hmmm ok thanks, ill have to test that
Salad the Ork Sep 17 @ 6:02pm 
It was on a mission with lost, after he got struck by one of them. If it helps
MrShadowCX  [author] Sep 17 @ 5:58pm 
had to be a game glitch. Ill try and duplicte it but it should be working ok.
Salad the Ork Sep 17 @ 5:52pm 
One thing I had was a bio-troop who was a bio-faceless in disguise. He was friendly since I had the one order that lets you get a random advent as a friendly.

When he got hit, he transformed into a faceless, but became enemy, but didn't move or attack in any turn.
MrShadowCX  [author] Sep 2 @ 2:22pm 
yeah its a game issue. No matter how you set up the follower numbers for alien pods, as i even have the BioZerker to only ever be able to allow 1 as a follower to a leader (so 2 max in a pod) the stupid game still forces more than what you want. A few modders are trying to figure out a fix for this now... Its a issue Firaxis created.
CapChang Sep 2 @ 9:52am 
Hello mrshadowcx.

I want to thank you and the creative xenos team, have all your mods and all of em are top notch, thanks for sharing your work!.
Now im not sure it is intended but i encountered 4 bio zerkers in a single pod, sufice to say that was insanely difficult lol.

Keep up the good work!
MrShadowCX  [author] Aug 11 @ 5:43am 
The Bio beasts mod pulls a lot of files from Bio Troops which is why Bio Troops is needed.
4rrakis Aug 11 @ 4:38am 
Some Bio Faceless start a mission disguised as Bio Troopers and need that mod to get the appearance right.
Echo Aug 11 @ 4:32am 
Also... I like the concept of this mod, but not very keen on the Bio Troops requirement. Is it actually required or just part of the same family of mods?