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BlackICE Historical Immersion Mod
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BlackICE Historical Immersion Mod

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Coming Friday 7 may 2021 we will update Blackice to 5.14. Save-games will not be compitable. If you wanna complete your campaign make sure steam does not auto update the mod-files.
Update-time between 1300 hrs and 1700 hrs UTC+1 (Amsterdam,Berlin, Bern, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna)
End message !!!!!!

We aim to bring Hearts of Iron 4 to an all new level, making your game experience more immersive, historical and challenging.
Black ICE completely overhauls most national focus trees, changes game mechanics, adds in tons of events, technologies, units and much more.
While playing ahistorical will work, Black ICE mainly aims at improving the plausible historical experience.

Current BICE version: v5.1.3 - Checksum: 9285
Supported HOI4 version: 1.10.4
Supported game language: English ONLY (other languages will produce errors!)
Highly Recommended: Get the Black ICE GFX Add-on here, which adds images to all events.
Make sure to ONLY use Black ICE + Black ICE Gfx, as any other loaded mod most likely will cause issues. Even purely cosmetic mods have been known to cause problems.

- New and improved national focus trees for all majors and most minor nations
- Hundreds of new techs to research, including country-specific armor, aircraft, and ships
- Completely revamped naval system. Customize your ship classes or rely on premade historical designs
- Air War with realistic losses and improved gameplay
- Dozens of new battalion and support unit types
- Extended laws and politics that allow you to fine-tune your strategy
- Immensely detailed, all-new production system, which provides a much more detailed approach to unit equipment
- Events and decisions to completely immerse you in the game and the history it follows
- Improved AI across the board to provide for a more unique challenge

We are proud of our amazing community! Your feedback, praise and constructive criticism drives the project forward, and we are very thankful for it!
Our main hub of activity is our Discord, which currently hosts approximately 6,000 members. Ask questions, be in direct contact with the Devs and coordinate your next BICE Multiplayer game.

BlackICE on Discord[discord.gg]

Paradox Forum Link[forum.paradoxplaza.com]

BlackICE past versions[gitlab.com]

BlackICE Test Version

BlackICE Official Guide

Of course a project of such scope does not come without bugs, and we are truly thankful for any messages that bring them to our attention, either here or in the Discord.
Please keep in mind that this is a project we are doing in our free time, so keep it civil. Nobody is forcing you to play the mod. (Although we think you should definitely be playing it!).

Alas, a lot of issues and bugs are out of our hands, as they are a result of un-moddable assets from Paradox.

Go here for the official Paradox troubleshooting in case your game doesn't load, or if it crashes.[support.paradoxplaza.com]

Black ICE has and is being worked on by a lot of dedicated people, and many countless hours have gone into it.

Main Developers
Sol Inherent (Jack)

Honorable Developer

Junior Developers
Darth Kazzaz

Active Contributors
Chemical Art, Cirri, Darthkenson, Timoteo the Meme God, Benni, Falcon, Jaden, Axe, Cyric, Dr. Potato,
Insano, Jango, Panzerbefehlswagen Tiger Ausf. B, IronMarshal, Warhammer

Honorable mentions
Meridio, Energico, Msslupu, duel_obliteration, yuudachipoi, George Parr, Maulwurf, ryjz, pxroberto, ichatv,
franc sher, erwin78, verenikin, Silvercloud, Stjern, Alkin, Aranax, Artur, atheory, Cassian, HoI4 Modding Coop,
Thedeciderr, Comrademisha, Deadend85, Mackman113, Oumajgad, Timasaurus007,
solfall, Sunwhisper, Wunder wuffle, Xxroxx, Alex Kamal, Spaceraider, Indyclone77, Andret, Grenight
Belgian Panzer, MisterJay, Dramien; Runsondiesel; Yagashura; Polarace;

Thanks to other mods, whose work we were kindly allowed to use.[justpaste.it]
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Bob Bungie, CEO of Bungie  [author] 17 hours ago 
*thonking* im unaware of the ai getting guam and midway for free
Astraeos 23 hours ago 
Really hate the mechanic where Japan just gets Midway and Guam for free no matter what you have stationed there

It's just stupid. Let me decide if I want to follow history that exactly. Why even let us freely build divisions and station them anywhere if you're gonna just script it so the AI gets free shit from you?

The entire Pacific Campaign has been made completely tedious and annoying over the course of development for this mod. Not being able to build airbases, not being able to build forts, Japan getting free islands, losing stability and other debuffs for losing said islands, even though you can do nothing to stop Japan from getting them.

Playing the USA is just annoying and stupid because of the artificial limitations in the Pacific Campaign. It's not fun at all. It doesn't make it more challenging. It just adds severe annoyance to the player. I really hope these designs are reconsidered.
Bob Bungie, CEO of Bungie  [author] May 4 @ 4:45pm 
Definitely MTG, then propably DOD or TfV, LaR is kinda meh, BftB does nothing for BICE
Mr.Clever May 4 @ 1:45pm 
Recently downloaded HOI4 again and love your mod. Exactly what I was looking for! Looking forward to your update on Friday.

What expansions are 'needed' for the best experience?
Bob Bungie, CEO of Bungie  [author] May 4 @ 1:35pm 
Der Teddy May 4 @ 11:13am 
Any ETA on the new major update? Eager to see what you guys have changed, added and whatnot :lunar2019piginablanket:
darthkenson  [author] May 4 @ 10:35am 
It still runs fine. The Pdx update was just a quick hotfix so 1.10.4 works the same as always.
bruno.garcia May 4 @ 2:00am 
How can I play this mod if I have version 1.10.4? Thanks
VonArens May 3 @ 4:55pm 
In regards to 'Allied Anger' mechanic, am I wrong in thinking that it should go away/reset to zero once war officially is declared ?
Bob Bungie, CEO of Bungie  [author] May 1 @ 6:16pm 
It will all be reworked when the new DLC drops. But for now, XP gain is higher than in vanilla