Diamonds in the Rough

August 26 - Chet

One of the interesting problems of virtual reality for developers is trying to describe the games being created. For players it is the flip side; trying to understand what to play from a video or screenshot.

The just released Galaxy Golf is a good example of this. It is a golf game, on tiny planets, with no clubs, just aiming, gravity, and obstacles. Sound fun? It is. The second you start it up and aim your first shot your brain gets it, it is a fun puzzle game in the cloak of a golf game.

And Galaxy Golf is one of the more understandable titles. What about the work of Isaac Cohen? What is L U N E? I describe it as trying to setup a musical tent in the rain. If that doesn’t motivate you to try it – well… just try it or his more game-like work Blarp! That is unless you don’t like cool trippy things…

Then there is Battle Dome. A competitive shooter where you paint the ground to own teleportation areas as you battle for position in a gunfight - or something like that. The art isn’t going to win any awards but again, it needs no instructions almost because once you are in it - you get it.

The list continues, in HoloBall why are you protecting a car? Does it matter? In #SelfieTennis you move by jumping up and down on your toy horse? What!?!?

These make experiences like Rec Room (a virtual reality social club) or Audioshield (block orbs to the beat) seem easy to understand in comparison.

With over 500 VR titles on Steam, what is hiding out there you want other people to experience?

New Bundle!

August 12 - christen

Starting today, when you buy an HTC Vive you will receive a Steam code for The Gallery, Tilt Brush, and Zombie Training Simulator.

At The International

August 9 - Chet

While teams for the The International are battling it out inside of Key Arena, outside we have opened up a Virtual Reality tent with 18 bays to handle the crowds. There you can watch live International games while using an HTC Vive with the Dota VR Hub.

We also have some other demos available. Embracing the E-Sports theme, we are having two players going head-to-head in CPP’s Project Arena. Here players are pitted against each other in disc based combat. We also have some co-op action in Hover Junkers and solo play with Audio Shield and Space Pirate Trainer.

If you are in Seattle, you can come on down to Fisher Pavilion and sign up for a time slot for your own demo. If you can’t make it down, you can always watch all the action on our Twitch Stream

The Weekend of VR

July 29 - Chet

Catching up on all the VR news this week. First - there is a VR Game Sale - 185 titles on sale this weekend. We also have a bundle of 20 that are discounted even more - don't worry if you already own some, you only pay for what you don't already own.

We also released the Dota VR Hub. Just in time for The International you can spectate matches in VR solo, with friends, or the community and jump down onto the map and fly around. You can even change the scale from soaring above the action down to creep-sized. Dota 2 is free and you can add VR support by downloading the DotaVR DLC, which is also free.

If you missed our last announcement - we updated Destinations for multiplayer. You can also download that for free.

If that wasn't enough, there were over 20 new titles added this past week including Steampuff: Phinnegan's Factory launching into Early Access.

And released games are getting updates this week as well - we are seeing the first update for Raw Data and Adr1ft added Vive support.

And then Pool Nation VR updated to include games inside the game - adding Skreeball and more in this great update.

And lastly, while not released and this is actually last week's news - the Rick and Morty Simulator: Virtual Rick-ality was announced.

Destinations: Multiplayer Update

July 27 - Lawrence

Today we are adding Multiplayer to Destinations. Players can now invite, join, and chat with their friends while exploring different Destinations. In addition, we’ve added the ability to customize avatars and bring physics props in the world.

Players can now see which friends are online with the new Friends panel in the Destinations Menu. From here they can invite friends to join their Destination, or request to join the friend at theirs. Once in the same Destination, players will be able to voice chat with everyone who has joined.

What’s multiplayer without customizable avatars? In this release we’ve included a set of simple avatar heads and a couple avatar hands to choose from. Once you pick an avatar you can customize it using the new Avatar panel in the Menu.

Destinations now ships with a set of props that players will be able to create, scale up or down, and toss around. This feature is currently only available for users with motion controls.

We’d also like to take a moment to acknowledge all the creators who have contributed to the Destinations Workshop so far. From the interior of a watermill to a view from space, we’ve been excited to see the work of our community’s creators. One standout submission is from Croteam, who recreated a level from their game The Talos Principle in stunning detail.

Destinations is available for free on Steam, and is compatible with any HMD that is supported by OpenVR, including the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

Let us know what you think in the Destinations forums: